Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


18. On the road again..

I felt something press against my forehead. I jumped in surprise and looked over at Justin. 

"Sorry baby. I didn't mean to scare you. I just wanted to kiss you goodnight." He said. 

"Thanks. I must have fallen asleep." I said yawning. He nodded. "What time is it?" I asked sleepily. 

"1:20." I groaned and closed my eyes again. Justin put his arm around my waist and I snuggled up to Justin and fell asleep. 


Once I woke up I noticed Justin wasn't by my side. I got out of bed and walked out to the kitchen/living room. Justin and Chaz were up watching tv. Justin saw me and a smile took over his face. He came up to me and hugged me. 

"Morning beautiful." He whispered into my ear which sent shivers down my spine. "Morning." I smiled. I took a seat next to Chaz, "Morning Chaz." I said. "Morning Princess." He smiled like he knew i didn't like being called that. "Call me Maddie." I told him. "What if I don't wanna?" He asked with a grin. "Then I'd have to do this.." I said as i tackled him to the floor. 

"Ah!" He screamed as we landed on the floor. I pinned his arms down to the floor. He looked at me in surprise. "I'm stronger then you think." I smirked. 

"She's ticklish...tickle her Chaz!" Justin whispered but i heard. "Justin!" I looked back at him as Chaz poked my sides and I squealed. "This is fun! I've never met a girl this ticklish!" Chaz commented tickling me. I laughed as he continued. 

"Chaz stop! Stop!" I laughed. I fell on my back and laughed and took a deep breath. I needed air from laughing so much. 

Justin was laughing as well and i narrowed my eyes at him. He stopped once he saw me getting up and walked toward him. "C'mon now...I just told him as a joke.." He said backing away. "You think you can get away with that?" I asked seriously but jokingly. He backed away until he hit our bed and he fell on it. I got as close as i could. We were touching noses. 

I got up. "I will get you for this." I said. "And how will you do that?" He asked sarcastically. "Oh i will. Don't you worry..." I said slyly. "You've started a war.." I looked at him. "What kind of war? A prank war?" He asked but suggested. "Yes. A prank war. If you didn't know, back in California, i was the Queen of pranking." I told him.

"Oh really? Well guess what?" He asked stepping closer to me so he was looking me in the eyes. "I'm the KING of pranks."

"Well i guess it's against the King and Queen." I said. He nodded, "I guess so." Justin stepped back. "You're on." He added.

I stepped closer to him. "Bring it Bieber." I said and turned my head hard enough so my hair whipped in his face. The bus stopped so we could get breakfast.  I looking behind my should and blew him a kiss and turned back around. I walked off the bus. 

Justin's POV:

Damn. Damn was i could think of as Maddie walked off the bus. My eyes wide. I've never seen the sexy side of her before and now i just did....damn.

"Justin?.....Justin? Hello..." Ryan waved his hand in front of me. I shook my head and looked at him. "sorry. Got distracted." I told him. "I could tell. What just happened?" He asked.

"You missed everything dude!" Chaz said. "Well first, Maddie tackled me to the ground and Justin told me she was ticklish so I....." I walked off the bus to find Maddie. I saw her through a window sitting at a booth looking at a menu. I was about to walk in when my name was yelled. I looked behind me and Kenny was walking toward me/ "Justin, you know not to go anywhere without me." He said. "Oh sorry. I was just going to find Maddie." I gestured toward the little diner. Kenny nodded as we walked in. Luckily, it was only 9:15 in the morning so not a lot of people were here. And it looks like this place didn't get a lot of business.

I sat across from Maddie and smiled. She put up her menu. "Aw c'mon babe. Are we really going through with this "prank war"?" I asked. She put her menu down.

"Yes. I have to get you back. And knowing you, the prankster, you WILL get me back. So..." She explained. "a prank war will start anyway." I nodded. "I see..well good luck." I put out my hand. She took it, but i pulled her so her head was close to mine and kissed her. She immediately relaxed. I pulled away and she pulled back. I saw a slight smile spread across her lips. Victory..

Maddie's POV:    

This prank war will be very interesting. Once back on the bus, we were told we had 4 hours to go. Scooter said the show will be at 8 tonight. 

Once settled again, i got ready, took a shower, did my hair and makeup and got dressed. By the time i was done, the boys were playing video games. Again. I sat next to Justin and watched them. This is how i ended up last night. Ugh. Then i got an idea. This is the perfect time to play a prank on Justin....while he's busy and distracted...hmm.....

I got up and shut our bedroom door and started planning my first prank. 

**Sorry it's short! Happy New Year! (: **

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