Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


4. Oh boy...or boyS..

I saw the boys from One Direction greeting people. I turned around quickly so they couldn't see how red i was. I did like them. They were very talented and, well...cute. I turned back around and bumped into someone. "Oh i'm so sorry! I didn't see you there!" I said quickly. "It's my fault Princess." I heard a familiar voice say. My eyes widened as i looked into the eyes of Harry Styles. "Oh.." I looked away. "It's my fault. I should watch where i'm going.." I said looking away. I'm a shy girl. Which is weird i know. For a princess it's weird anyway. But i am. especially when it comes to famous boys. "No, no. It's my fault. Besides you're the princess. You shouldn't be blamed for anything." Harry said smiling. I laughed. "I'm Harry by the way." He added. I giggled. "I know." "And i know who you are of course." He laughed too. "Well that's good. It'd be bad if you didn't know who the princess was." "Yea.." He tailed off. It was an awkward silence for a minute when the other boys came up to us. "Harry! We couldn't find you and-" Louis stopped mid sentence when he saw me. "Oh." He smiled. "Why...hello there." He moved closer to me. I tried not to giggle. "Hi." I said smoothly. "I'm Louis." He whispered into my ear. "I know." I laughed. "And i'm Liam. And this is Zayn and Niall." Liam introduced me. "I know who you guys are. Just because i'm a princess doesn't mean i' don't know who One Direction is." "Oh..." The boys said nudging Liam. "Alright, alright." Liam laughed. "So...princess, what to hang out with us? You seem like you're kind of bored." Liam said. "No i'm having such a good time!" They looked at me like i was serious. "I'm kidding! Of course i'd love to hang out with you guys." I said. They smiled and i followed them. We were almost out of the ball room when my mom stopped me. "Where are you going? With them?" She asked with her eyes pointing at the boys. "We're going to hang out in the game room. Relax mom." I smiled. "Ok just be careful ok?" I nodded. I caught up with the boys and i led them to the game room which was filled with arcade games, air hockey, the basketball game thing and a lot more. Plus a big flat screen tv. "Woah.." They all said in awe. "This is where you hang out?" Harry asked looking around with wide eyes. "Well sometimes. If i'm really bored." "We would be in here 24/7 if we could!" Zayn said. "Yea! Is there food here?" Niall asked. I laughed and nodded. "Over in the corner there's a little snack bar." He ran over to it. I sat down on the couch just watching the boys play games. They were really down to earth and...don't act famous. After a while, they came to sit with me. "You look really nice tonight." Harry said. "Thanks." I smiled. "I love your dress!" Louis complimented. "Thanks!" I laughed. "So..what's it like to be a princess?" Niall asked. "Huh? Oh...it's alright. I mean I've only been a princess for a few months. Before that, i was a California girl from San Diego." "Yea, you were like a city girl and now you live in London and the princess! Crazy how things change." Louis said. I nodded in agreement. 

11pm: The ball finally ended after my parents got done catching up with old friends. The boys had to go and i got all their numbers so we could hang out again. If we can. I was getting ready for bed. I was so tired. I was so happy though. Meeting One Direction and hanging out with them was the best night ever! I got into bed and looked out my balcony that i could see from my bed. I wonder if one of the boys were thinking of me right now? I doubt it. They've probably forgotten about me already. Even though i was the princess, they have millions of other fans.

Harry's POV: I couldn't get Madeline out of my head. She looked so beautiful tonight in her dress. I've seen pictures of her before and she looked beautiful in pictures too but in person, she's even more beautiful. I need to hang out with her again. And alone this time.  

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