Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


31. Oh baby...

A/N: Skipping ahead a little so it gets more exciting! 

6 Months later:

"C'mon Blake...let's get you some lunch." I picked Blake up from his play mat in the living room. "You sure are getting heavy," I commented. "which, i guess is a good thing." I put him in his high chair. He banged on the plastic tray. "I'm getting your food, I'm getting it." I said grabbing the baby food out of the fridge. Smashed carrots. Yum. I got out a spoon and unscrewed the lid. "Open up...here comes the train.." I smiled. He opened his mouth and took the food. "Wow you must be hungry. You're eating the food without a problem." I noticed. 

After I finished feeding Blake and cleaning him up, I put him back on his blanket where a few of his toys were. He crawled toward his soft building blocks, which he hasn't quite figured out how to use yet. But he holds them and chews on them since he's starting to teeth. He was 6 months old now and boy was he adorable. He had a little bit of hair but not much. But what you could see, it was brown. And his eyes were big and brown. Like Justin's. Well, I guess both of ours since we both had brown eyes. 

"Where's my little man??!" I looked behind you and Katie was coming down the stairs. I laughed. "He's right here." I gestured to Blake who was playing with his stuffed puppy. Katie picked him up and tickled him, making him laugh. 

She sat down next to me and put Blake on her lap bouncing him a little. "So, what do you have planned tonight?" She asked casually. I shrugged. "Nothing. Why?" "Oh, nothing. Nothing.." She trailed off looking at Blake. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion. "What's going on Katie?" I asked. "Nothing!" She looked at me then back at Blake. "But you should dress in a nice dress and meet out on the front porch at 7.." She looked at me smiling. "Why...?" "Just do it please!" I sighed. "Fine. I have a feeling this is something Justin planned but i'll do it. NOT just because Justin probably planned it though." I said. "Uh huh.." Katie smiled at me. 


"I have nothing to wear!" I yelled and threw clothes on the bed and ground in frustration. "You have SO got something to wear!" Katie pushed me and walked into the closet. She took out a light purple low cut dress with a belt on the waist. It was designed by Frankie Morello. I got the dress when i got a photo shoot for People magazine. They did an article on me.

"How come YOU can find the perfect outfit for me but I can't find one??" I asked. "I guess i just know you better then yourself." she smiled. "now get dressed so i can do your hair and makeup."

Once i had the dress on Katie squealed a little. "You look SO good in that dress!" I laughed and followed her into the bathroom where she lightly curled my hair and did a natural but dramatic look.

After she was done she had a huge smile on her face. "You. Look. Amazing!" She squealed. I looked in the mirror and smiled. "I do. Thanks Katie." I hugged her. "But why do i need to get so dressed up? Justin and i are just going to dinner. Right..?" I asked. She looked at me then away. "Yea sure." I rolled my eyes. It was 7. I grabbed my purse and phone and headed downstairs. Justin was gone all day with Scooter and at the studio and just work. He could only take a few weeks off at a time.

I got to the living room and saw Pattie with Blake. I smile. Blake was making little noises trying to talk. I walked over to them and picked up Blake. "Hi sweetheart." I smiled at him. He smiled up at me. "I'll be home a little later ok? I love you." I kissed his forehead. Pattie took him from me. "Thanks for watching him." I thanked her. "No problem honey. Have a good time." She smiled.

Katie held the door open and Justin stood outside with a bouquet on roses. A huge smile spread across his face when he saw me. He was wearing a simple white t-shirt with a black jacket and beige pants with white supras. I walked over to him and kissed me. "Hello." He smiled cheekily. "Hi." I laughed. "Haven't seen you all day. Here you go." He handed me the roses. I smelt them and smiled. "Thank you." He put out his arm and i linked mine with his.

I saw his black range rover and he opened the door for me. I got in and Justin got into the drivers seat and we headed off. I looked at the roses and noticed one was fake. "Why is there one fake one?" I asked taking it out. He grabbed my hand. "Because that's how long our love will last. Forever." He smiled. "Aw." I smiled and kissed his hand. "So where are we going?" "You'll see." He smiled.

"Ok...close your eyes." Justin commanded  I did as i was told and he grabbed my hand and led me through...sand. I heard waves. We were at the beach. (Yes, there's beaches in Canada! Lol)

"And...open!" Justin said. I opened my eyes and in front of my were rose pedals leading to a big blanket with candles. "This is so romantic!" I said. Justin grabbed my hand again and we walked over to the blanket and sat down. He poured some sparkling cider and we did a cheers. "You look so beautiful tonight Maddie." Justin said looking at me. I blushed. He got out the food which was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread and salad. It was very good. And for dessert, mud pie. Delicious too.

After we ate, we held hands and walked along the beach. "This is so beautiful." I commented at the sunset that was happening. "But you're more beautiful." Justin smiled. I smiled into his golden eyes and kissed him. He took me away from the beach and sat me down.

He cleared his throat and held my hands. "Maddie, I know we've been through a lot and we have grown as a couple and now we're parents. Most teenage couples don't stay together after having a baby. Especially if the boyfriend is the most famous popstar on earth," he laughed. I laughed too. "But we have stayed together. And our love has only gotten stronger. I just want to say.." he trailed off looking at me. "What?" I asked. 

"I am truly, deeply and utterly in love with you Maddie. I've never loved someone as much as you and you're the most amazing, beautiful girl I've met." He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a black velvet box. 

Oh god.
Is he going to do what i think he's going to do?

He got up and keeled on one knee. 

"Madeline Jane Carington, will you marry me?" 

He uncovered the box and revealed a very nice diamond ring. I covered my mouth and tears started to well in my eyes. I nodded. "Yes. Yes i will." Justin smiled big and put the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arms and kissed him. 

A/N: Aw yay! Maddie and Justin are getting married! :) please comment what you think! xx

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