Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


21. Mr. and Ms. Prankster

"C'mon Maddie! Come with us!" Ryan begged me. I crossed my arms in protest. 

"I know this is a prank. You guys wouldn't MAKE me hang out with you." I said. 

"Why?" Chaz asked. 

"Because I'm a princess..YOU do what I say." I smirked. 

"But you're not the princess of THIS country." Ryan smirked back. 

"Touche.." I said. 

"Now, will you please come with us?" Ryan asked again. 

"Why..?" I asked. 

"Please! We want to show you something cool! The hotel put in a new...arcade!" Chaz exclaimed. 

"They did did they?" They nodded. "What kind of games..?" I asked trying to prove to them this was a prank and I wasn't going to fall for it. 

"Pac Man, Mario Kart, Pin Ball.." They named off all these games. Hmm. 

"Ok fine!" I almost yelled. "I'll go with you! Jeez." I followed them and they opened this door and i walked in. It was dark. "Where's the light switch?" I asked feeling the wall. I found it and once I turned the light on, it was an empty room. Figures. 

"Hey, this is NOT an ar-" Then a cold liquid poured on me. ALL OVER ME. 

"Ahh!" I screamed and ran from the doorway. It was on my back and fingers; I looked at it and it was sticky. "Eww..." I smashed my fingers together and apart. 

"Where's Justin?!" I asked looking around. "Justin! Get your butt out here!" I yelled. I walked around and looked at the floor. There was a huge "GOTCHA" made out of food on the floor. 

"Ha! I got you!" Justin came running out of another room. Him, Fredo, Ryan and Chaz came out laughing. 

"You think this is funny?" I asked. They nodded. "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" I asked in an angry tone. Their faces changed from laughing to scared. 

"Yea. You better be scared. Because I'm pissed..." I walked toward them. Just then flour came out of the ceiling and fell on them. 

"Ahh!" They all screamed. I started laughing. They were covered in white and were flicking it off them. Katie came out and we high fived. 

"What..? What the..?" Justin asked looking at us. We pounded knuckles and looked at them like "like a boss." 

"You think I didn't know this was a prank?" I asked walking toward Justin. "It was so obvious it was a prank I HAD to join in. I was just waiting for something to happen when i walked in here." I told him. 

"But how did you know it was going to be in this room?" Justin asked. "It was the most obvious place. It's a big empty room." I said. 

The boys shook their heads and flour fell from their hair. "Well played...again." Justin said. 

"Thanks. Katie helped." I smiled at her. "I like pranking. Especially boyfriends." She smirked. 

"That's why she had to help." I put my arm around her. "How did she get here? Did she fly in today?" Chaz asked. I nodded. 

"Well...now that that's over. How about a shower?" Justin asked. "Sure. Right after this." I said running to him and hugging him. Moving my body so the sticky stuff got all over him. "Hey!" He complained. 

I laughed. "It's what you get." I winked. 

"No kiss?" He asked. 

I thought about it. "Nope. Not until this is over." I smiled. He pouted. "Aw. You want a kiss now?" I asked in a baby tone. He nodded. I got close enough that our noses touched. He moved his lips, almost touching mine, right before I backed away and walked off blowing him a kiss. 

It's still on, Bieber. 

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