Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


27. Making up

The next day:

Me and the boys met up early this morning to discuss Harry and Justin. We decided they should make up and soon because the boys had to get back to the UK and we didn't want them to leave hating each other. I was making breakfast from the food Kenny dropped off when Justin comes out in only his boxers. He was limping and his eye was swollen. "Oh baby.." I said walking over to him looking at his eye. "Is it bad?" He asked with concern in his voice. "Well..." My voice squeaked. "It's bad. Oh god! This is awful! I can't go around looking like this!" He expressed and sat down on a bar stool. I got him some ice from the freezer and gave it to him. He put it on his eye and pouted. Oh he looked so adorable. And hurt. He looked adorably hurt. 

I put two pancakes on his plate and he started eating. I ate next to him. We didn't talk. I guess it's because we really didn't know what to talk about. After we ate, there was knocking on the door. Justin got it and the boys came in. Harry limped in and looked at Justin. 

"What are you guys doing here?" Justin asked. Liam led Harry to the couch. "We need to do this." Niall said. "Do what exactly?" Justin asked sitting down. "You and Harry need to work things out." Louis told them. "Why? There's nothing to work out." Harry simply said. "I agree." Justin agreed. I nudged Justin on the shoulder and he looked at me. I looked at him then at Harry. He sighed. "No, Niall and them are right." Justin said to Harry. "We need to work this out. I don't want to be enemies." I smiled because of what Justin is doing. Harry eventually sighed. "Fine. I guess i don't want to be enemies either. The rest of the boys like you."Harry said. Louis looked at Harry. "Ok..I like you too. I guess i just got mad at first about this whole thing, But I've seen how you treat Maddie and...you are the right guy for her. I guess I was just...jealous." Harry told Justin. "Jealous? Why?" Justin asked. "Because you have such a great girl. Maddie is amazing, sweet, beautiful, and everything else a perfect girl is." Harry looked at me and i smiled. I walked over to him and hugged him. "Thanks Harry." He nodded. I walked back over to Justin. "Thanks man. She is pretty great." He smiled at me. They stood up. "Bros again?" Justin asked. Harry nodded. "Bros again." 

"Yay! Everything is back to normal!" Louis clapped. "Now! To your appointment!" "Crap i forgot. Let me change." Justin ran into our room and put on a shirt. He put pants on after breakfast. We headed out to our ultrasound appointment. 


"Ok, let me rub this gel over your belly. And we'll see what sex it is." The ultrasound technician women said. She rubbed the gel on and it was cool against my belly. Justin was sitting next to me holding my hand. Louis was at the end of the examining table smiling. Once she was done rubbing the gel all over my stomach she brought out the ultrasound thing out. "Alright, now I will move around this device and find your baby." She smiled. I looked at Justin and he was smiling. She moved it around and looked at the screen. 

"Ah, there's the babies head." She pointed to a round spot. "There's the little hands." She pointed to the hands. I kept smiling. "And let's see...." She looked at the screen and moved the device around. "You want to know the sex?" She asked me and Justin. We nodded. She looked back at the screen. "You will be having a...." she looked. I squeezed Justin's hands. "a little boy." She smiled. "Did you hear that?? We're having a boy!" I said happily. Justin smiled and kissed me. Louis put his hand on my knee. "Congrats!" "Thanks!" The nurse took off the gel and i got dressed. "Thank you." I thanked her. We leave and I'm all smiles. Same with Justin. 'We're having a boy." Justin smiled. "Yea. We are."  smiled back. "And i get to be the uncle!" Louis exclaimed. "Sure Louis. He'll have a lot of uncles, since I'm sure the rest of the boys will want to be his uncle." I laughed. "Yea, but I'M the best one! And the first." He smiled. We all laughed. 

That night: 

I was laying on Justin's chest, listening to his heartbeat. Of course, the rest of the boys wanted to be the baby's uncle, so we sad yes. He'll have 5 haha. "You alright babe?" Justin asked. I looked up. "Yea why?" "Just wondering. You're quiet." I shrugged. "Well being pregnant is very tiring and I'm just thinking about everything. Having this baby." I put my hand on my belly. Then i jumped. I felt little kicks. "Oh my gosh! Justin!" I exclaimed surprised. "What??" He sat up. "He's kicking! He's kicking! Here.." I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly. His face lit up. "That's amazing." He said. "I've heard when they kick that means they know their parents voices." Justin said. "He must know us then." I smiled and looked at Justin. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. "I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend." He smiled and pecked my lips. "I couldn't ask for a better father." I smiled into his brown eyes. 


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