Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


6. Justin Bieber?!"

"Justin Bieber?!" I asked. She nodded. "Good luck.." She smiled and left. Why am i meeting Justin Bieber?? Who set this up? Why am i having a conversation in my head?? I took out my phone and called my other best friend, Cassie. "Hey girl! How's my best friend?!" She asked happily. "I'm not doing so well right now Cass." I told her. 'Why? What's wrong??" "Tomorrow i'm meeting Prince Eric, the one i might marry." I heard her gasp on the other end. "And to make matters worse, I'm meeting Justin Bieber on Friday." "Justin Bieber?" She asked not breathing. "Yes. Justin Bieber." "I thought you liked him?" "I do-i did, but now that he's broken up with Selena, I've heard he's sort of a player."(Not saying he is in real life! Love him!)  I explained. "Justin? Justin Bieber? A player? Girl, he's like the sweetest guys i know. Well, sort of." 'Yea, but...what if he is?" I asked. "He'll hit on me and flirt with me and know me, i'll fall for him and then i will get hurt. Like always." "Well, don't like him that way. Just make yourself only like him as a friend. And who knows, he could be nice." I felt her smile. I sighed. "I'll try my best Cassie. Thanks." "No problem! And don't forget, my fall break is next week and you promised to fly me out there!" I laughed. "I won't forget! I miss you like crazy!" "Well me too." "I gotta go. Dress shopping. Text ya later! Love you!" I hung up and went downstairs so i could find a dress for tomorrow.

Justin's POV: "Justin! Justin come here!" I heard Scooter yell from backstage. I was rehearsing for my Believe tour. Right now, i'm in Europe. "Coming!" I ran backstage and saw Scooter on one of the couches. "What's up?" I asked sitting next to him. "I got the schedule for tomorrow and Friday." He told me. "Alright cool, what's going on?" I asked looking at the paper. "Tomorrow, obviously, you have your concert. Before that, a radio interview." I nodded my head. "And on Friday, we're meeting the King, Queen and Princess at a charity benefit." "I'm meeting the King and Queen??" He nodded. "And Princess Madeline??" He nodded. "Sweet." I smiled. I got up and went back on stage. I was excited to meet the King and Queen, but more excited to meet the Princess... >:)

Madeline's POV 10pm Thursday Night: I quickly changed out of my dress and into my PJs. That was probably one of the worst nights of my life. I'm not lying. Prince Eric was so gross! He was all sweaty and stinky and just ew! Thank goodness my mom and dad saw how gross he was and ended the night early. I couldn't take much more of him. He was sweet but...not my type. Defiantly not. I got into bed and texted Cassie. She asked how it went and i told her everything. She said "I'm sorry hun :( you still have several years before you get married though." I told her i know. I went to bed and right before i fell asleep i remembered i was meeting Justin Bieber tomorrow. This will be fun. 

Thanks for reading! :) Please comment! I love comments! Haha x And One Direction will be in the story more don't worry! I just decided to put JB in too. Please don't stop reading just because Justin is in the story! Thanks! Xoxo 

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