Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


33. Getting closer & closer

A/N: Alright, I'm going to try to post pictures of the dresses and of Blake :) Just bear with me if the pictures don't show up! 

The next Day:

I fluttered my eyes open and looked at the clock. It was 4:55am. I groaned because over the baby monitor, Blake cried. "Justin.." I groaned at him. He was snoring lightly. "Justin...baby.." I pushed him. He moaned. "It's your turn.." He mumbled. "No it's not. It's your turn Justin. Go.." I pushed him and he got up and i heard the door open and close. I closed my eyes again and quickly fell asleep. 

I woke back up at 9:20 and Justin wasn't in bed. I got up and opened the door. I peeked into the nursery and saw Justin asleep in the rocking chair. With Blake on his chest. I smiled at the sight. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture and tweeted it with the caption: "Look what I found this morning :) my two favorite boys <3 @justinbieber"

I walked into the room quietly and picked up Blake who smiled up at me. "Let's get you feed and let daddy sleep." I said. I went downstairs and put him in his high chair. Pattie and Katie were eating breakfast at the kitchen bar. "Good morning." Pattie smiled. "Morning sunshine!" Katie exclaimed happily. I laughed. "Morning." "Are you ready to try on dozens of dresses??" I nodded and smiled. "I'm so excited!" I continued to feed Blake and when I was done I went up and changed him. Justin wasn't there so I guessed he went back to bed. 

I changed him and put him in today's clothes. 

I brought him into my room and placed him on the floor with a few toys so I could get ready. I saw Justin wasn't in bed either. Where was he? I was looking for clothes to wear when Justin walked out of a steamy bathroom with only a towel around his waist. I may have seen Justin shirtless a lot but i will NEVER get tired of his body. He saw me and smiled. He came up to me and kissed me. 

"Good morning." He whispered in my ear. "Morning." I whispered back. "You smell good." I commented. "Well I'm glad." He smirked. He saw Blake was on the floor so he went over and scooped him up and tickled him making him laugh. "We had some good father, son time didn't we this morning?" He asked. He blew on his belly and made him laugh even more. I laughed and smiled at what a great dad he was. I turned back to the closet and grabbed a shirt from American Eagle and some jeans. I went into the bathroom and did my makeup. I straightened my hair. 

After I was done getting ready, I said goodbye to Justin and Blake and Ryan and Chaz. They were watching Blake today. 

"Find a great dress." Justin said smiling. "I will." I kissed him quickly and ran out the door. 

Once at La Canada Flintridge a young lady named Courtney led us to the space where Pattie, Katie, Cassie and my mom sat. There were 4 big mirrors and a little platform where I would stand. Then we all got up and went to the back where all the dresses were. All our mouths dropped. "It's like heaven for girls.." Cassie said in awe. 

"So what kind of dress are you thinking Maddie?" Courtney asked. 

"I know I want ballroom. Not mermaid. I like strapless and the kind of dress with a belt thing in the center near your waist." I put my fingers around my hip. She nodded. "Those kind of dresses are all over the store. So..everyone can find one and you will try the on."She smiled. We all went our separate ways and went off in search of my perfect dress. 


"Ok this first one is not ballroom but has the belt that you like and is strapless." She helped me into it and I turned around and i smiled. "I like it." "Let's go show everyone."  (Dress #1: http://www.coralsbridal.com/1765-4594-large/strapless-chiffon-beach-wedding-dressl-wd10356.jpg) (Sorry if you can't get to it! Links don't really work on here! Which they should)

We made our way out and the girls gasped. "You look so pretty Maddie." Pattie commented. "I picked this one." Cassie smiled. I looked in the big mirrors and twirled. "Very pretty darling." My mom said. "But it's not 'the one'" I told them. They nodded in agreement and we went back to try on dress #2.

So this one would fit you very nicely. It's short but would be very good for a beach wedding. It's strapless and it's a good length." I got into it and looked at myself. My mouth almost dropped. "Wow. This is beautiful." I turned and looked at the back. It makes my long legs look awesome. 

I walked out and the girls gasped and covered their mouths. "You look amazing." Katie said. "I picked this one." My mom smiled proudly. "I really like it mom. Thanks." "But is it 'the one'?" "Let me try on a few more." I walked off and took it off. 

(Dress #2: http://dteha0do011kf.cloudfront.net/1125-home/short-beach-tulle-beaded-princess-designer-destination-wedding-dress-w1486.jpg )

The third dress was long and was very pretty. Ballroom.  Dress 3:  http://sangmaestro.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/summer-beach-wedding-dress.jpg

The last one is a strapless as well. It's very elegant. I loved it even before trying it on. I stepped into it with Courtney's help and my mouth dropped. I covered my mouth. "It's..beautiful. I-I love it." I twirled. We walked out and everyone's eyes widened. "Oh my gosh..Maddie, you look...stunning." Katie said almost a whisper. "Oh honey...you look absolutely gorgeous." My om wiped away a few tears. I looked in the mirror and tried not to cry myself. "Why are you crying? Are you ok?" Cassie asked. I nodded and smiled. "This is it." I said. 

"This is the dress??" I nodded. Courtney came up to me and smiled. "So do you say yes to this dress?" (Say Yes to the Dress! Haha)

"Yes." I nodded and smiled, wiping away a few tears. Everyone hugged me. I got out of the dress and Courtney said the dress would be delivered in a month and a half.  


Once at home Justin kept asking about the dress. "I'm not telling you anything." I laughed. "Aw but why??" "Because I won't! You can deal not seeing it for 2 1/2 months." I kissed his cheek. 

Each day, I get closer and closer to becoming Mrs. Bieber.



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