Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


36. Epilogue

8 years later:

Justin and Maddie are now 28 years old with 2 kids. Blake is now 8 years old and they have a little girl, Addison who is 5. They are both in grade school. They have their own house in Justin's home town. They are still good friends with the One Direction boys. Or should I say MEN. They are all married with kids now. 

Justin has taken a break from his singing career along with the 1D boys. Since they have kids and wives, they are taking a break.

Justin released his 6th album that is, of course, number one in 50 countries. He's still a huge hit. Maddie and Justin are very happy together and still very much in love. 

Maddie's POV:

"Blake! Addie! Please come down for breakfast!!" I yelled upstairs.


A few seconds later i hear thudding when Blake and Addison appear in the kitchen. I hand them their plates which have two waffles on it. They take it and start eating. 

"Are you ready for your first day of school?" I asked them taking a sip of coffee. Blake nods. "I'm excited! 3rd grade here I come!" He says excitedly. 

I laughed. "What about you Addie? Excited for kindergarten?" She looked down at her plate. "Aw don't be nervous baby. Everything will be great." I smiled. She nodded. 

I jumped when i felt hands on my waist. I turned around and Justin stood there smiling. "Well good morning." I said kissing him. "Morning. How's everyone? Excited?" 

"I am!" Blake got up and put his dish in the sink. Justin high fived him. He went over to Addison who was petting Lucy our yellow lab. 

"Aw don't be nervous Addie. It'll be great." Justin got down to her level and petted Lucy. "You know, Lucy will be waiting for you after school by the bus stop." Justin said. "She will?" Addie asked. He nodded. "Of course. Right Luc?" She barked. Addie's face lit up a little. 

"Thanks daddy." She hugged him. She went upstairs to brush her teeth and get her stuff. I went over to Justin. "She is for sure a daddy's girl." I smirked. "How do you know?" He asked with a smile. "Because she's stubborn like you, she already doesn't like school like you didn't, and her favorite color is purple." 

"Maybe that's because when she was born they ran out of pink blankets so they gave her a purple one." He pointed out. I smirked. "Yea. Just. Like. YOU." I poked his chest. 

"Ok ok I got it." He laughed and kissed me. 

The kids got their things and we walked them outside to the bus stop with Lucy by Addie's side. 

"And don't worry, your brother will be there for you if you get nervous." I told her. She nodded. Blake put his arm around her shoulder. The bus pulled up and we hugged Blake. "Have a great day! Love you!" We yelled. "Love you too! C'mon Addie." He held out his hand. She hugged Justin tight and then me. "Everything will be alright." I told her. "We love you." "Love you too." She took Blake's hand and got on the bus. We waved and she waved through the window. The bus took off and went around the corner out of sight. 

We walked back to the house and i started to get ready for the day. 


I was putting on some makeup when I saw Justin walk in with a big book. "What's that babe?" I asked.

"That scrapbook a fan made for us several years ago." I went over to our bed and sat next to Justin. He flipped it open and several pictures of when we were teenagers popped up. 

"Oh wow...it's like a ton of memories are flooding back." I said flipping pages. 

We went through all the pictures and they were from when we first started dating to our wedding day. Some of them were of pictures we took with fans. Some of concerts Justin did. Good memories. Then some of when Blake was really little. And there were a few of when Addison was a year old and younger. 

"This is amazing. So many memories." I said looking at Justin. He nodded. 

"And now that we have a family, we can start more." He kissed me. He pulled away and brought out a brand new scrapbook. 

"What's that for?" I asked.

"It's our scrapbook. For our family." He said. 

"Aw that's sweet." He took a picture out of his pocket and stuck it in the first page. It was our first family Christmas photo. Blake was 3 and Addie was not even a year old. And Lucy was just a puppy. 

Justin looked at me and smiled. "And that's our first memory as a full family."

"And there will be so many more."

A/N: Well there you go! Not a very good epilogue but it's something. Please read my brand new story Justin's IT girl! It'll be good :)
Thank you for reading this story! Means a lot <3

Love you all!
~Kailey xoxo 

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