Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


8. Date

"I have nothing to wear!" I yelled out throwing clothes all over my bedroom floor. "What are you talking about?! You have a ton to wear!" Cassie said walking into my closet. "Like....this." She held up a light blue nice dress. "But that's too fancy. Justin said not too fancy." I told her. I stepped over my clothes and looked through the dozen of hangers i had with clothes. Cassie eventually found me the perfect outfit. Dark blue skinny jeans with a a cute top with the Eiffel Tower  tower on it. And purple vans. "Thanks Cass. What would i do without you?" I hugged her. "No problem. Now, go have fun. But not too much fun." She winked. I rolled my eyes and laughed. I headed downstairs and saw Frank. "What are you doing here? Not to sound rude." I asked. "I have to go with you." He said. "What??" I asked with wide eyes. "It's the only way your parents will let you go out with Justin. And i don't want you to get hurt." He added with a smile. "Well thanks. Justin will be here-" I cut off by the doorbell. "Now." I opened the door and there stood Justin. I smiled and he smiled. "Come on in." I waved him in. He did and he looked up at Frank with wide eyes. "Don't worry, he's harmless." I laughed and he laughed. My parents came down then and Justin did a little bow. "No need to do that." My mom laughed. "I'm Claire and this is my husband Rupert." He shook their hands and went into the family room. "Honey, could you please leave for a few minutes?" My dad asked. "Uh, sure i guess." I walked out eyeing Justin. Once i got called back in i was afraid my parents wouldn't approve but when i got into the room they were all smiling. "Have a great time tonight sweetheart." My mom smiled. I nodded. Justin got my jacket and we headed out. "How was it?" I asked right away. 

"It was awkward at first, seeing as i was talking to the King and Queen, but after a minute or two, it was easy. They're really nice." He opened my door and i got into his car. He got in and started to drive off. I saw Justin look in his rear view mirror several times; i looked behind me and saw Frank driving behind us. "Who's that?" Justin asked. "That's Frank. My body guard. He has to come with us for my safety. But don't worry, he will keep his distance." He nodded his head. It was silent most of the way but we got to talking and it wasn't awkward. Surprisingly, Justin was as easy to talk to as breathing air.

Once at the restaurant, we got out seats and i looked at the menu. After we ordered i looked at Justin who was looking at me. "What?" I asked laughing. "Nothing. Just...oh look our foods here." He said. We ate while talking, which wasn't "princess like" but i didn't care. It felt good to get out. After dinner, we headed outside and flashing lights were everywhere. I covered my eyes with my hands. "How did they find us?!" I asked Justin. "I don't know! I didn't tell anyone where we were going!" "Me neither!" Frank came and took me away. "Wait! What about Justin!?" I yelled at Frank. "Forget him! He's the one who told where you were going to be!" "What?! No he didn't!" He dragged my farther away from Justin and i could see he was trying to get out of the mob. "We have to go back!" "No Princess!" He put me in the car. I looked out the window and saw Justin trying to get out. He looked panicked.

Did he really tell? Or was Frank just trying to get me not to go out with Justin?  

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