Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


30. Bringing home the baby

2 days later:

Kailey's POV:

Louis brought up the baby carrier and Justin put Blake in and strapped him in. He was sleeping luckily. Louis kept going on and on how he looked like me and Justin. "Louis..." I said slowly. "we know...just shut up.." I joked. "Well I'm sorry he's just so cute and looks like his parents." He said matter of factually. I rolled my eyes and laughed. We checked out of the hospital and before we even exited the hospital, paparazzi were surrounding the door. Bright flashes came through. 

"We can't get out now!" I said. I saw Louis look around and run away somewhere. Justin was carrying Blake and made sure he wasn't getting effected by the cameras. 

"Maddie! Justin!" I heard a deep voice yell. I looked and saw Kenny waving us over. We both sighed in relief and ran to him. "C'mon I've got the car waiting back over here." He said. We followed him out a back exit and got outside just in time before paparazzi saw us. We got Blake buckled in and we drove off. Louis was smiling down at Blake. "Thanks Lou." I smiled and side hugged him. He shrugged. "It was no problem. I knew we wouldn't be able to get out the front." We nodded and headed home where I knew a lot of people were waiting to see the baby. 


Once at home, Justin carried Blake in and when we walked into the house everyone yelled, "Welcome home!!" A big smile spread across my face. I looked at everyone and Pattie, Jeremy, Jazzy, Jaxon, Usher, Dan, Allison, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall, Katie, Cassie, and....wait...Katie and Cassie?! They saw me and squealed. I ran over to them and hugged them. "Oh my gosh! What are you guys doing here?!" I asked pulling away. "We got a call from Pattie and she invited us down! She thought it'd be a great surprise!" Katie said. "Well it is! Ahh I can't believe you're here!" I hugged them again. 

I hugged everyone there and thanked them. "Now, we need to see this baby." Usher smiled. I smiled and Justin took Blake out of his carrier and brought him over. Everyone awww'd and commented on how cute he was and all that jazz. 

"He's SO cute!" Cassie squealed. "He looks like you both! I can already tell!" Katie smiled wide. Justin passed Blake to Pattie and she just about died. 

"I have to admit, he's one cutie." Jeremy commented. Pattie knelt down so Jazzy and Jaxon could see him. "He's cute." Jazzy said smiling. Jaxon looked at him in kind of confusion. Then he pointed to him. "Mine." He said. Pattie laughed. "He's not yours Jaxo. He's Kailey and Justin's." Jeremy picked him up and tickled him.

Liam, Harry, Niall and Zayn came over to admire him. "He's pretty adorable." Niall smiled. "He will certainly look like Justin." Liam stated. Zayn held him for a few minutes and just smiled at him. I was looking at Harry's facial expression more then anyone else's. Then he did what i was hoping for. He smiled.

"He is pretty damn cute. Not gonna lie." Harry said. I moved toward him and nudged him. "Not that bad right?" I asked. He shrugged. "He's cute i have to admit." He smiled again.

After everyone saw Blake, we thanked them. "Thank you for coming everyone. As you know, it's been quite a journey. And now, Justin gets to take some time off and help raise Blake." I said. "What's his full name?" Dan asked. Justin and i looked at each other. "We haven't decided on the last name yet, it'll probably be Bieber but his name is Blake Matthew." I said. They all awww'd. 

"Let's see the nursery!" Katie suggested. Everyone agreed who hasn't seen it yet. Which was everyone but Pattie and Jeremy. 

We went up the stairs and into Blake's room. Everyone gasped and complimented how cute it was. "Just to let you all know, I picked out almost everything." Louis said. "Good job Lou! Looks good." Everyone told him. He smiled proudly. 


FINALLY after everyone left it was around 9. I carried Blake upstairs with Justin following me. I put Blake down in his crib and i put his stuffed puppy next to him. Justin stood next to me. I bent down and kissed his forehead. "Goodnight my darling. Your first night in your crib. Hope you like it. I love you." I moved over so Justin could say goodnight. He bent down and kissed his forehead as well. "Goodnight...son. I love you." We walked out and turned off the light. I left the door cracked. Pattie was standing there with a smile. "What?" Justin asked. "You two will be great parents." She smiled and kissed Justin's cheek. "Goodnight love you." "Love you too." "Night Kailey. I'm proud of you. Both of you." She smiled. "Thank you. Goodnight."

We went into our room and got ready for bed. Once both of us were in bed, Justin wrapped his arms around me. "You'll be a great mommy." He kissed my cheek. I turned to him. "And you'll be a great daddy." I kissed him and smiled. "I love you Maddie." :I love you too." 


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