Falling for a Princess

Madeline is a normal 17 year old girl who lives in San Diego, California. But what happens when she finds out she's the princess of the royal family? While her life has changed drastically, what happens when One Direction comes into the picture?


3. A Big Surprise

Harry's POV: "Alright lads. What do we have planned today?" I asked the other boys as we got into the car. "Well we have a radio interview, which we're going to right now. And then..." Liam trailed off looking at the schedule. "And then we have been invited to the grand ball at Kensington Palace." "A ball?? Oh yay!" Louis said excitedly. I laughed at his reaction. "Do we have to go to this ball?" I asked. "Of course we do! We got invited by the Queen!" Louis told me. I sighed. I mean i like going to nice places, but dancing? Not my thing. I'm not a good dancer. "Aw c'mon Haz! It'll be fun!" Louis nudged me on the shoulder. I smiled. "I know." "And maybe you'll find a girl.." He winked. I just rolled my eyes and laughed.

Madeline's POV:Today was the Grand Ball. Everyone will be there. Celebrities, other royal families and...just everyone. I was just finishing breakfast when Stella came up to me. "Good morning Princess. Just wanted to tell you your mum wants you to be upstairs in 5 minutes so the stylists can start getting you ready." "Ok, thanks Stella." I smiled. I put my dishes in the sink and went to my room where my mum, hair and makeup stylist was waiting for me. "Hello Princess. Please sit over here." My hair stylist, Nicole, gestured toward a tall chair. I sat down. I looked in the mirror and stuck my tongue out. "My hair is a mess." I said. "Oh no it's not honey. Nicole will fix it." My mom came over to me and hugged me. "Thanks mom." I hugged back. My mom left so she could get ready and Nicole started fixing my hair. After my hair was done, i went straight to makeup. They didn't let me see me until they were all done. By the time everything was done, i went back to my room so Nicole, Amber (makeup) and Stella could help me put on my dress. "Ah, i-i can't breathe very much.." I stammered. The dress was pretty tight. "Now i know what the princesses in movies felt like when they put on dresses." I said. They all laughed. "But it's a beautiful dress your majesty." Nicole said. I've gotten use to them calling me your majesty, princess, and Princess Madeline. "Ok...and...done." Amber said zipping up the back of my dress. I  turned around to look in my full length mirror and my mouth literally dropped. (This is what i picture her looking like: http://www.jaksflowergirldresses.com/PD0023.jpg except for a little shorter in height)

"Oh my...gosh." I said getting closer to the mirror. "I actually look...beautiful." I said. "You do. And always have." Stella smiled at me. Nicole and Amber smiled and went to get my mom. When she came in her mouth dropped. "Oh my...Madeline. You look...gorgeous." She smiled and wiped away a few stray tears. "Don't cry mom." I smiled. "It's just, it's your first ball and you look absolutely amazing." She hugged me and told me to get my heels on and meet downstairs so we could leave. "Thank you." I told the girls. "I do look amazing. Thank you." "You're welcome Princess. Now have a good time." They said. I put on my heels and headed downstairs as elegantly as possible. My dad saw me and he smiled wide and hugged me and told me i looked beautiful. We got into the limo and headed for the ball. Usually it was held at the palace but for the Grand Ball, it was held at a bigger place.

As we arrived i saw so many people i started feeling overwhelmed. I still smiled and waved. I saw little girls and they were dressed like me. I smiled at them. I still couldn't believe i was an inspiration to younger girls. I don't know why, but i was. As we entered, our names were announced. My mom and dad started down the stairs first and then me. (Just imagine it like in Princess Diaries). Everyone watched me as i came down the grand staircase. Once i was down, i went around and greeted people. A little girl came up to me. "Why hello there." I smiled down at her. "Hi Princess Madeline! I just wanted to say you look really pretty!" "Aw thank you!" I bent down and hugged her. I went over to the food table to check out the food when i heard familiar British accents. My eyes got wide as i turned around and saw the 5 boys from One Direction.              

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