Friends and Enemies in Unusual Places

Harry Archer, his 6 siblings, Mother and Father live on a farm in Dorset. His father had to leave for war unexpectantly and left his lovely home and his lovely wife and his lovely children. When Adelaide and Evander Windsor are sent far away from Mayfair they have to learn to survive in a world they have never known. Harry and Adelaide become friends whereas Evander is set to hate everything or one near him. Evander's destructive path leaves a mark on things around him and as time goes on it all starts to fire back onto Harry and Adeline. Evander and Adelaide are about to discover life in the country is a lot more dangerous then they ever would have dreamed...


1. An Introduction to the Best Farm in the Village


Harriet Archer lived on a farm with her Husband, George Archer, and her 7 children: Maggie, the oldest; Alfie, the carer; Peter, the joker; Jack, the slinker; Frank, the dazed; Tom, the genius and Harry, Harry was called the Babe or sometimes justt Babe. Harry was called this because, the was the youngest though thats an obvious reason for the nickname and because he wasn't anything else... He didn't have any skills (that his family saw anyway) he was and always would be the-one-with-no-distinguishable-habits. Harry new this and had accepted it; he had no need to complain. The Archer family earned a decent living and had money to spare after paying fees on the tractor and other Peters... In fact they were quite well off compared to most of the other farms. And after all the family had just won 'Best Farm in the Village'.

It was considered a great honour to win best farm in the village, and a step up in life because you as well as every human with a brain knows that, 'Once a farmers grown a seed, grow a larger n' better one.' Winning 'Best Farm in the Village' meant that the Archers had conquered 8 other farms- they lived in quite a large village, yet not large enough to be taken notice off. Next year the Archers had their minds set on winning the best county farm and by no means would accept failure. Most families in the village such as the Grangers, the Nelsons, the Cartlands and the Radcliffs were trying to persuade the Archers to give up the county competition because of all this trouble and bother down in the South.

"Theres a war brewing... Just you wait Babe. It'll effect us all" Old Mr Granger said to Harry while he told him his stories of his time in The Great War.

The competition had 5 levels: the first, Keeping a Farm Up and Running; secondly, Inspection of Equipment and Facilities; thirdly, Harvesting and Ploughing; the fourth, The Care and Treatment of Farm Animals and Finally Produce and Mating of the Farm Animals. Each level receives a mark out of 10 which are then added up at the end to make a total score out of 50. The person with the largest score at the end wins. The Archers won the Best Farm of the Year with an astonishing 47 points and all the points they lost, were on level 1 'Keeping a Farm Up and Running'-for if there was one thing the Archers lacked it was organisational skills and even then they were better then most in the village.                                       

The archers farm was, put in words, a sight for sore eyes. In the Summer the whole farm shone of beauty and light. They had by far the most beautiful farm in the whole of Giddy Green, maybe even the whole of the Dorset... To outline the border of their farm was a tall light wood. The children often played there but mainly it was Harry that loved that wood. He would spend hours singing to himself and laughing and walking. The space in the centre of the wood was made up out of huge fields each growing different things. Some grew barley, some grew corn, some hay and some wheat. Another field was completely separate to the others and it was split into different groups each for different animals such as: sheep, goats, cows or cattle and llamas. But the most spectacular field was placed in the middle of all the farm so when the sun shone and hit the field the light bounced of all over the farm in different colours making it look as if the whole farm was made out of diamonds. It was an exquisite sight and more beautiful then the aurora borealis.

This field contained millions of different flowers. The archers had two buisnesses a florist and a small shop in which they traded and sold their farm products and animals. It had been Maggie's idea grow the flowers as she owns the florist. The Archers are referred to as slightly eccentric. Most would spend hours pondering over where the flower seeds would go and place them in neat areas, but not the archers. Maggie had come up with the idea that they import and trade for seeds and then scatter them randomly so that she may just walk through and pluck what she likes. The families eccentricities got the better of them and they applauded the idea. When the flowers grew to full size and the family would see what colours looked good and what did not they waited for them to die and then didn't plant them again. The scheme worked perfectly though slightly insane and a bit of a gamble.

The whole farm was placed on a slope and at the bottom of the slope on the right were pig silos and pens, the barn, the chicken and turkey coups, the stables, the kennel and the ducks and geese had a whole pond to themselves. On the right hand side on the bottom of the sloop was their house. And such a house it was. It wasn't a rich town mansion but a large elegant tudor farmhouse. The bricks were old, grey and cobbled and the house had big thick beams running over the walls to support the bricks. The house had 13 floors and spacious rooms. It was big enough to be a hotel and the kitchen could fit 3 small double beds in. Most of the beautiful rooms where not used but the Archers were always willing to give up a room to strangers. They loved company and it was the most important lesson that Harriet and George ever taught their children. 

"Always help and be kind to people even if you want to punch them because some day it will all pay off and they'll get their comeuppance." 

As I said the Archer family were far from normal and the year of 1934 was the begging of something even more extra ordinary. Odd things were happening that year. The weather was changing, normally it rains and the sky is grey most days but this year it was special. It had been a very hot Autumn;  Winter was approaching and there was no sign of the temperature plummeting. The sun was still shinning and didn't seem to stop. When the Archers started to worry about their crops drying it rained... Like a miracle. However they were not going to gamble their lives on a global warming. They had been saving up some money to buy an extra pig but instead they decided to ensure their safety and invested in high-tech sparklers... (As I mentioned before the Archers were as some say quite well off.)

Of course you can only imagine how much this made the village talk and whisper. You should have heard some of the rumours that started... People were starting to think the 'Heavenly Paradise' was dying. But they were wrong. Their business was flourishing! And they had a small fortune at their disposal. But talk was going round of strange things afoot. Talk of city people coming to stay in the country. How ridiculous! City people in Giddy Green you're more likely to get a barking horse...

The Archer family where full of brunets. The only person in the family who had different hair colour was Maggie. Instead of having mousy brown hair she had a sweet strawberry blonde. Her hair would have been lovely if had not constantly been dirty and greasy... All Archers resembled each other closely and all had bright amber eyes with laughter etched into they're faces. Harriet Archer was on the plump side, quite small and bubbly; George was tall, thin and just as bubbly. Nearly all the children were thin and and athletically built. It was only Harry who took after his mother small and plump. A small bump sometimes appeared underneath his chin when he looked down and he had a bulge on his stomach from eating too much food, for something the Archers were never ashamed of was their food. They loved food, any food, every food, cold food, hot food, fruit, meat, fish, anything!!!

All in all the Archers were the family that you wanted to be a part of they were merry and loving. They were curious and positive. They were talkative and generous. But above all they always had food on the table, no matter how full they may be because the Archers always said 'Food is an important part of a balanced diet. You can never eat too much!'

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