Friends and Enemies in Unusual Places

Harry Archer, his 6 siblings, Mother and Father live on a farm in Dorset. His father had to leave for war unexpectantly and left his lovely home and his lovely wife and his lovely children. When Adelaide and Evander Windsor are sent far away from Mayfair they have to learn to survive in a world they have never known. Harry and Adelaide become friends whereas Evander is set to hate everything or one near him. Evander's destructive path leaves a mark on things around him and as time goes on it all starts to fire back onto Harry and Adeline. Evander and Adelaide are about to discover life in the country is a lot more dangerous then they ever would have dreamed...


2. An Argument in a Bedroom


Adelaide Windsor was sitting on the edge of her bath tube, in a regal bathroom, in a large luxury mansion on the respectable and upper-class street of Mayfair, dipping her toes in the water.

"Adelaide, are you having your bath?" a well spoken female voice shouted up the long staircase.

"Yes mother!"

Adelaide had no intention of washing. She had recently requested to Molly, a house maid and an old friend to the children, that she run her bath and wash herself. Molly had immediately smelt trouble and had caught Adelaide NOT in the bath when she should have been and was very careful to always run the bath after that. She was a rather odd child. She did not take after her mother Agatha, a proper and well respected  lady. She took more after her father, Richard. Richard Windsor had short brown hair that he constantly ran his hands through so that it was never neat and always unkempt. Around his face his hair was turning a soft silvery grey and he was showing signs of age. There were smile lines around his mouth that showed obvious joy and kindness in everything he did. His eyes were a piercing blue- a doorway to seas and oceans that the Windsor's could only dream of. Richard  was a kind and curious man. He helped people and loved his family. There was a subtle handsomeness about him, charismatic, unlike his wife who looked like a glamour model.

Agatha had beautiful never-ending white hair. It was so light it floated like clouds and flowed like a river of milk. It was so long that she had to move it before sitting down otherwise she would sit on her hair. Agatha was tall and had a stupendous figure (Richard was also a tall man so they had no problems with their height.) and when she walked in the room everyone stared. Her eyes were grey. Pale grey. So light and ashen that they looked like a frozen stream. However Agatha's beauty was dampened massively by her personality whereas Richard's emphasized.  She never laughed or smiled and always had to be serious. Her beauty was cold and everyone that spoke to her knew it. You're probably thinking, why would Richard marry such a cold women? It's simple really. Richard fell in love with Agatha and no matter how cold she was, she couldn't help but smile when he was there. They were both good for each other and were very, very happy.

Adelaide looked at her silver watch. It had been 15 minutes since she first entered the bath and she reckoned that was enough time for anyone to believe that she had run her bath, washed herself and dried herself. She dipped the soap in the water and let the flannel soak in the tub; then started to plod around the bathroom with wet feet to create little footprints on the floor. She undressed, got in the bath and immediately got out again wetting herself briefly and then wrapped herself in a beautiful scarlet towel. Her hair was dripping down her back and creating little drops of water on the floor. Adelaide opened the door and announced to Molly that she had successfully run the bath and washed herself. Molly narrowed her eyes immediately.

"I daan't adam 'n eve it Molly" 

"Go and check for yourself then!" Molly answered gesturing to bathroom door.

Molly disappeared through the bathroom door to investigate the bathroom and Adelaide skipped into her brother, Evander's, room. 

"Evander, Evander play monopoly with me!!!"

Evander was a picture of his mother. Startling white hair and the same foggy grey eyes. He was a few years older then Adelaide as he was now in his 14th year and she was in her 10th and she looked up to Evander in almost everything as Adelaide, herself, was rather naïve.

"No Adelaide I have no time for that ghastly and childish game." Evander said not moving from his position on the bed, not even looking at Adelaide. The game of monopoly was on the side of his room. Some aunt of his gave it to him for his 11th birthday. His said he hadn't even touched it but Adelaide strongly suspected that he took it out and admired it- after all, if someone had given her a game like that she wouldn't put it down.

"Then can I play with it?"

"No Adelaide. You need two people to play that game and i've already said I'm not playing with you." Edvander replied in a spiteful tone still not facing her.

"I wasn't going to ask you actually..." Adelaide spoke in a rather injured voice. Ever since Edvander turned 15 he'd been nothing but rude and horrible to her and it was starting to really get to her. Now Evander turned and looked at her and the smile on his face wasn't a smile at all but a smirk, like he was looking at something disgusting and small and thinking of his superiority.

"You. Who would want to play with you?" He laughed and turned away.

"I'll ask father to play with me."

"He's a busy man Adelaide. He doesn't have time for children like you."

"Mother then."

"She hates you."

"She does not hate me!" Adelaide said with tears in her eyes.

"Yes she does."

"No she does not."


"Does not."

"Does too-"

"She does not hate me and your a horrible person!!" With that she ran from the room as quickly as she could. She could hear Edvanders sinister cackle coming from behind her as she ran to the stairs and collapsed in a fit of tears.


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