Friends and Enemies in Unusual Places

Harry Archer, his 6 siblings, Mother and Father live on a farm in Dorset. His father had to leave for war unexpectantly and left his lovely home and his lovely wife and his lovely children. When Adelaide and Evander Windsor are sent far away from Mayfair they have to learn to survive in a world they have never known. Harry and Adelaide become friends whereas Evander is set to hate everything or one near him. Evander's destructive path leaves a mark on things around him and as time goes on it all starts to fire back onto Harry and Adeline. Evander and Adelaide are about to discover life in the country is a lot more dangerous then they ever would have dreamed...


3. Adelaide's Spy career


Adelaide had moved from the stairs when she had heard Molly coming and hid in the smallest wardrobe in the smallest spare room. Everyone forgot about that room but Adelaide hid there often away from prying eyes. She was curled up into a ball and was sobbing into her new, beautiful, white dress. Lots of things were going through her mind. She had always thought she did not fit in even her appearance had nothing in common with her parents or sibling. She had vibrant, red hair. It was so scarlet that it looked unreal. It was long and if she wasn't careful she'd sit on it. But if that weren't strange enough she had beautiful bright green eyes that shone and in the light they had almost a streak of gold in them. Now Adelaide pictured herself next to her mother, father and brother and thought about how different she looked. She didn't belong to any of them.

She had just began to pull herself together and get out of the wardrobe to go and play  a nice game to cheer up, when she heard voices coming in the room. Two things occurred to her. One, if she got out the wardrobe now and someone saw her with bright blotchy red eyes they would know she had been crying and in the future they would go and check there for her. And Secondly, it was here mothers cold voice she heard come into the room.

"What could she possibly be doing in this room I wonder?" Adelaide muttered to herself. A spy game would cheer me up... Adelaide the spy....." She smiled to herself as she thought of the nickname and decided that she liked it a lot. Adelaide's spying game began.

"Why are you asking this?" said the cold voice of Lady Agatha. It seemed to be filled with some rage.

"I'm asking because I think it's a good idea." 

Adelaide gasped silently. The other voice was her fathers. What usually is a kind gentle voice was filled with annoyance and a pleading tone. Adelaide had only ever heard her mother and father fight two times in her life and the second time was because the paper hadn't come. Now Adelaide listened to her mother and father plead and argue in low voices. There voices were quite and Adelaide had to almost strain to here them.

"What could they be arguing about?" Adelaide muttered to herself again. She often spoke to herself and asked herself questions and then answered them herself after. Adelaide was a lonely child. Home schooled, horrible older brother who didn't speak to her much, a busy father and a cold mother. "Be quite, Adelaide and you might find out." With that Adelaide focused all her attention on the situation in front of her. She opened the wardrobe door an inch. Just so she could see what was going on.

"How on earth is that a good idea?!" asked Agatha

"It would mean they are safe!" answered Richard leaving Adelaide to ponder on who 'they' was.

"Richard," Agatha lowered her voice even more "there is not going to be a war! Its all just talk."

"Agatha it's not just idle gossip. Our sales on certain," He lowered his voice in more and Adelaide had to strain to hear. " emergency... items has increased. Iron baths and black paint. Small stoves and so on. People are preparing for the worst but no one wants to say a word in case by God have mercy their fears are somehow conjured. It is not idle Agatha!"

"It's 1935, Richard there is not going to be a war. Richard we'll be the laughing stock of the street, the whole of Central London."

"But what if there is Agatha, my dear, my darling love, what if there is and what if we are prepared." 

"Why do you want to send our children away?" Agatha said in a soft pleading voice. Adelaide froze. Why did her father want to send her and Edvander away? Had they really been such horrible children? She didn't understand why her parents would do such a thing, and why her mother was protecting her. Edvander had always gotten on better with their mother and had often teased Adelaide about how much Agatha hated her. Adelaide had actually started to believe that her mother hated her and now she was protecting her. She couldn't help but smile a little at how her mother didn't hate her.

"Agatha my sweet I don't want to but suppose there is an air raid or a battle right here, right where we live. Or a gassing right here on Mayfair or God forbid one of us is killed then what will happen to Edvander or little Adelaide. What if-"

Richard didn't finish his sentence because Adelaide burst through the wardrobe and let out a cry of fear.

"Don't send me away Father, pl-please pl-p-please don't. I don't want to go and be hurt. I don't want to be in a battle don't send me there. I don't want you to die mother! Don't please don't!" Adelaide collapsed onto the ground and a fit of sobs racked over her body. The truth of it was Adelaide had not understood much of anything her parents had been talking about. She had never been an academic child she had loved physical activates more but as a young lady she must not do that sort of thing. Now imagine if you were a child and all you heard were a bunch of words that sounded horrible that you didn't understand and only a few words you did such as: Battle, sent away, bombed, hurt- and your mother is trying to stop your father from sending you away to a different place what would you think?

"Adelaide?!" Richard exclaimed. He gulped and paled instantly as he thought of what his 12 year old child must of heard...

"Adelaide spying is not an attractive quality!" Lady Agatha spoke through gritted teeth. (Agatha used the phrase not an attractive quality or variation of that quite a lot...) She did not look happy.

Adelaide tried to reply but couldn't speak through her tears and Richard bent down to comfort her.

"Adelaide, sweetheart, we are not sending you to be hurt and we are not sending you to a battle."

Adelaide look at her father and said "Then why are you sending me away?"

Richard was silent thinking of what to say. Agatha sighed and walked forward to Adelaide now curled into a ball on the floor.

"My love your father and I... were only speculating. And would only ever send you away for your own safety."

"But I don't want to go!"

"Do you know what a war is Adelaide?"

"Yes mother..."

"Well your father seems to think that there might be a war coming and if there is then we want to send you to live somewhere where you will be safe. Do you understand sweetie?" She gave a rare smile and her face looked so much more beautiful Adelaide thought to herself.

"Do you think I should be sent away mother? Do you think we, E-Edvander and I should be sent away?"

Agatha looked at Richard and saw in his eyes real worry.

"You do, don't you you both want to get rid of me! Of us!"

Agatha straightened up and the cold beauty returned to her face.

"Stop whining Adelaide it is not lady like quality..." She was angry. Angry that her child was accusing her of wanting to have her own children sent away.

Adelaide stopped crying at straightened up.


"No more. No more! You will go to your room and say no more. You will come down when we tell you and then for dinner you will be seen and not heard."

"But mother I-"

"Don't- Answer me back. Go!" said Lady Agatha, not shouting but in a firm voice that clearly stated that she was not to be argued with.

"Agatha.... Stop for a second." Richard spoke softly.


So Adelaide stood slowly staring at her mother and feeling.... She didn't know. Bewilderment for one thing but she felt quite strong feelings of dislike towards her mother. After all she hadn't been the one who wanted to send her child away and then send her to her bed. She walked to the door not taking her eyes of her mother and father. Richard was looking at Agatha and Agatha was looking at nothing. She fled up the stairs to her room and stayed there until she was called downstairs for dinner; she ate dinner, seen and not heard and then went back to her room. The next morning Adelaide said nothing about the day before and neither did Agatha or Richard. After a few days, which turned into weeks and then months Adelaide forgot, forgot everything.

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