Legolas, another quest.

Fangirling over Legolas and Lord of the rings resulted in my starting to write this during school...

Anyway it probably seems like a typical fangirl story ( girl meets character, falls in love, evil thing, near death then love/ marriage and happily ever after!) But I feel awesome writing this so....


3. In the company of an elf

"So... You were just sailing on, and then... Poof, your here?" I sat down in one of my chairs, luckily my parents had decided to go on that cruise. I do not thing bringing a lad home with long blonde hair would go down to well with them.

After my little episode of running, and him simply catching up easily ( I never was best at sprints) I had been made to listen. It would seem elves can do puppy eyes better than a puppy itself.

I handed him one of the two drinks I had just made, which he accepted but sniffed cautiously. "Its not poisoned you know!" I said after a moment of him looking at it in distaste. He nodded slowly, still not drinking any though. 

Sighing, I shook my head top clear it and took a large gulp of my own. Caro, a better option to those who can not stand Caffeine. 

"What is it? I do not recognize this drink..." Legolas, as he insisted was his name, did not take his eyes off the brown frothy liquid in our chipped Simpsons mug. It was my Dads, another reason why it was good he was not here. 

"It is called Caro, its very nice. Like Coffee... Only... Caffeine free I guess." At this he took his eyes off the mug, to look at me in confusion. Sighing again, I realized my error. "Never mind, its nice..." The small talk fizzled out then, and he carefully took a sip. Raising the mug tentatively to his lips, and not taking his eyes off me. Fighting back the desire to roll my eyes at his caution, I watched as well. After the sip, he took a large gulp and then another, draining the cup in just a few mouthfuls.

"That was great!" He gasped, inspecting the mug as though it was a new and fascinating study. "Do you have anymore?" Bemused, I handed him my own mug. When that was drained as well, I took them both out to the kitchen, and he followed me. "You must show me how you make that... It will be of a great advantage back home!" He begged.

"Hmmm, first your going to explain a bit more if you please." I said, as I led the way back into the living room. "I mean, Im still  not sure I even believe you..." He sighed now, falling into the chair he had previously occupied.  I imitated him, whilst also making sure my mobile was within grasp. I am not totally stupid.

"Well what do you  want to know?" He asked. 

"Everything... How did you get here? Why are you here? And-" 

"One at a time!" He snapped. I sat back in a huff, not liking being bossed around in my own house. Well... My parents, still...

"I do not know how I got here, or why I am here." He paused, turning to stare into the fire I had lit upon entering. "In answer to the question I am sure you were going to ask next, I do not know how long I am here for either." He said quietly, if you were not listening, you would of missed it. "You do not know what it is like... Your world is so strange, I do not understand any of what you say when you speak of it."

"So where are you staying?" I asked, equally quiet. He turned to face me again, a sarcastic expression on his face. 

"Well I made sure I had booked myself in the local inn before I came obviously." He said, which I felt quite wounded at, I was only trying to be nice... Until I saw he was grinning, clearly it was meant to be a joke. 

"Well... Your not staying in the house, I am not stupid. We have the garage as a guest room though..." I began. He frowned once more, this time with a look of confusion on his smooth features. Before he could even ask I said "A garage is a room you can stay in whilst your here." I explained, then a thought struck me. "If you like of course...?" I tacked on, trying to sound more like it was up to him. But im not really the sort of person that could turn anybody away if they needed a place to stay. Within reason of course...

"Hannad!" He said, a smirk in place. Raising an eyebrow I merely said:


You can not mess with a bookworm.


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