Legolas, another quest.

Fangirling over Legolas and Lord of the rings resulted in my starting to write this during school...

Anyway it probably seems like a typical fangirl story ( girl meets character, falls in love, evil thing, near death then love/ marriage and happily ever after!) But I feel awesome writing this so....


5. Haircut

"Thank you so much for coming!" I said breathlessly when I opened the door to reveal my friend Nayr standing there, he shrugged and handed me the bag, I could see some jeans and a hat peeking out from the top, he had brought the clothes I asked for. 

"Sounded like it was not to be missed..." He said stepping inside and closing the door behind him. "I brought some old clothes, you didn't really say what kind... But I figured can't go wrong with jeans anyway." 

"Thanks, you're a big help." I told him, leading him through to the kitchen where I had left Legolas eating dinner. 

"So... What is wrong?" He asks following me through, I paused before opening the door.

"Do you remember I was meeting up with my sister the other night?" I decided to start by going slow and explaining.  He nodded, whilst also looking confused. 

"How is she by the way?" I shrugged, shaking my head and sighing at the same time, hand resting on the door handle to the kitchen. 

"I don't know... I never saw her, she rung to cancel, new guy." I say, and he rolls his eyes in answer, leaning against the wall. "Yeah, exactly. Anyway, I set off for home, it wasn't too dark yet you see  and-"

"You shouldn't walk home alone in the dark." He interrupted, and I sighed again, this time with irritation.

"As I was saying, I decided to take a short cut through the alley-" But I was cut off again.

"Because that was an incredibly smart thing to do..." Nayr muttered.

"Can I finish?" 


Sighing again, I told him about Legolas and how he had ended up staying here and was now in the kitchen finishing his meal. When I finished he just stared at me for a minute, as though I had sprouted a second head or something like that. 

"I know it sounds crazy... But it is true, he is just through here!" I say, opening the door quickly upon seeing him open his mouth with the "Concerned friend/ parent look" that people give you when you tell them the pigs are flying above the town hall or something equally as unrealistic. 

He peers through, and at that moment Legolas looks up to see who it is.

"I thought you said we weren't telling anybody about me?" He said upon spotting Nayr. I nodded towards him, pushing Nayr in through the door ahead of me, and then stepped inside the light room myself.

"Were not, but we can trust Nayr, he knows you too... So to speak." I explained, moving over to make us all a drink. 

"Oh, is he one of those... Fangirls you told me about?" Legolas asks interestedly, watching Nayr carefully as he stood there dumbstruck, until he heard the word "Fangirl" at which point he blinks and snorts.

"Not exactly..." I say grinning despite the situation, while Nayr mutters something about him being just as irritating in real life. "But he is my friend, and he is going to help you." At this point both of their hands snapped  to look at me. 

"Am I?" Nayr demanded, taking a step back as he spoke.

"Yes you are," I reply forcefully, "I seem to recall you always wanted to cut his hair..." Suddenly a wicked grin spread across his face and he nodded quickly. 

"With pleasure." He said, rubbing his hands together.






*Sorry about the delay, I am now working on my stories again and will hopefully complete them now. I suffered from writers block quite a bit recently you see. Anyway, this story is a bit of a joke thing I am writing really, and this chapter was more of a request... Well the haircut part anyway.. :)

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