Legolas, another quest.

Fangirling over Legolas and Lord of the rings resulted in my starting to write this during school...

Anyway it probably seems like a typical fangirl story ( girl meets character, falls in love, evil thing, near death then love/ marriage and happily ever after!) But I feel awesome writing this so....


4. Blending in.

The next morning I awoke early, but did not get up immediately. Instead, I rolled over onto my stomach, clutching one of my pillows tightly, hugging it to my stomach. The alarm clock beside my bed read half seven. I always woke up around now, everything seemed normal. Nothing out of the ordinary... The birds outside sung as usual, the sun had risen and as usual it was not too bright. 

Maybe last night had not happened after all... Maybe it had all just been... A dream? My mind playing tricks on her, an over-active imagination combined with being a major bookworm taken its toll. 

Yeah, that would be it, after all... Was I really going to kid myself that Legolas had turned up and spent the night in my garage? That just did not happen, even if he was real!

"I need a brew." I muttered, clambering up out of bed. I did not bother with dressing gown or slippers, they just get in the way. I was modest anyway. There was no noise in the house as I padded along the landing, creeping down the stairs, before I mentally kicked myself. 

"Its only you here stupid!"  I muttered, as I reached the kitchen. 

The kettle seemed to take ages to boil, and even then was not the right temperature (I blame Dad for that, his hatred of new technology prevented us getting a better one.) still, it was wet and warm. Two of the most important  factors for me. 

I took a large gulp from it, enjoying the warmth (however little) it sent down my throat. 

"So that's how you make them!" Said a voice, I jumped up from the kitchen seat I had been about to sit on, spraying a mouthful of my drink all over my top. 

"What are you doing here?" I gasped, my raw throat causing what would of been an angry voice to sound like I was out of breath. He raised an eyebrow, one that in my opinion looked like he had them done professionally, and said. 

"I believe you asked me to stay in your garage." So it was real then. I pressed a hand to my face, pulling my eye down with it, a bad habit that came through when I felt stressed or tired. Shaking my head, I turned to go to my room again. 

"Stay here, I wont be long." 

He nodded, craning his neck to see where I was going. Deliberately, I slammed my door shut. Hoping even elves can get that. 

Dressing in double quick time, I never really cared much for clothes, I washed my face quickly then brushed my teeth before raking a comb through the tangle that was my morning hair. Finally, when I looked presentable even for my standards, I sat down on the edge of my bed. I needed to do research... I had to find out what this was all about. To try and figure this out. It was about all as crazy as one of my fan fictions... Worse to be honest...

I needed to get to a library or something... I could not exactly take him with me into town though... Long blonde hair and pointy ears? His clothes? It would be a magnet for trouble. Middle aged women wanting a piece of Legolas, the elf who surfed on a shield, shot arrows and was probably a contribution to the large amount of women who signed up for archery a few years back. 

The hair had to go... So did the ears... And clothes... The hair was easy... So was the clothes... But what could we do about the ears? I suppose the hair could stay, but that was the main feature that people would recognize .. Ears could be mistaken for a major fan who took surgery, but add in hair and clothes... It might become a little unrealistic that he was just a fan...  A hat would have to do.

Reaching for my phone, I could not help but laugh slightly. Despite the situation we were in. 

This would be one long awaited moment... 

I scrolled down the screen until I came to the contact "Nayr", I pressed "call" and waited. I remembered a long ago conversation  we had, where he said Legolas needed a haircut. (After a brief argument about Legolas attractiveness.) He would not want to miss this... The only trouble would be convincing this was real. I was not sure I even truly believed it myself... 

He answered after a while, "Hello?"

Shaking my head before answering, I said " Hey, um... Can you come round. Your not going to want to miss this."

"Sure... But what exactly...?" He asked.  I paused, unsure what to say to that. I could not really just turn around and say Legolas stayed the night and I need you to bring some clothes, a hat and scissors. Okay?   

Could I?

"Well...Its, difficult to say... But... Erm..."  Maybe this was not such a good idea after all... "Erm. well you know how you always said next time I have one of those little gatherings with Frodo, Gollum, Dumbledore etc... To invite you... Well that is what this is..." I finally decided on.  The laughter down the phone made me realize how stupid I sounded. That was years ago, and everybody else had mature by now. It was the only thing I could think of though, that would not have him call a mental hospital on his way over.

"Right... Okay. Be over in a bit." 

"Thankyou!" I yelled, then cringed, toning my voice down a little bit once more, and said "Thankyou, can you bring some old clothes too? Maybe a hat?" 

"Right... You feeling alright today?" He asked " Not fallen over, ate something or I don't know... Something?" 

"No, Im fine... You will understand... Just trust me.... Please?" I practically begged, cursing myself internally for this whole stupid thing I had gotten myself into.

My sister for cancelling, her new boyfriend for making her cancel,myself for not taking a bus or car, Legolas for turning up, and my parents for ever letting me read Lord of the Rings! Although after some thought, I took the last one back.  Reading them was a highlight of my life. The reason I was even able to have an understanding, however limited, of what to do right now. However stupidly I had reacted and whatever I had chosen to do, also stupidly, I was here now. 

"Alright... Im coming." Nayr said, jerking me out of my thoughts. 

I returned to the kitchen, to find Legolas attempting to make himself a drink. Shaking my head, I explained it helped to plug the kettle in first.

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