Legolas, another quest.

Fangirling over Legolas and Lord of the rings resulted in my starting to write this during school...

Anyway it probably seems like a typical fangirl story ( girl meets character, falls in love, evil thing, near death then love/ marriage and happily ever after!) But I feel awesome writing this so....


1. Before...

After all had been defeated and the land restored to its former glory, most moved on. Found love, settled down or returned home to say the least. Some like Aragorn, took up the things they had for so long hidden from over he past few years. 

For a while, during the immediate aftermath of the final battle, people from all lands where united. Brought together through celebration, a short while after and normalcy crept back into their minds. (As unfortunately it always does.) Before anybody could even realize this was happening, people had returned home and to their lives. 

After all the trouble and great losses the battles had brought, this seemed to suit everybody. Almost. Some could not handle it, and decided that now was the time to move on. To see what next great adventure lay ahead if you will. Frodo had chosen to, with several others also. 

But things have a habit of turning out very different to how we want or expect. 

To this day, nobody is exactly sure of why it happened, even Legolas himself is not sure. Time is a very delicate thing, not o be messed around with. Especially when it involves different worlds, Universes even. The laws surrounding it are so deep and complicated, that even the most learned of men, or ones that have been around for what seems forever. 

One thing we can be sure of though...Something went seemingly wrong, but turned out to be actually right. 


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