Legolas, another quest.

Fangirling over Legolas and Lord of the rings resulted in my starting to write this during school...

Anyway it probably seems like a typical fangirl story ( girl meets character, falls in love, evil thing, near death then love/ marriage and happily ever after!) But I feel awesome writing this so....


2. A different world.

"So, if I get there at about five?" I asked my sister over the phone. Privately I was rather annoyed at her delaying our dinner together, but apparently this guy had asked her to lunch, and of course you just cant say no... I kept my thoughts to myself though, our family was divided enough already without me and my sister squabbling about postponing a lunch date. Besides, it would be good for her, with the recent big argument with our family, it was what she needed. I just hoped he was good enough for her. 

"Im going to go now Dylan," I presumed this was the name of the guy, "Is here now, were going to that new restaurant in town... J' adore...? Im not sure... Something French anyway! Definatley a J in it somewhere..." 

Shaking my head at my sisters excitable fashion, must be somebody special. I thought to myself grimly. After she went off the phone, I decided I might as well head home myself if there was no point in waiting any longer. I signaled to the waitress I was leaving, and she hurried over with my bill. 

Drawing my coat more securely around myself, I walked out the swinging doors, in the usual plain colors all public places have, and outside. The cold wintry air was starting to really appear now, as we were in the back end of November. As a very stubborn person, I refused to walk if my destination was in a ten minute radius, whatever the weather. Today's freezing wind and icy roads would do nothing to stop this. 

I walked back home quietly, which was to be expected given I was walking alone, to cut the time down on my journey (as I really was feeling the cold today) I took a short cut through an alleyway.It was not something I usually condoned, as you never know who was lurking around in dark alleys, but I figured that even the most evil and sadistic killer would not like the cold right? Also it was not yet dark, and all my crime novels took place at night.

I rounded the corner, and prepared to carry on to my street, the end of which was no in sight. When a hand grabbed me from behind. Needless to say I let out a scream, trying to wriggle free of whoever it was. They released me at once, retreating into the shadow once more. 

"I apologize!" Said the figure, I could not tell by looking if it was male or female. The voice had a more melodic ring to it, but still a masculine sound beneath the surface. "I did not mean to startle, but I seek help..." The voice sounded familiar .. Not like it was somebody I knew very well, just like it was a voice I had heard before. 

"Who are you?" I asked cautiously backing away, trying to appear to not be, but still be leaving. I had no desire to remain behind with this mystery person who may, or may not be an escaped serial killer. 

"My name is Legolas-" He began, stepping nearer towards me. The nearest street lamp threw his face into greater relief. I saw long hair, longer than mine own, reaching to past his shoulders, and blue eyes. I paused, he looked familiar as well. My mind vaguely registered he had said "Legolas" The name rang a bell... Legolas... Lego-... LEGOLAS! The lord of the rings! Of course, the elf who was part of the fellowship and very skilled with a bow and arrow. 

Shaking my head I sighed, turning away. 

"Look, whoever paid you for this joke... Lord of the rings is not even one of my favorites " I supposed this was all some joke on my behalf. One of my fellow Students,going one step further to annoy me and humiliate me. My love of books made me an easy target, as I was an oddity in this world, the others lived for their accessories or in the boys case... their games or whatever they do in their free time, whereas I preferred finding a new book (Hopefully at a bargain price) to read. They had often pulled tricks like this in the past, sending me letters from  "Hogwarts" or telling me the wardrobe in the bathroom lead to Narnia. They had got it wrong this time though. Sure, I had read lord of the rings, watched them and everything... But, they were in no way my favorite. I would not even go as far as to say I even liked them a lot. It was just something I read so I could say I had braved Tolkien. Maybe Molly (It tended to stem from her) was losing her touch in this area. Normally she was dead on with how to annoy or upset me.

"What do you? My name is Legolas-" But I did not hear the rest. I had ran away. He had stepped a little closer, revealing more of himself...

Including a pair of pointy ears.  

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