Who Do You Think You Are? - M Factor Competition Entry

This is my entry for the 'M Factor' competition. I'm just going to start it and see if it works, I hope you enjoy it :D

Zinnia is 1/4 of girl rock band Violet Vanity.
This year, in their last shot of fame, they have decided to enter the biggest talent show on Earth - The X Factor. However, little do her bandmates know, Zinnia is only 14, underage for entering the show... and she hates the music she sings and knows so well. After a slutty and confusing performance, Violet Vanity are through to bootcamp... but what happens thereafter will be a rollercoaster ride of stress and anxiety, and as the truth begins to unfold, everyone begins to learn that 'Star', Zinnia's cover name, is not all she turns out to be...

WARNING~ Mild language that is starred like so ***. I'm sorry, I only use it when it seems right. Also the views expressed in this about the contestants are just so they fit in with the story and not necessarily my own :)
Thankyou for reading!<3


7. 7) Bad Memories

My whole body is shaking with nerves as I knock on Kye's door. I don't know how to act, what to say, but then I remember how easy it was back in the Nurse's Ward and attempt to calm myself. He likes you, Zinnia. Otherwise he wouldn't have invited you here, would he? I wipe my sweaty palms on my dress and set up my best camera-ready smile for when he finally emerges. 

He's wearing a light blue denim jacket, rolled up at the sleeves, and a low cut white t-shirt that shows off a bit of his muscular torso underneath. As my eyes flicker down I can see he's got some expensive white Converse and dark jeans. And eventually, I stare into his smouldering, greeny-brown eyes and melt away - even if Kye Sones was dog ugly, I would still be here just for those eyes. 

We stand there for a minute and I notice that he's just staring at me, taking me in, realising how different I look when I'm not in sick-stained pyjamas and my makeup isn't halfway down my face. A small, very irritating voice in my head reminds me that he just happens to be 15 years older than me and there is no way anything could ever happen and why don't I just fancy guys my own age before he finally speaks. 

"Uh.. wow...Zinnia, you, er..." 

I find myself giggling like a schoolgirl as he runs a hand through his hair. 

"What? Did you expect me to turn up in my pyjamas?" I smirk. He pulls a face at me before saying,

"I wouldn't have minded." 

This makes me blush so vigorously that I turn the colour of my dress. I raise my eyebrows at him as if to say, 'oh really?' but he just laughs at me, punching me lightly on the arm. 

"Come in, you." 

He holds the door for me as I sidle past, stepping into his room which is exactly the same as mine - although he's on his own. 

"Do you get lonely?" I blurt out without thinking. 

"Yeah. I guess. But I've kind of been lonely most of my life so, it's no different to usual." His voice is sad and lost, his look slightly hurt, and all of a sudden I just want to give him a hug, but I'm glued to the spot, just staring, useless. "Don't worry about me, anyway," He continues, "How about you sharing a room with three girls you don't particularly like?" 

We sit down on his bed, facing each other. I sigh. 

"It's okay. I grit my teeth and get on with it. I sometimes wish I had a true friend to talk to through all this, though." 

"What about your friends at home?" 

Just that one question, and my chest begins to hurt quite a lot and I feel panicky. Friends... I did have friends... before... 


My skin begins to feel more bruised and battered than usual and I can feel my chest rising up and down, up and down, my breathing not quite steady. I close my eyes and try to swallow to remove the tight feeling but it just won't go away.

"Zin, do you need to go to the nurse?!"

Zin. That's what they all called me... the pain gets more intense and I clutch my sides, trying to breathe normally, desperately struggling for oxygen. Kye can see how much pain I'm in and tries to sit me up straight, asking if I have an inhaler, if I'm having an asthma attack. I just shake my head and try to force myself to concentrate on his face, on his eyes, his beautiful eyes that are willing me to be okay. Finally, my breathing goes back to normal and I collapse on to the bed, exhausted. 

"Zinnia, something's not right, I need to get you to the nurse, now!" He tries to pull me up but I resist. 

"No.. .please... Kye..." At my pleading tone he stops trying to get me to stand and looks at me. "I... I've had this happen before... I'm fine.. it's all in my head..." 

He lets out a long, lingering breath and comes to sit beside me again. His face is filled with concern.

"How many more secrets?" He whispers.  

I bow my head in shame, refusing to count them in my head. 

"Too many." I reply quietly. 

Kye looks at me for a long time from under his fringe, his eyebrows furrowed, his lips parted. His hand moves to take mine, gently. 

"We're friends, Zin. I know you may not think you can trust me, but you can, and whatever you want to tell me I'll take to my grave. I'm here for you. So you don't have to say anything, but if you want to talk to me, then I'm here, okay?" 

I squeeze his hand.

"Soon." I murmur, "But not now. We've got a party, remember?" 

He grins. 

"Haha, yeah. Are you sure you're okay to still go?" 

I stick my tongue out at him. 

"You're making me feel like I'm an old lady! I'm fine!" 

We stand up together and he holds out his arm for me to take. 

"Then, Cinderella, you will go to the ball!" 

We're barely out the door before I have to punch him playfully on the arm again.





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