Who Do You Think You Are? - M Factor Competition Entry

This is my entry for the 'M Factor' competition. I'm just going to start it and see if it works, I hope you enjoy it :D

Zinnia is 1/4 of girl rock band Violet Vanity.
This year, in their last shot of fame, they have decided to enter the biggest talent show on Earth - The X Factor. However, little do her bandmates know, Zinnia is only 14, underage for entering the show... and she hates the music she sings and knows so well. After a slutty and confusing performance, Violet Vanity are through to bootcamp... but what happens thereafter will be a rollercoaster ride of stress and anxiety, and as the truth begins to unfold, everyone begins to learn that 'Star', Zinnia's cover name, is not all she turns out to be...

WARNING~ Mild language that is starred like so ***. I'm sorry, I only use it when it seems right. Also the views expressed in this about the contestants are just so they fit in with the story and not necessarily my own :)
Thankyou for reading!<3


4. 4) The Guy With The Browny-Green Eyes

I spun around hurriedly, embarrassed. It was him. The mysterious guy. And yes, he was probably about late twenties, maybe thirty, but he was pretty fit. His hair was the same colour as mine, swept over to one side, falling across one browny-green eye. One of his ears was pierced, but not in a gross way, it was kind of hot, and he wore in it a simple black circle. He had cute stubble and a faint moustache, not like Mario-style or the kind you see on t-shirts at the moment, but a sexy kind. He wore quite a loose t-shirt but I could see beneath it some serious muscles. And he had this half-smile which was really, really attractive. I tried to banish the fact that he was technically old enough to be my Dad and enjoyed staring. It was only when he raised one eyebrow that I snapped back to reality. 

"Um.. aha, probably not." I blushed vigorously at the fact that a hot guy was seeing me in my pyjamas. How embarrassing. 

"How are you?" He asked, kind of awkwardly, as I stood up. I suppose it was hard for him. He had no idea who I was and yet he had probably saved me from bleeding to death on the pavement. 

"I'm.. okay. The nurse just said it's severe concussion..." I looked up into his eyes and locked there for a second. A smirk played across his lips as he realised what I was about to say, "But I suppose I ought to thank my knight in shining armour for possibly saving my life." 

He gave me a smile, a true genuine smile, with a hint of pride in it. 

"It was no problem. I couldn't just let a pretty girl get beaten to death on the pavement now, could I?" 

I blushed again at the mention of me being 'pretty'. 

"I...I guess not." My voice was barely audible, "Seriously though, how can I repay you?"

He stared at me long and hard for a few seconds, his hands in his jeans pockets, his eyes flickering over my features. Taking me in. Sizing me up. And instead of answering my question, he just asked me one back. 

"Your name's Star, isn't it?" 

How on Earth did he know my name?! Out of all the contestants that were shown on television, he remembered me. Not Alex, not Cadey. But me. 

"Yeah. And you are...?" 

"Oh, sorry. I'm Kye." He held out his hand for me to shake, which seemed way too formal, but I shook it anyway. Kye. I knew I would remember that name. Come to think of it, I remember his audition vaguely... oh my god! Of course I remember! He sang my two of my favourite songs, Save The World mashed up with RIP. And he was incredible, he got a standing ovation. Damn. 

"You were...amazing!" I blurt out. He laughs, a soft, gentle laugh. 

"Thankyou, not as good as you though!" He then leans in to my ear to stage whisper, "Much better than the other girls in your group anyway. Miles better." I giggle. 

"Don't worry, I won't tell them!" I cheekily wink as if it's our little secret. He shoots me a grin back. We stand there grinning at each other for a while, and all of a sudden I just want him to stay. "Come and sit down," I say, gesturing to the side of my bed, "Oh, mind the sick patch. Sorry about that." 

He plonks himself down and places his hands in his lap, looking at me with concern. 

"Are you seriously okay?" 

I punch him on the arm playfully like we've known each other for ages. It just feels right. 

"Stop worrying about me! Yes I am seriously okay!" 

"Seriously?" He asks, cheekily. 


"Are you seriously serious?" 

"I am seriously seriously serious." 

We both burst out laughing at the silliest thing, but at that minute I'm happy. I like Kye. I like him a lot. I tilt my head to one side and analyse him. He smirks at me. 

"What is it? Why are you staring at me?" He chuckles. 

"I don't know." I admit, "You seem familiar."

"I do?" 

"Yeah. You do." 

Quickly, he whips out his phone and punches something in to YouTube. I'm confused, until he hits play and I recognise a song that brings me back to my early secondary school days. A shiver runs down my spine. 

"Diagram Of The Heart... you were in Diagram Of The Heart! You were the lead singer! I used to listen to 'If I Were You' like, all day every day! I loved it!" 

"Seriously?!" He asks, and then realising what he's said bursts out laughing. I join in. 

"All my friends loved your band as well, but I was the only one that actually listened to it all the time. They all really fancied you!" 

He blushes, stopping the song and slipping his phone back into his pocket. 


I look down at the floor, realising what he's suggesting. 

"Okay, okay, maybe I did as well." I admit, but we both laugh it off to remove the awkwardness. His eyes turn vacant for a while. 

"Yeah, well. We got dropped by our label after that song, and then I went back to being a chimney sweep with my brother back in Middlesex. Every day I would practice the songs that I wrote, but I never got anywhere. This is kind of my last shot. But you like rock music, don't you?" 

Before I can stop myself, I'm spluttering out details about stuff I meant to keep to myself. 

"I hate rock music, I just feel safer with a band, and they were the only ones I could find in my area that would take me on - I hate them all, I just sit there with my guitar in my bedroom and write ballads but no-one wants to hear them, and I'm just getting nowhere and it's all I'm good at and I just..." 

And now I'm crying again, and my head is on Kye's shoulder, and he's stroking my hair and speaking soothingly to me. I feel so embarrassed but at the same time it's quite nice just resting my head on him and letting him calm me. 

"It's okay, Star. It's okay. I'm exactly the same, you know that? And all I want to do sometimes is cry. But we have to be strong. Your voice is incredible. You'll get somewhere, and I know it. Now show me a smile, hey?" 

I look up to him and smile, but it lasts for seconds before it collapses again. 

"Kye, there's something else. But you can't tell anyone. Do you promise?" 

"I promise."

I take in a big gulp of air. 

"My name isn't Star. It's Zinnia. You mustn't tell anyone because not even the people in my band know. But I'd rather you called me Zinnia, just, when no-one else is around. You're the only one I can really trust here." 

God knows why I'm putting my trust in someone that I've known for five minutes, but there's something about his eyes and his smile and how protective his arms are, that makes me want to know him better. And trust him. He picks up a tissue and dabs my eyes with it. I think of how my mascara must be streaked down my face and how stupid I must look. But at that minute, I don't care. 

"Zinnia it is, then." He murmurs, "And you're going to have to sing your songs you've written to me sometime. And you can hear my crap ones." 

I laugh. 

"I'm sure they're not crap, Kye. Going by your audition, they're probably amazing." 

He puts his hand under my chin so that I'm facing him. 

"Smile." He whispers. 

And when I do smile, it is the most genuine one I have ever done. 



~Author's Note~ 

Just for the record, I love Kye;)
Haha, so I loved writing this chapter! Let me know what you think about Zinnia and Kye's relationship - are they going to be like siblings or is there something more? Oooh:p I'll try and update soon! xoxo 




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