Who Do You Think You Are? - M Factor Competition Entry

This is my entry for the 'M Factor' competition. I'm just going to start it and see if it works, I hope you enjoy it :D

Zinnia is 1/4 of girl rock band Violet Vanity.
This year, in their last shot of fame, they have decided to enter the biggest talent show on Earth - The X Factor. However, little do her bandmates know, Zinnia is only 14, underage for entering the show... and she hates the music she sings and knows so well. After a slutty and confusing performance, Violet Vanity are through to bootcamp... but what happens thereafter will be a rollercoaster ride of stress and anxiety, and as the truth begins to unfold, everyone begins to learn that 'Star', Zinnia's cover name, is not all she turns out to be...

WARNING~ Mild language that is starred like so ***. I'm sorry, I only use it when it seems right. Also the views expressed in this about the contestants are just so they fit in with the story and not necessarily my own :)
Thankyou for reading!<3


2. 2) Liverpool

I wheeled my suitcase over the lumps and bumps on the paved road, cursing as it kept tipping over. My heels, violet of course, clacked along furiously, adding inches to my height and improving my '16 year old' look. My heart sank as I realised that soon someone would find out, be it back home or even here, that I was too young and 'fragile' to be going through this experience. But they didn't know how strong I was. I'd been through a lot - in comparison, this was like riding a bike. 

My phone buzzed insistently in the pocket of my jeans as yet another text from Alex came through. I stopped for a minute and propped my suitcase up against a nearby wall. The sun was high in the sky now, and as I was trying to navigate my way to the hotel in Liverpool, I was working up quite a sweat... and that wasn't just because of the weather. I shielded my eyes to read the message. 

You get ur ass down here right now. Can't actually believe ur l8! Ur the only person & ur making us look bad! HURRY THE HELL UP. 

There were several more, but I really didn't care. Early wasn't my style. I threw by head back and felt the warmth spreading through my cheeks, closing my eyes shut to appreciate the sunlight. After all, in the UK it was rare, and I was one to appreciate the rare little things in life. 

People walked past, minding their own business, talking in their funny Liverpudlian accents. Two girls, about my age (my real age - 14 - although they were wearing clothes about us slutty as a 17 year old) were talking so loudly that I just couldn't help but eavesdrop. I think the whole street probably heard. 

"So ay said ter 'im, 'no, am break'n up wi' yous!" 

"Juss' ignore 'im Liv, 'e doesn't deserve yous!" 

I seem to have laughed a bit too loudly because they turned and glared at me, eyeing me from head to toe. I smirked back. I couldn't help it! The way they spoke was just hilarious. 

"Wa'ay yous lewk'n at?!" The girl called 'Liv' sneered. 

"Sorry," I sniggered, "Do you mean, 'what are you looking at?'. I just didn't quite understand you there." I put on my best posh Londoner accent, just to wind her up. 

"Oi! Ay yous mak'n fun o me accent?! 'Eh? 'Eh?!" She advanced towards me, pointing a scruffily painted fingernail at me. I was a lot taller than her, and felt a lot more superior too because of my older 'edge' on her, but she still scared me somewhat. I could smell smoke on her breath and realised I had probably underestimated her just a little bit. 

"I didn't mean to be rude." I muttered, backing off. 

"Oh, yous didn't mean ter? You're a stuck-up London twat, ye ner dat?!" Pipes in the other one. 

"Yeah, wa' yous do'n so far from 'ome, ya posh bitch?!" Liv pushes me, poking me. I push her back, angry. How dare she?! 

"Alright, for starters, I'm not even from London, so if you'll excuse me, I've somewhere I need to be right now." I tried to barge through them but their thick, broad shoulders blocked my way...and there was nothing I could do before the first punch arrived at my face, and I collapsed onto the floor. Every kick was another shot of pain down my ribs. I tried to cry out for help but people just continued to walk on by, some muttering about 'teenagers these days'. With another blow, my head bounced back and hit the hard concrete wall - almost immediately I felt my bloodstream surging out of the new exit. Everything happened so fast, that I didn't even notice the cockney London accent shouting at the girls to leave me alone, the strong arms that picked me up and carried me out of the carnage, and the soft browny-green eyes that were blinking at me before I blacked out. 


~Author's Note~

Okay guys, so i was pretty excited about this chapter, mainly because it shows Zinnia's bodily weaknesses... why is she so weak? And also, this mysterious man comes into it at the end... who is he? Why did he save her? Read on and comment! xoxox

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