Who Do You Think You Are? - M Factor Competition Entry

This is my entry for the 'M Factor' competition. I'm just going to start it and see if it works, I hope you enjoy it :D

Zinnia is 1/4 of girl rock band Violet Vanity.
This year, in their last shot of fame, they have decided to enter the biggest talent show on Earth - The X Factor. However, little do her bandmates know, Zinnia is only 14, underage for entering the show... and she hates the music she sings and knows so well. After a slutty and confusing performance, Violet Vanity are through to bootcamp... but what happens thereafter will be a rollercoaster ride of stress and anxiety, and as the truth begins to unfold, everyone begins to learn that 'Star', Zinnia's cover name, is not all she turns out to be...

WARNING~ Mild language that is starred like so ***. I'm sorry, I only use it when it seems right. Also the views expressed in this about the contestants are just so they fit in with the story and not necessarily my own :)
Thankyou for reading!<3


1. 1) The Audition

"So, what are your names and ages then, girls?"

My stomach triple-somersaulted. I flitted my eyes nervously around the 02 arena, my breathing erratic, my hands shuddering with pure fear. I knew that every other person that stood on this stage felt exactly the same, but I had other reasons to be feeling so. Reasons I would know better to hide. My vision moved from Louis, to Tulisa, to Nicole, to Gary - they were...real. Real people. Real people that were about to believe I was someone I wasn't. I was about to fool this crowd as well - and even my bandmates. I felt black stars seeping into my line of sight, and tried to fully concentrate in order to banish them.

"I'm Alex, I'm 17."

Alex, lead singer, confident, self-assured, feisty, spoke first. I could see how plastered-on her smile was, how fabricated her laughter came. She was a pro at this, for certain.

"I'm Cadey, I'm 16." 

Cadey, who followed Alex around everywhere, let her shrill, affected voice ring out next. She was just a double of Alex - simply aspiring to be just like her. 

"I'm Nina, I'm 17." 

And finally Nina. Rebellious, disobedient, unafraid Nina. She and Alex seemed to argue every single day over something, and normally, although I wouldn't dare speak my thoughts, Nina was usually right. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts that it was far too many seconds later before I managed to splutter, "I...I'm Star. I'm f...seventeen."

Oh shit. The first time I speak I can't even lie properly. Luckily, the judges don't seem to notice, although even without looking I can feel Alex's eyes burning into my skull, almost saying 'don't mess this up, new girl.' 

"Star, that's an interesting name." Said a smiling Tulisa. I blush. I suppose I could've gone in to the meaning behind it, but saying I was named after twinkling lights in the night sky really didn't seem to fit in with our band's 'vibe'. So I just thanked her shyly. 

"So girls, how did ya all meet?" Louis asks in his Irish lilt. Of course, Alex answers. 

"Well me and Cadey were a double act for a while, which wasn't going so well, so we tried to look for some new members. Nina joined about a year ago and Star's been with us about, two months."

The four faces below me seem to look shocked at how little time I've been in the band. Gary speaks up next. For some reason, all I can think of is how Mum would have been happy about this. 

"Two months? How have you found having two months to rehearse, Star, has it been, er, difficult?"

I let a smug smile play on my lips. Two months? Easy. 

"No, I've fit in just fine." 

For a minute, Gary locks eyes with me, and he seems to be searching for something - something deeper, searching for my secret; because he knows I have one. I tear away quickly, blushing hard. I find Nicole also staring at me. 

"What's the name of the band, girrrls, and what are you going to sing for us today?" She drawls. 

"We're Violet Vanity, and we're going to sing our own version of Rock Star by Nickleback." Nina steals the all-important line before Alex can get there. I sustain a laugh. 

Gary, Tulisa, Nicole and Louis exchange surprised looks, before Tulisa goes, "Good luck. Whenever you're ready." 

There are four metronome ticks to count us in - or Alex in, as she always has the start the song first, of course. Before I know it, we're starting.

"I'm through with standing in line to clubs I'll never get in, it's like the bottom of a ninth and I'm never gonna win this, life hasn't turned out quite the way I wanted to be." Alex is a little over-confident, a little too powerful. I can almost see the wincing on some people's faces.

"I want a brand new house on an episode of Cribs, and a bathroom I can play baseball in, and a king-size tub big enough for ten plus me." Cadey copies Alex's exact drawling, over-powerful tone. You can see it's not going well, from the crowd's reaction. Until Nina comes in with her perfect rock voice.

"I need a, a credit card that's got no limit, and a big black jet with a bedroom in it, gonna join the mile high club at 37,000 feet." The crowd gets a little more comfortable with Nina's voice. I don't blame them - Nina belongs in a proper rock band, not a silly little one like ours. Or should I say, Alex's. I take a deep breath in - it's my turn.

"I want a new tour bus full of old guitars, my own star on Hollywood Boulevard, somewhere between Cher and James Dean is fine for me.." Nina suddenly comes in to harmonise with me,"I'm gonna change this life for fortune and fame, I'll even cut my hair and change my name!" She gives me a grin and I chuck one back. We sound good, Really good. Damn awesome if it wasn't for Cadey and Alex. We all come in for the chorus and I watch Cadey and Alex walk down the steps towards the judging panel... wait, this wasn't planned! I see Cadey go towards Louis - she clearly pulled the short straw - and Alex head for Gary. Me and Nina are left, a little confused, on stage. Immediately, I realise that they're going to make complete fools of themselves. 

"Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars, and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars," Cadey and Alex step up onto the judges table, knocking paper flying, Cadey in front of Louis and Alex in front of Gary, "The boys come easy and the drugs come cheap, we'll all stay skinny cause we just won't eat," they start doing some kind of rehearsed, slutty dance in front of the two male judges, who, to my disgust, both look pretty impressed,"And we'll hang out in the coolest bars, with the VIP's and the movie stars, every good gold digga's gonna wind up there, every Playboy bunny with the bleach blonde hair," All of a sudden, they both slip down so that they're sitting on the table, their legs either side of each judge's neck, and start moving to the music in front of them, like some kind of strip dance. Me and Nina just stare at each other while singing the words in confusion. We're going to be seen as sluts! Tulisa's laughing and Nicole are laughing their heads off. But we continue all the same, "hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar" Cadey and Alex shuffle closer to their men, and lean towards their faces to sing, so that they're almost touching. The girls eyes flicker seductively over the men's bodies, and they sing so much like tarts that I begin to feel uncomfortable "hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar." Finally, thank God, Nicole signals for the song to end, and our two other band members flick their legs up, spin around, jump off the table and walk back towards us. 

"What was that?!" I hear Nina hiss to Alex. Alex smirks. 

"Taking advantage." 

I take a look over the judges' faces. Louis looks right pleased with himself, as does Gary - which is surprising, as he's never usually impressed with people acting like whores. Tulisa's clapping and laughing and Nicole is looking back at the crowd to see their reaction. The audience is ecstatic! Surely what Cadey and Alex did was completely immoral, completely wrong?! I stand awkwardly and wait for the buzz to die down. 

"Well," Tulisa starts, "Girls! Haha, what can I say?!" 

The crowd roars again.

"You were sexy, you were raw, you were just what a girl rock band should be. Your voices blend perfectly together, and well - let's just say old Lou Lou hasn't smiled this much for ages!" 

I hear Cadey and Alex giggle, as me and Nina just say thankyou quietly. 


"It was fun, it was sexy, I must say I really enjoyed it. You're very good dancers as well, you've got the whole package." 

Cadey shoots a wink at Louis, and the crowd reacts immediately, laughing. 


"The funniest performance we've seen yet, you girls are fricking hot! Just tighten up your vocals up there a little and you'll be perfect!" 

Alex frowns a little at the slight constructive criticism, but regains her grin when the word 'perfect' crosses the threshold. 


"All I can say is my wife isn't going to be happy! Haha, Violet Vanity, you are going to go far in this competition. Your vocals were just great, the perfect tone for rock singers, and you really do look like rockstars. You've got girl power to a T. Congratulations." 

He sends a wink to Alex which she cheekily returns. Before I know it, I'm caught up in a group hug - but although it may look nice and sweet from the outside, Alex is simply whispering, 'Don't muck this up! This is the moment! Look hot and act cool!'

We break away, false smiles painted on our faces. In a matter of seconds, we have four "yes" 's, and we're running off the stage in happiness. Or, everyone except me. Dermot is there to greet us as we bound down the steps. 

"You're through to boot camp!" He exclaims, giving us all hugs. I act over-the-moon and elated, but underneath, I feel scared and small. 

After all, I'm not some slutty, 17 year old rock singer called Star. 

My name is Zinnia. And I'm 14. 


~Author's Note~

Thankyou all so much for reading! Let me know all your thoughts and what you think will happen next. I'm just playing about with this story and seeing where it goes, because I like entering competitions :D Love M xox




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