How do I pick?

This story is about Julia Smith. Julia works at Starbucks, which Harry Styles goes to very often. He goes almost everyday just to see Julia. Harry is starting to get feelings for Julia and they start to talk. But Julia meets the rest of the boys...and there is one she wants...but it might not be Harry


4. Zayn..?

The boy was sitting on his bed. His face was in his hands. "Are you ok?" I whispered. His head shot up. He wiped his tears away quickly, and nodded. This boy had a black quiff and beautiful brown eyes. He was cute! But his face was really red..and wet. I sat next to him on his bed, and asked "can you tell me what's wrong?" He took a couple of seconds to reply, then he finally said "well, I just found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me..." He mumbled and held in his tears. I looked at him, and said "I'm sorry, I hope you feel better. Maybe she wasn't all worth it." I tried to make him feel better. It kinda worked. "I really loved her, she was always on my mind." Zayn said calmly. "Aw. Wait what's your name?" I asked. Harry never introduced me to this guy. Since he was up here...crying. "Zayn." He said. "I'm Julia, one of Harry's friends." I answered. He looked at me, and stared into my eyes. Then he realized he was staring at me for awhile. He looked away then said "Harry has a beautiful friend." I blushed. Zayn was really sweet, I don't know why his ex would cheat on him. Zayn and I talked a little more, than Harry started to call for me. "Julia! Are you ok?" He screamed from downstairs. I got up and shouted back "yes, hold on!" I could see a little bit of sadness in Zayn's eyes that I was going to leave him. "I wish you luck with your relationship Zayn." I said to him and have him a quick hug. He probably needed the hug. He waved as l left the room. I went downstairs and the boys all stared at me. Then Louis asked, "what took you so long?" I looked at Louis, and said "I found Zayn. Upstairs, he just found out that his girlfriend cheated on him." After I said that, all the boys eyes grew big and they ran upstairs. I guess they didnt know. Harry came back downstairs realizing that I didn't follow them. "What's wrong?" I acted like nothing was wrong and said, "nothing. I'm just tired." He grabbed his keys and said "want me to bring you home?" I nodded and got in the car. He drove me home and walked me up my front steps. He took my hands and smiled. We were face to face and he kissed me. Harry let go. "Text me later, maybe I'll visit you at work tomorrow." Harry said and winked. He waved and hoped in his car. I waved back and walked inside. There was actually something wrong, I wasn't cuz I was tired. I felt something when I was with Zayn. Something special..
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