How do I pick?

This story is about Julia Smith. Julia works at Starbucks, which Harry Styles goes to very often. He goes almost everyday just to see Julia. Harry is starting to get feelings for Julia and they start to talk. But Julia meets the rest of the boys...and there is one she wants...but it might not be Harry


1. Work

Julia's P.O.V
I have work today. It's not anything I look forward too. My name is Julia Smith and I'm 18 years old and just graduated from High school. I have blue eyes, and brown hair. I have a job at Starbucks which isn't exciting...

~At work~
I was working at the register when this brown-curly haired boy came up to me. "Hello, can I have a caramel coffee frappicino?" He asked
" yes, is that it?" I asked
"Um. Yeah." The boy replied.
He gave me money, but more than I needed. I looked at him and he just smiled. "Sorry, but you don't need this much." I said giving money back.
"No, no, keep it." He said
"Alright.." I said and got him what he ordered. I gave it to him, then he gave me a wink and walked away. But before he went out the door, he came back and said "will you be here tomorrow?"
"Yes..why?" I asked confused
"No reason." He said and walked off.
The next day was just like the last. But that kid came back again. "Oh your back!" I said laughing.
"Yep. What would you recommend me to get today?" He asked
"Well, my favorite is the mocha chip." I replied.
"Ok, I'll have a mocha chip and a caramel frappicino." He said.
"Okay." I said and got him the drinks. "Here you go." I said giving him the drinks.
"Thank you, but the mocha chip I bought for you..." He mumbled.
"Uh, why?" I asked
"Can you come sit with me? And maybe we can talk?" He asked with those gorgeous green eyes
"Yea, sure." I said and walked with him to a table.
"My name is Harry, what's yours?" Harry asked
"Julia." I said sipping my mocha chip.
"What a beautiful name. It fits you!" He said and laughed
"Why thank you." I said and smiled
"I was wondering if I can take you out tomorrow night, and maybe exchange numbers?" He asked
"Sounds good." I said
We exchanged numbers, and he left and gave me a hug. This kid must like me
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