How do I pick?

This story is about Julia Smith. Julia works at Starbucks, which Harry Styles goes to very often. He goes almost everyday just to see Julia. Harry is starting to get feelings for Julia and they start to talk. But Julia meets the rest of the boys...and there is one she wants...but it might not be Harry


2. The next night

(Harry's P.O.V) I couldn't wait to see Julia. It was almost time for me to pick her up! I got in the car, checked myself in the mirror and made sure I looked okay. Then I drove off to Julia's. I pulled into her drive way, and got out of the car.
(Julia's P.O.V) I heard my door bell ring. I finished fixing my hair and ran down stairs. I opened the door to see Harry holding flowers, with his eyes in shock. He scanned me head to toe and smiled. "You look...amazing, Julia." Harry said. Aw he is so sweet, but a little flirty. "Thank you, you are also looking nice." I said to him. We went into the car and he took me to a park. It was around 8pm, and once we arrived, there was no one else there. Harry led me to a field of grass, but in the middle of the grass- was something I will never forget. It was a huge blanket, with tons of food and candles. I stopped him once I got a good look of the picnic. "Harry.." I said with a huge smile on my face. "Yes love." He answered. "You did this, for me?" I asked.
"Of course Julia. I really like you." Harry admitted and planted a kiss on my cheek. We walked to the blanket and started to eat. We shared good memories, and our life stories. But there was one thing I was really shocked about. Harry said he was in a band, called One Direction. With 4 other guys. I've heard of the band...but never was crazy about them. I wouldn't even have regonized the name 'Harry Styles' we finished eating and layed down. Looking up at the sky, we noticed there was no stars. "Where are the stars tonight?" I asked. "Right next to me.." Harry said and looked into my eyes. I smiled then said "your so cheesy!" Harry laughed and said "I know, i know." I ended up falling asleep on Harry's shoulder. I woke up in Harry's arms, as he carried me to the car. We fell asleep for an hour and Harry woke up and realized I should be home. He put me in the car and my eyes fluttered open. "C'mon sleeping beauty, lemme take you home." He said tiring.
He drove me to my house, and walked me to my room. He layed me in bed and put the cover over my body. I felt his lips touch my forehead, and he whispered 'good night babe' and walked out
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