How do I pick?

This story is about Julia Smith. Julia works at Starbucks, which Harry Styles goes to very often. He goes almost everyday just to see Julia. Harry is starting to get feelings for Julia and they start to talk. But Julia meets the rest of the boys...and there is one she wants...but it might not be Harry


3. Meeting the guys

(Julia's P.O.V) I checked my phone when I woke up. I have a text from Harry saying if we can hang out again today. I replied: sure. And locked my phone. I went downstairs and made myself a bowl of cereal, and started to eat. As I was eating, I heard a car door slam outside of my house. And then my door bell rang. I quietly walked to the door and open it to see Harry. "Good morning Julia." Harry smiled and handed me a mocha chip. "Harry, did you go to Starbucks and get this for me?" I asked surprised. "Yes.." He said shyly. "Your so sweet." I said and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me really securely. For a second I thought he would never let go, but he eventually did. "I want you to meet the guys today, Julia." Harry said
"Ok, lemme go get dressed." I said and ran upstairs. I put on a baggy white spaghetti strap with my shorty shorts. It was pretty warm out today. I slipped on my toms and put a quick thing of make up on. I went down stairs, and Harry's face brightened when he saw me come down. But when I got closer to him, his face seemed to get sadder. "What's wrong?" I asked confused.
"You put make up on...your beautiful, you don't need it!" He said
"Harry, I didn't put that much on." I said
"Well, can you please take it off?" Harry asked with puppy dog eyes.
"Fine.." I mumbled and went to the bathroom to take it off. When I was done I walk out to see a happy Harry and he held out his hand. I took his hand, and we walked to the car. We drove with the music on and a couple of times he would look over and smile. Once we got there I heard, noise coming from inside the house. Harry opened my car door and helped me get out. We walked to the front door and Harry pulled out his keys. He opens to a jungle. The boys were blasting 'im sexy and I know it' Louis was jumping from couch to couch screaming "you will never get me Liam!" And Liam was chasing him. Niall was standing on a table with a big bag of chips in his hands. He was also stuffing his face. "SHUT UPPP!" Harry screamed. They all paused where they were. "Sorry lad..." Liam said calmly. "Harry, may I use the bathroom?" I asked.
"Yes of course. Upstairs to your left." Harry said and I went upstairs. I heard a noise when I got up there. It sounded like I went to the room where the noise was coming from. There was a boy...crying
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