The Witch- Observer

This is my entry for the Twilight comp. Cassidy Knightly was a witch. She had observed the Cullen family for Ten years, living together the perfect family. She has always loved Jacob Black, betrothed to Renesmee Cullen, but still watches from a distance, knowing it would be best. But when an intervention of fate brings Jacob and Cassidy together will she be able to leave him again? Check this out, I'd be very grateful ;)


4. Wake Up

"Jake! You have a girlfriend! You've imprinted! You can't kiss me!" I yelled.

He looked like he was in shock. "But..."

"Go! Go see Renesmee! You have to go to Renesmee now. Go see her." Maybe if he left I could believe he didn't love me.

"But... Eve.... Cass. I lo-"

"Go!" I yelled.

He looked as if in a trance, and hurt, but he left anyway.


I buried my heads in my hands. What just happened?! He kissed me.........

I couldn't get my head around it. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same moment. God! He was IMPRINTED  As taken as taken could get. He shouldn't even SEE me as a female, because there was supposed to be only ONE female for him! Supposed to be....


In a trance, I went in to check on Renesmee. She was still out. Her face was untensed and relaxed. The potion had definitely worked. Jacob was staring at her, a confused look on his face. I didn't meet his eyes. "She should wake up soon." I said softly.



It was about ten, long minutes later when she finally woke up. Both Jacob and I sighed in relief.

"Nessie! Are you okay?!" He exclaimed.

"Huh?" She asked. "Where am I?" She asked me.

"My house. I just saved you from dying. I'm Cassidy."

"Hi!" She smiled, dimpling up. I liked the girl already. Her friendly nature made her smile even in such a bizarre situation. "And who's this cutie beside me?!" She exclaimed looking at Jake with flirting eyes.


"Jacob?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh, thats his name! Hi Jacob!" She smiled.

Jake met my own surprised gaze, confused. He looked down at Renesmee.

"You don't..... you don't know me?" He stuttered.

"Should I?" Nessie replied with a confused smile.

"No. It's alright. Go back to sleep. You need rest after what you've been through." Jake said then left. I could hear the choked up quality to his voice.


I nodded to Ness, showing her I agreed with Jacob. She smiled, leaned back, and shut her eyes. I checked the ingredient I had accidently added, then mentally cursed. The ingredient I had added..... It was an ingredient used by witches to forget their ex-lovers after messy breakups.

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