The Witch- Observer

This is my entry for the Twilight comp. Cassidy Knightly was a witch. She had observed the Cullen family for Ten years, living together the perfect family. She has always loved Jacob Black, betrothed to Renesmee Cullen, but still watches from a distance, knowing it would be best. But when an intervention of fate brings Jacob and Cassidy together will she be able to leave him again? Check this out, I'd be very grateful ;)


2. Tradgedy

I ran to the sound of the screaming, the one only thing in my mind; Jacob. I knew it couldn't be him in my head from the girliness of the screams, but in my heart I was worried. I reached the little bit in the woods I was in earlier and looked wildly around me.


Renesmee was on the floor unconscious and Jacob was kneeling beside her.

"Nessie?! Nessie?! Renesmee?!" He yelled.

He didn't notice me in his fearful state of mind. I wondered what could've happened in the short space of time since I left.


I ran over to Jake and Renesmee and knelt beside them, checking Renesmee's pulse in the process.

"What happened?" I asked. "Maybe I can help."

Her pulse, though there, was weak. She was barely hanging on. Jacob finally looked up and noticed me, sniffling, his eyes dripping with tears.

"I don't know!" He exclaimed. "She was alright just now, and then she just dropped to the floor! We need to take her to Carlisle and quick!"


In his state of shock he didn't register me as a stranger, or an old friend. Just someone to talk to, someone there.

He may not of known what happened, but I had a funny feeling I knew. Vampires only knew of a few ways they died, but witches knew more. Sometimes vampires could develop special types of diseases that witches had a certain extent of knowledge of. For some there were cures, for others there wasn't.


Only the highest of vampires, the three Volturi themselves knew of witches. They continued to harass them for cures and magic, so most witches remained in hiding. Cures to diseases were one of the things vampires wanted. Only witches could make cures.


The symptoms to Renesmee's disease seamed to be one of the cure ones.

"She's not going to Carlisle." I said firmly.

"But what she needs.... a doctor..." Jake muttered.

"No," I breathed. There was nothing Carlisle Cullen could do.


Jacob wouldn't agree to me taking her, through lack of knowledge. A little compulsion couldn't hurt.....

I lifted up Jake's head to meet my eyes, and, using my powers, compelled him to take Renesmee and come with me. He resisted for a moment, and then he was all mine.


Sighing, I made Jake pick up Renesmee and follow me through the woods.

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