The Witch- Observer

This is my entry for the Twilight comp. Cassidy Knightly was a witch. She had observed the Cullen family for Ten years, living together the perfect family. She has always loved Jacob Black, betrothed to Renesmee Cullen, but still watches from a distance, knowing it would be best. But when an intervention of fate brings Jacob and Cassidy together will she be able to leave him again? Check this out, I'd be very grateful ;)


6. Night In

I anticipateingly waited for Jacob on the couch watching TV and nibbling my nails. I sat on the large leather sofa, debating on whether or not I should've said yes to Jacob's text.

I should've left him alone! One part of me yelled.

But he wants to see me! At last! Another thought back.

The doorbell rang and I nervously went to get it. Jake looked so fine in a checked shirt with buttons undone and skinny jeans on.


"Hi Cass! Nice to see you!" He said enthusiastically.

"Hi." I mumbled as Jacob pulled me into a hug. I felt confused. His life partner didn't remember him and he was here, looking cheerful, and hugging me tight.

I led him into the kitchen/sitting room. He plopped himself on the couch and started changing channels on the TV with the remote like my apartment was his own.


I plopped on the couch beside him.

"So.... uhh... do you want anything to eat?" I questioned.

"Yeah! Pizza! Lets go order pizza!" He replied enthusiastically.


I ordered the pizza and finally braced myself to ask about Renesmee.

"So hows Ness?" I questioned sounding casual, but inside I was definitely not casual.

"Fine, just fine. She remembers everybody else but me. I'm just not there in her memory." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"I can call one of the witch tribe leaders. But she won't answer until the morning. She only does business in the morning. She'll be able to give me some insight to what we can do about Ness." I said, my voice all business  I couldn't quite believe I was trying to help the guy I loved back with his girl. I sighed.

"Okay. Call her in the morning. I didn't come here for Ness' sake anyway. I want to forget her for the time being."


I could feel the confusion clear on my face. "So, why did you come then?" I asked casually.

He grinned. "Cos I wanted to see you Cassidy! I want to catch up! I need a bit of normality in my life, besides from the pack and the vamps."

I smiled at him. "Can't the pack see you here then?" I asked.

"No. I worked out how to block them. Cos it's not NICE seeing into someone's intimate life all the time. I'm blocking them now. Anyway, I missed you. I didn't realise how much until I saw you." He smiled.


No, Cass. I said to myself. Just because he misses you, doesn't mean he loves or wants you.

No matter what I told myself, I couldn't stop myself feeling a little hope.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I went to get it and saw it was the pizza delivery guy with our pizzas.

"Awesome!" Grinned Jake, standing behind me.

I thanked the delivery guy, and Jake insisted on paying, and gave the guy a handsome tip. The guy looked as if Jake had made his day.


I remembered Jacob had always been this kind, even when we were kids. It warmed my heart to see he had never lost his kindness.

We settled on the couch with the pizza and I put on a film. Halfway through, I ended up laying beside Jacob, his arms around me.

It's not cheating, I decided. It's not like he likes me that way.

I was never a good liar  so I couldn't stop a guilty feeling burn within me even though I was comfy enough to fall asleep...

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