The Witch- Observer

This is my entry for the Twilight comp. Cassidy Knightly was a witch. She had observed the Cullen family for Ten years, living together the perfect family. She has always loved Jacob Black, betrothed to Renesmee Cullen, but still watches from a distance, knowing it would be best. But when an intervention of fate brings Jacob and Cassidy together will she be able to leave him again? Check this out, I'd be very grateful ;)


5. Leaving

I left the spare bedroom with a sigh. Jacob was on the sofa, sobbing with his head in his hands. It seemed he had forgotten about me and the kiss already. Again, I sighed. I knew Jake would snap out of it but it didn't make it any easier.


"Jake, I'm sorry." I said, plopping down next to him. "I accidently spilled a wrong ingredient in the potion. It's my fault she doesn't remember you."

"No," Jacob said drying his eyes. "It's not your fault. The potion you made saved her. For that I'm eternally grateful."

"It's okay Jakey," I rubbed his back, soothing him.

He smiled tearily at me. Then he frowned.

"I suppose I better call the Cullens." He muttered. He got out his IPhone.


I checked in on Renesmee while Jake made the phone call, trying hard to explain everything that happened. I was glad it wasn't me on the phone, I would've gotten very frustrated. Ness was sound asleep, breathing, and happy. She would be a bit groggy when she next woke up, but because of the wrong ingredient added, she would fully recover within an hour rather than a week.


"Cassidy?" Ness had woken again. She had been asleep all of fifteen minutes, a power nap.

She looked more refreshed. More like her normal self.

"Yeah, I'm here." I smiled at her. The girl was frozen at sixteen, a year younger than I. The same age as Jacob.

"Where's my mom and dad?" She questioned.

"Well, they're probably on their way over now. Jacob called them."

"Oh, they know Jacob?" She asked.

"Uh.... something like that." It was unnerving seeing her not know Jacob.


Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I went to get it.

Bella, Edward, Alice and Carlisle Cullen stood at the door.

"Fast." I muttered to myself. "Hi all! Come on in, Renesmee is feeling much better."

I knew they were all bursting to ask questions, but they had manners, so they went in to Ness after introductions.


"Mom! Dad!" Renesmee jumped up from her table to hug Bella and Edward.

I left them to it to make refreshments. Carlisle and Alice followed me.

"So. You're a witch." Carlisle said, a statement not a question.

"Yep. Only the volturi know about us. And vampire diseases. Other stuff like that too."

"I see." Said Carlisle.


"So," Started Alice. "This potion ingredient that made Nessie forget Jacob. Is it reversible?"

"Not that I know of, sorry. Sorry for everything."

"It's OK." Alice replied compassionately, compulsively giving me a hug. "You saved Renesmee's life. We are forever in your debt."

"Alice is right. There's nothing worth dwelling on. How long until Renesmee's stable?" Asked Carlisle.

"She's fine now. Take her home, go on. She will be fine."


As they left, I felt sad. There was Jacob, walking out of my life again.  He was heartbroken because of me. I knew I shouldn't of intervened.

Suddenly, my Samsung Galaxy S3 bleeped. It was one of my friends inviting me to a party. I gladly accepted the invite. I needed to forget my life for a while, and a party seemed like the ideal place.


My phone bleeped again. An unknown number texting me.

R u free 2night?- Jacob

I texted him back after adding him to my contacts.

Me: Why? And how did ya get my number?

Jacob: Cos we need to search for a cure! And it will be nice to catch up! I stole ur number off ur phone earlier ;)

Me: OK. Be over at 6.

Jacob: Ttyl


I sighed. Looked like I wouldn't be going to that party after all.

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