Fight for Bella

In new moon, Edward leaves Bella because people were getting suspicious about Carlisle as he hasn't grow to look older. Bella finds her confort in Jacob and finds that she loves him. A year later Edward comes back and him and Jacob fights for the death to get the girl they love... who will win?


5. The death of jacob black

I walk up to my car when Charlie comes comes running out of the house with a pale, worried look on his face. He jumps in his police car and drives of speeding way over the limit.

"DAD! DAD!" I shout jumping in my truck and chase after him.

He skids to a holt about eight hundred metres up, there is Billy and the wolf gang but no Jacob, where is he? I tremble opening the door, I run up behind Charlie, there was tears running down his face aswell as everyone else, what happened? Pushing my was through the huddle of people I find the cold, lifeless body of Jacob.

"Jacob! Jacob! Dad what happened!" I scream crawling in a ball of sobs.

"It was Edward, the monster killed Jacob." He wispered. I can't stand it, I run back to my truck and drive to the cullens house, storming up to the door to find carlisle with a puzzled face.

"Whats wrong bella?" He questions.

"Edward killed Jacob! Everything is wrong!" I scream in his face.

"Wait, WHAT!" He calls Edward down.

"Edward what the hell did you do that for?" I scream at his guilty face.

"Well, I want you and you have now got me. Okay?" He smiled while me and Carlisle where furious.

"You know Edward, The voltori are going to kill you for this and I hope they do, your plan didn'tturn out very good did it?" I storm back to my trust.

"What did I do wrong?"

"You killed my bestfriend and boyfriend!" I scream driving of. He killed Jacob and nothing is left...

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