Fight for Bella

In new moon, Edward leaves Bella because people were getting suspicious about Carlisle as he hasn't grow to look older. Bella finds her confort in Jacob and finds that she loves him. A year later Edward comes back and him and Jacob fights for the death to get the girl they love... who will win?


3. Love for both

That night I lay in my bed in a puddle of tears, the things that are running through my head are emotinal, I imagine what the future will be like with Jacob or Edward, both lives are perfect. I can imagine that with Edward I will be a vampire and we will adopt our vampire children and live a perfect life with the Cullens. My future life with Jacob, I imagine it will be perfect aswell, three children with brown hair and brown eyes. two of them will be human and the other one will have the werewolf power to protect his/her family. I dream of it through the night. Eventually I fell asleep into my happy dreams without any vampires or werewolfs in it.

"Bella, wake up." Said a voice.

"E-Edward, what are you doing here?"

"I wanted to talk, you know I didn't leave you because I didn't love you anymore. I have been a mess without you, I tryed to come back a week after we left but Carlisle stopped me... And three or four times after that." Edward explained the love coming into his eyes and the pain going out.

"I know, I know that you never wanted to leave and I never wanted you to. Every night I would dream that you came back and stayed with me but then I woke up and it all was gone." I exclaimed with a tear running down my face.

"I love you." Edward told me.

"I love you too but, I love Jacob aswell, I can't choose." I told Edward squeezing his hand a little. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in close, sitting on my bed for hours talking and hugging like we use to do before he left me. I fell so happy he is finally here with me, twisting my hair in his fingers and kissing me occasionally, my Edward.

When it got got a little darker Edward hugged me and left. I lay here going over what just happened between me and him the tone in his was warm and calm, not like it was yesterday in the argument. A knock on my door takes me out of my day dreams and into reality.

"Who is it?" I ask confused.

"Hey it's Jake." Said Jacob as he walked through the door.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked confused by the fustration on his face.

"Yeah, looks like the blood sucker has been in here." Jacob said as the anger and sadness creeps into his eyes.

"Oi, don't worry about it, he just wanted to apolagize and talk about things and get my trust again." I said grabbing jake around the neck and kissing him on his warm lips before he can respond.

"Just don't fall for any tricks he has in store, Okay?" He asked pulling me in for a long warm hug his boiling hot skin warming me up from the icey, cold day.

"Sure, love you." I exclaimed hugging him tighter not wanting to let go as a tear rolls down my face.

"Hey, whats the matter hun? Your not ment to be crying." Jake said cupping my head in his gigantic hands.

"I acctually don't know." I said lying not wanting to say that I love Edward as much as him.

This needs to get better...

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