Fight for Bella

In new moon, Edward leaves Bella because people were getting suspicious about Carlisle as he hasn't grow to look older. Bella finds her confort in Jacob and finds that she loves him. A year later Edward comes back and him and Jacob fights for the death to get the girl they love... who will win?


1. Found love for Jacob...

I sit at my desk, staring out of my window wishing for him to be with me, his arms around me and stay with me till I fall asleep. He was my happiness. I slip into my usual pit of depression. At night, my thoughts are only him, all our memories of the goodtimes and painfull times and whats probably yet to come.

"Bells." Dad called through the door.

"Yeah." I sigh.

"Please go out and do something, I know Edward has gone but thats his lost. At the moment its controlling you life and I don't like to see you this way. Why don't you go and see Jacob, he hasn't seen you in three weeks and you haven't been picking up any of his calls or texts." Charlie asked me, more like pleading.

"Fine." I grumble unwillingly getting out of my seat, getting my jumper on and storming out the door. I don't get why my dad wants me to do this. I know I'm depressed but that doesn't mean that he can boss me around like that, it's my own life and I should be able to do what I want. Edward was the only reason why I wanted to live in folks but now I'd rather be in the sun with my mum and her husband but no, I'm stuck here in the boring rain.

I get into my truck and switch the engine on, it doesn't sound healthy but I haven't driven it for about a month and a half. I back out of the drive way and find a photo I lost ages ago, it was me and Edward at the prom with jess and mike. All of sudden there was a loud honk and a bang that sends my head flying back and fourth giving me wiplash.

"Oww!" I wisper and I feel blood trickling down my head from where I hit the stering wheel, it looks really bad, theres blood on the seat and floor. My leg was crushed and I think fractured, It's even more painful from where James stamped on my leg. I look up and out of the window where I see a bright blue car with a middle aged man in it. he looks fine and doesn't seem to have any cuts or bruises. My head is throbbing and everything is going in, my head feels like a feather, all turning dark...

I wake up in the hospital next to my Dad and Jacob, they look really worried. I look down to my legs, all covered in blood and a cast on my left one, again. My right arm has a big gash in it and my head has a couple of small ones.

"Hey Bella, you okay?" Said Jacob taking my hand. His warmth making me feel better.

"Yeah, I think, what happened?" I ask confused.

"You had a car crash, Jacob found you and called me, you've fractured your leg and got a big wound on yout forehead. How did the crash happen?" Said Charlie stepping in as a reach for my head feeling the bandages.

"I found a picture of me and Edward and I think I went of course, sorry..." I wispered.

"Okay." Charlie sighed while Jacob looked like he was about to cry.

Two days later Dad took me home, the cast was taken of and the bandages where took of as well. I walk with a limp but at least it's better then not walking at all. Every day now, I have found my comfort in Jacob. He keeps me happy when I'm down and He distracts me when I think of... You know who...

We decided to do a project toghether, I got Cha-Dad to get me a run down police car that wasn't used anymore. we got it up and running. I go to grab the spanner to tighten some bolts, at the same time Jacob reached out for it. I looked up at him, the happiness that is always in his eyes has all changed, its more calm and relaxed. He moved in slowly kissing me on my lips, sparkles flew and fireworks set off.

My new Edward...


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