Fight for Bella

In new moon, Edward leaves Bella because people were getting suspicious about Carlisle as he hasn't grow to look older. Bella finds her confort in Jacob and finds that she loves him. A year later Edward comes back and him and Jacob fights for the death to get the girl they love... who will win?


2. Edward

The next day we walked to La Push, the sun was out and the sand was a shiny gold colour, there was no rain clouds in sight, a perfect day. He takes my hand and takes me over to the sea, it's freezing yet warm. The sun beaming down on him makes his eyes sparkle a goldey brown colour, he's beautiful. He took my hand in his and lead me into the water for a swim, I never really like going for a swim or any cold thing but with Jacob in the water it warms up pretty fast. 

"Hey Jake... Whats with you two?" Seth asks confused by how Me and Jake are acting.

"I love her, she loves me..."

"Have you imprinted?" Seth wispered loud enough for me to hear.

"I don't know..." Jacob smile awquardly.

I see the sadness deepen in Jacob eyes, the thought that I might not be the one that is his forever. I love Jacob and he loves me and I think he is trying his best to imprint on me. I think that I may have some feelings left for Edward but I don't know. He still cares for me... I think and before he went Edward told me to keep safe, even though it's kinda hard because I've got a red head newborn hunting me down.

"Bella, do you want to go home?" Jacob asked embarressed by Seth's questions.

"Yeah, we should." I smile taking Jakes hand.

We walk back to the house talking about what we should do tomorrow. Suddenly his grip tightens and a snarl slips though his lips.

"Jacob? Jake, whats up!?" I ask worried something bad is about to happen.

"Stay right here, and do not move! Okay?" Jacob looked me in the eye and left me standing by the tree infront of my house. I look down the road to the red car travveling down the road, I follow it down to the other side and see a black shiney car parked on the right side of my house.

"Alice?" I gasped, shocked that they may have come back.

I storm over to the house now knowing what jacob ment when he told me to stay put. I walk into the house and hear shouting between Jacob and Alice also a very familiar voice that I use to love hearing, the person that I use to lie on going to sleep and the person that would comfort me when I had a nightmare... Edward...

"Jacob!" I shout walking into the house

"Bella!" Jacob and Edward shout in usion.

Edward comes running to me grabbing me round the waist and hugging me tightly like he use to do before he left. He kissed me on the head and looked into my eyes, blackness is all I saw, he looked pained and heart broken. Jacob ran over grabbing my hand and pulling me away and then kissing me on the cheek.

"Don't listen to anything he says, all he wants is to fix a heart that is already healed." Jacob wispered in my ear as I saw the pain and emotion that came onto Edwards face as he heard every single thing Jake said.

"Please Bella, I love you, I know you do aswell." Edward pleaded as my heart broke once more, the sight of the vampire that I love so much 12 months ago.

"Bella doesn't need yor love, she has me. Bella doesn't need a blood sucker killing her in a couple of years when you can't handle yourself." Jake snarled protecting me from getting hurt anymore. I felt a bit embarressed that they were saying this infront of Charlie, he doesn't know about the vampire or werewolf thing.

"What bloodsucker?" I said looking at Jacob hitting him on the hand and looking over to Charlie fustrated that they might tell everything to him.

"Oh, I don't know to me it's an... Expression..." Jacob eventually said cheering me up a bit.

"Bella! Seriously, I love you with all my heart, I'm sorry for all the pain I put you through." Edward pleaded.

"I don't know Edward. I just don't know." I said walking out the house tears streaming down my face. I find a freezing cold hand grab my wrist.

"I love you..." Edward wispered.


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