Fight for Bella

In new moon, Edward leaves Bella because people were getting suspicious about Carlisle as he hasn't grow to look older. Bella finds her confort in Jacob and finds that she loves him. A year later Edward comes back and him and Jacob fights for the death to get the girl they love... who will win?


4. Desicions

I go the rest of the day without thinking of Edward and Jacob but it couldn't stay out of my dreams that night. Edward and Jacob were best friends which is not possible in the real world and they didn't know I exsisted. They had a better life and there was peace in the world, it's hurtful to think that because of me I created the fights between the two family and how much danger I put them both in. I wake up in tear and find Edward hugging me tightly.

"Hey bella, whats the matter?" He asked wispering in my ear. I have dreamed for him to be here again, it's sweet for him to do this.

"Bad dream. What you doing here?" I ask confused why he would be here tonight.

"Just passing by, making sure your okay." I exclaimed kissing me with his cold blooded lips and me kissing him back falling in love with him all over again, the best time I have had in ages. My misery feels like its lifted.

"Thanks." I said smiling and lying down on his stomache as he plays with my hair.

I woke up in the morning with no Edward, he was gone. I think he was worried if Jacob came round and found him with me, it wouldn't have been the best situation. I get out of my bed and get dressed into my navy blue jeans and long sleaved white top and then put my jacket on over the top. As I went down stairs I heared the rusteling of Charlies newspapers as he ate his toast and sipped his orange juice before going to work.

"Hey Dad." I said smiling and walking over to the tap pouring myself a glass of water.

"Hey bells, do you want me to take you to school today?" Charlie asked half smiling.

"No it's okay I will take my truck, I think it's being missed since I haven't driven it for a while." I said giving a little smile walking to the door and collecting my rucksack.

"Okay. see you." Charlie waved goodbye.

"Bye." I said walking out of the door and hopping into my truck. I drive to school to find Edward and Jacob in the middle of the road fighting. I jump out of my car and hear the whole convosation.

"Why would she want you!" Jacob screamed.

"I don't know but she oviously does because of the way she snogged me this morning!" Edward snarled back while I go red in the cheeks.

"Bella! Is that true?" Jacob said turning towards me as I walk away fast back to the truck. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.

"Is that true!" I snarled.

"Yes! God Jake get of my case!" I shout back at him. It looked like he was going to hit me for a second but Edward stepped in and pulled me back lightly.

"Jake leave her alone, Okay?" Edward asked calmly.

"Fine, this isn't over Bella!" He looks at me in the eye.

"Bella can you just pick between us to get over and done with?" Jacob asked sternly.

"I'm sorry I can't, If I pick Edward I will loose my best friend and half boyfriend and if I pick you I will still loose my best friend and half boyfriend. I'm sorry..."

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