A Con man conned

Kate's death leaves Neal Caffrey heartbroken and he buries himself in his work for the FBI. When Peter presents him with a new case of a stolen masterpiece from a New York penthouse, Neal thinks he's found the perfect distraction. Central Park, a beautiful woman, art and and an old enemy..it all sounds too good to be true. But as he should know, not everything is always as it seems and this time the con man may have met his match.


3. It's not always fun on memory lane

Peter glanced over to Neal, sitting silently beside him in the car. "So what's the story with you and Vincent Adler? I know you briefly worked for him but that's about it." Neal flinched unwillingly and turned to Peter. "It was a long time ago. I was Nick Halden at the time and it was actually Mozzie that told me about him. Adler seemed like the perfect mark. Rich, successful and many weaknesses. Beautiful women, extravagant parties and exquisite taste. We researched him for weeks and when the time was right, I approached him. Feeding him some valuable information that earned me his trust. He hired me soon after and for a while life was good. The salary was decent and working for Adler opened a lot of doors for me." Neal looked down at his hands. "That's when I met Kate. She was his personal assistant and if I wanted to get closer to Adler, I needed to get closer to her. Not that I minded. Kate was something else and I knew that from the start. Piercing blue eyes, stunningly beautiful. When she walked in a room, you couldn't help but look at her. But she was also very smart and driven. Unfortunately she was seeing someone at the time." He smirked when Peter quirked a brow. "I know, even I strike out every now and again. Anyway, Kate and I worked closely together and Adler came to rely on us for almost everything. The plan was to get close enough to get access to his offshore accounts and skim from the top, without him detecting anything.

But then Kate told me she was moving away. Her boyfriend got a job in Chicago and they were moving away. I'll never forget the day she left. I called in sick..couldn't concentrate. Moz wasn't amused, I can tell you that. But just when I was facing the fact that I lost her, she knocked on my door. She realized that she couldn't leave, that we owed it to ourselves to find out what was between us. From that day on we were inseparable. We worked hard during the day and played even harder at night." Neal paused, memories of Kate flooding his mind. They had so many plans for the future back then. If only they knew. "We didn't know about the ponzie scheme Adler was running" Neal continued. "We even invested everything we had saved up back into the company. Adler was impressed and that's when he asked me to handle some of his finances. I remember thinking that everything was coming together so nicely. Soon I would have what I came for. Sure, I was running a con but I was convinced Kate would follow me when I left. We would have enough money to live comfortably anywhere in the world she wanted to go. But that's not what happened."

Neal still felt the disappointment remembering how it all fell apart. "Adler had an account in the Caiman's and he gave me the number and verification code. He gave me exact instructions when to make the transfer so I followed it to the letter. However, I was denied access to the account. Before I could ask him if he maybe made a mistake in writing down the code, Kate entered the room. She looked pale as a ghost and was trembling all over. I asked her what was wrong and she turned on the news in the office. Adler's face was all over the news. He embezzled millions of dollars from his clients and had disappeared. The floor caved beneath our feet. That's when I looked at the piece of paper I was holding with the verification code. It turned out to be an anagram. Guess what it was for?" Neal laughed bitter. "Nice try Neal Caffrey. The son of a bitch knew who I was the whole time and he played me. I lost everything. And to top it all off, I had to tell Kate my name wasn't Nick but Neal." He shook his head and looked down.

Peter had been listening without interrupting, surprised at how open Neal was about his past. He always wondered about Nick Halden's involvement in the Adler crimes and he felt strangely relieved knowing that he wasn't. "But Kate didn't leave you. Did you hear from him again after that?" Neal raised his eyebrows and scoffed. "From Adler? Nope, he left everything for us to clean up. But Kate took it surprisingly well. Things were tough for us for a while. We had nothing left. Everything we had was tied up in the company and working for Adler wasn't exactly something that looked good on a resume." Looking out the window, Neal felt he probably told Peter more than he should have. "Next thing I'm in prison and I hear that Adler turned States' evidence and that he has immunity?! He's once again a free man while I'm on a leash." He looked at the anklet while anger flared. Peter nodded while keeping his eyes on the road. "It might be hard to believe but his testimony was crucial in a few cases and it helped put away bigger fish. Sour as that may be for every one of his victims. What do you think about this painting? How does that tie in with Adler, why this one? Something he mentioned before?" Neal thought deep but shook his head. "No, not that I recall. He never mentioned Haustenberg or had any special interests in Monet. Than again, I haven't seen him in almost a decade. A lot of things happen in that time." 

Peter pouted, the way he always did when he was thinking. "Alright, we'll go back to the office and see if Diana got something off her contacts. Or we could pay Adler a visit?" Neal tensed up but gave Peter a small smile. "To be honest, Peter..I am kinda tired. First day back and all. Would you mind dropping me off at June's? We can look at this fresh in the morning." Peter smiled reassuring. "Of course. Are you sure? If you want some company, I'm sure El wouldn't mind setting an extra plate for dinner. You're more than welcome." 
The car pulled up in front of the brownstone and Neal opened the door to get out. "I'm sure. Tell El I said hi though and I'll drop by soon. You I'll see first thing tomorrow. Goodnight, Peter." He smiled warmly at Peter and watched for a moment as the car drove off before rushing in to call Mozzie.  


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