Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


6. What the heck just happened?!

~Cali's POV~

Liam ended up winning, & I can't say that I was disapointed. Really I don't think that I would complain about any of them sleeping in the same room with me.

"But, I'm afraid of the dark, & I don't have my teady bear to keep me safe!!" Niall whinned.

"It's okay, I have a night light & you can borrow one of my teady bears!" I giggled

He sighed, "Fine, but I get her tomorrow night!"

I giggled again. "Oh so now we are taking turns!?"

"Do you want me to take a shower tonight? I mean the only thing is that I don't have a change of clothes." Liam said.

"Oh gosh! I didn't think of that either. I am so sorry, I am being extreemly rude! I actually have some clothes you could borrow, then tomorrow we could go shopping for you boys!?" I am a naturally very shy person & saying all of that made me blush.

"Okay then!"

Before I could do anything Liam had me thrown over his shoulder & was running with me to the stairs. I'm not gonna really complain, my ankle hurt really bad!

"AAHH! Help!" I pleaded, while laughing & giggling like a s little child.

As he ran up the stairs with me I heard Louis yell, " THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR SUPERMAN!!!!" I could hear him running behind us, then I saw him in my door way as Liam dropped me on my bed.

"You called Superman!? Oh your gonna get it now!!" Liam said as he leaned over me & started to tickle me.

"No no no no no PLEASE....." I was laughing to hard to finsh what I was saying. "!"

"Nah, Superman likes tickle wars!" exclaimed Louis.

The other boys started to filter into my room to help Louis & Liam. My tummy hurt so bad from laughing, but they finally decided to stop the torcher! Thankfully. By now we were tired, but we were laughing to hard to go to sleep yet.

"So if Liam is sleeping in here with you, then the spair room is still free, right?" asked Louis.


"Hurry Hazza. Before Niall & Zayn get the bed!!!" Louis screamed, & ran out of my room with Harry hot on his tail.

"Well crap, what does that mean for me & Niall?!"

Wow that was the most I had heard Zayn say since he got here!!

" I have an air mattres you guys can use. If that is okay!"

"OOH those are so much fun!!" squeeled Niall.

I think this is the begining of a great friendship for all of us! Out of no where Louis came running into my room & jumped on me.

 "Can we have some more blanklets?" he asked.

"Yes, but can you please.....get off of are smushing me!" I weezed.

"Louis get off her! Do you want to break her?" Harry scolded him.

"No, I'm sorry!" He apologized as he hung his head.

I ruffled his hair, & said it was okay. There was no way in the world you could possibly stay mad at these boys! It was physically impossible!

~Liam's POV~

"Why don't I go get their blankets, then I will show you where the bathroom is & while you are in there I will get you guys some clothes & I will get you a towl!" she said looking at me.

She is so sweet!

"Sounds good to me! Thank you love!" I replyed.

She started to stand up & emediatly fell over, letting out a small yelp. Right after that she started crying. I felt so bad. I had no clue what happened. The boys had gone back to the spair room, so I had her to myself. I was there to comfort her. She smelled so good, it was intoxicating. Her hair smelled like pineapples, & she smelled like a tropical breeze.

As I rocked her back & forth to try & calm her down her sobs got softer & softer, & her breathing got slower & stedier. When I looked down at her she was asleep. I decided I would worry about a shower tomorrow. I layed down on the bed with her in my arms. It felt so right.

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