Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


2. The Door Would Probably be Better

~Cali's POV~

"" Nice I probably look & sound really intelligent right now with my eyes bugging out of my head & my mouth hanging open! 

"Hello love. I'm Harry, this is Niall, Liam, Louis & Zayn. We were supposed to be staying at a hotel near here, but they screwed up, & lost our reservations. We couldn't find another hotel with an empty room, so we were talking about where to go, when the fans figured out where we were & chased us around, we ran into your backyard. I think we may have lost them! So in short we have no place to stay & we are supposed to be here for 6 months. So basically-" 

"Oh for the love of all things to love Hazza, it's a simple question, look at her & ask if-" Louis was cut off by Liam.

"Could we crash here for a little while?" 

"Uh..uhm yeah, yes yes! Of course!!!" I studderd 

"Wait, I have a VERY important question! Do you have food??" Niall asked with the most seriouse face I had ever seen.

I had to laugh a little. "Yes of course!" I smiled. 

"You know it might be a tad bit easier if you came in through the door!! Just go around the corner to your right & there is the back door, I will go open it!" 

I got a chorus of okays as I closed my window & skipped to the door. I can't believe ONE DIRECTION is staying at my house!! 


~Harry's POV~

Wow I am really glad we picked this house! I can't wait to know her name. She is fit! I bet she has a pretty name, why wouldn't she, she is a pretty girl. The way her blond hair flows down her back, & the light brown high lights. Her skin is so flawless. Those beautiful shining blue eyes. This will be great!


~Liam's POV~

I may have found the girl to help me get over Dani. I wish I had asked her name before now. She is absolutely gorgeous!  I kinda hope we can stay a little longer than "a little bit". 


~Niall's POV~ 

Man I am STARVING, but food can wait. I want to talk to this girl, get to know her. She is sooooooo so so so pretty. Prettier than a turkey in Thanksgiving!!


~Zayn's POV~ 

Oh yeah we sure can pick 'em. And that is not sarcastic AT ALL! She is eye candy if I have ever seen it. The way her body is just PERFECT. Not to much muscle, but not to little. She is skinny, but not to skinny. She is just.....PERFECT! 

No Zayn, what the heck do you think you are doing? You are with Perrie!! 



~Louis's POV~ 

AH, no! I am dating Eleanor. El, El, El, El, El,. I love her & she loves me! 

But this girl is soooooo pretty!

NO, Tommo you are dating Eleanor Cadler!!!  

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