Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


11. Shopping & New Friends

~Cali's POV~

I puled back into my drive way, with a bag of food for each boy except Niall. He of course had about 6 bags of food for himself! That boy could eat!!

I some how got out of my car with a bag in each hand along with my crutches in each side. I was making my way up to my house just fine, & I was quite proud of myself  But being the extreme klutz that I am, I got my crutch caught on the step right before I get to the door of my house.

As if on cue, Niall opened the front door & caught me. 

"Oh my god! Cali are you okay?" he asked, panic in his voice. 

"I wouldn't be if it wasn't for you!" I smiled at him. Cheesy I know, but it's true. 

He helped me inside & sat me on the couch. Warning me not to get up. So I sat & waited for the boys to get the food in, so we could eat. I was watching Niall as he walked out to get another bag or two from my car. He was about 3 inches taller than me, & that was perfect. His shining blue eyes, made his face look so soft & loving. His smile made my stomach do flips, & his laugh was to cute for words! His lips were the most perfectly shaped lips I have ever seen in my life. Is it possible that I'm falling for Niall!? 

I mean I know a lot about him & the rest of the band, but I only met him yesterday! All of the boys are funny, sweet, & caring, but Niall seems like he has such a soft heart. Why am I even thinking about this? He would never fall for me. I'm not very skinny, I'm way to pail because of my fair skin, what else can I say other than I'm not pretty! AT ALL!! 


I jumped almost off the couch. Louis was standing in my face. I must have been deep in thought for him to have to yell to get my attention. 

"Yes Louis?!" I answered. 

"Okay 2 things! One, please call me Lou! and two, we are ready to eat, so c'mon!!" he started to walk towards the kitchen door then stopped. 

"What's the matter love?" 

"I don't have my crutches! Did Niall or one of you boys bring them in?" 

"Oh good grief.....NIALL!" 

Niall came running out of the kitchen as if there was a fire. "What's wrong?"

"Did you forget to bring in her crutches so she could actually walk?!" Louis asked.

A look of horror washed over Niall's face as he sprinted out to the front door.

I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing. He causually walked in the living room with my crutches and a sympathetic look on his face.

"I'm really sorry! I get so excited about food... I'm really, really sorry!" He was so sweet! I've always kinda had a thing for blondes! *wink wink*

He handed me my crutches and we were off to the kitchen. It was dead silent! The boys had all dug into their food. Niall and I sat down next to eachother. Louis sat on my right, with Josh next to him. Harry was in between Josh and Zayn, and Niall was to the right of Liam.

I finished and the boys helped me clean up the trash.

"I think I am going to go to the store. Would you guys mind watching the house for me?" I was desperately in need of grocerys. "And make sure it doesn't become a pile of rubbish by the time I get back..."

"Now why would you think that would happen?" Harry asks in a sarcastic tone. I give him a stern look, but can't hold it for long because of the goofy face he makes.

"I'll go with you! You shouldn't be driving or trying to shop!" Niall firmly stated.

"I don't think that is a good idea! What if someone sees you and you get mobbed by fans! You'll get hurt! I can't take that risk!" I didn't want him thinking he had to help me all the time, they are suppossed to be on vacation! And I don't wnat him getting hurt.

"It's fine. I can wear a disguise and you need help! Plus I want to help!" He smiled his sweet little Irish boy smile.

"O-okay!" I stammered, I was so taken back by his sweetness.

He slipped on a oversized green hoodie, a pair of tennis shoes, a snapback with transformer, and a pair of dark sunglasses. I decided my warm up was fine for today.

"Guys, we'll be back in maybe thirty minutes!" Niall's voice echoed through the whole house.

"Get carrots! Please, you have NONE in this place!" Louis insisted, walking out of the kitched with his hands placed on his hips.

"Okay Lou!" I laughed as he wlaked over to give me a hug. "Anyone else need anything?" I called.

Zayn and Harry were fighting each other down the stairs, and nearly fell three times.

"I need-" Zayn was cut off by Harry's hand flying over his mouth.

"I need a hug!" Harry ran at me with wide open arms. Niall stepped in front of me to try and stop Harry from pouncing on me. I side stepped on my crutches just in time. Right as I moved, Harry ran straight into Niall, hitting the wall with a THUD!

"Damn it, Hazz! I swear... GET OFF ME!" Niall yelled pushing Harry off of him.

"Sorry mate, I couldn't stop fast enough!" Harry apologized while helping Niall up. " Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Do you guys need anything from the store?"

"CARROTS!" screamed Louis.

"I said I would get you some!" I giggled

"No I don't think we need anything!" Liam said as he joined our group.

"Speak for yourself! I need mouse, hair spray, the before you do your quiff hair gel, volumizing shampoo and conditioner, a new round hair brush, a flat brush, a wide toothed comb, a regular comb, and a do it yourself highlight kit!" Zayn counted every item on his fingers.

My jaw literally fell to the ground. I don't even use that much!

"Wait, can I get some paper and pen? And can you repeat that?! Please?!" There was no way I was going to remember all of that.

"What is... uhm... before you do your quiff hair gel?" I asked hesitantly. I didn't want to sound stupid. 

"WHAT???? You don' t know what that is?" a look of horror spread across his face & he looked as if he was going to pull his precious hair out by the roots.

Oh great, I just did exactly what I was trying NOT to do, I probably sound even dumber than I did when we first met! Oi good going Cali!! 

"Trust me you don't sound stupid." said Liam. Then with a laugh he added, "When we first met you didn't sound stupid then either! Just speechless!" 

The boys were all laughing & Harry was picking himself up off the floor.

"I'm glad you all think it' s funny!" I huffed crossing my arms over my chest.

Once they we're laughing at me I checked the time."Hey um Niall, we should probably get going!" 

"Okay, c'mon I'll help you in the car!"

Right before we could get out the door Louis ran in front with his arms spread out over the door. The others, including Niall, followed Louis' s lead & blocked the door.  "You are not leaving without a hug!!" He sternly stated. 

"Lou if you don't move I can't get your carrots!" I threatened. 

"Oh well then I guess no carrots for me!!!" he chipped while shrugging his shoulders. 

"Do you not want to give us hugs?" asked Harry with the saddest face I had EVER seen in my life. it absolutely broke my heart!

"No no no no no no! It's just... you know...I'm kinda scared uhm to you know, because...ya know!?" I looked down I could feel my face turning tomato red, well that made way more sense in my head!! 

"If you'r scared of that dick from the hospital, don't be, as long as we are here he won't even look at you cross eyed!" said Niall as Liam elbowed him in the side & scolded him for his language. 

I giggled at the sight in front of me. The boys were either agreeing with Niall or helping Liam scolded him. 

"No,it's not Micheal. It's just you guys like jumping on people & things. And I'm just kinda afraid that I'll get knocked off my crutches!! Nothing against you guys, you are all great!!" 

They all seemed to realize what I was saying because they all looked at each other.

Louis started to slowly walk over to me & wrap me up in a strong, soft & warm embrace. When he pulled away he took me by the shoulders looking me straight in the eyes, & asked "Can you go get my carrots now?"

"Of course Lou!" I giggled at him as he skipped away into the living room clapping his hands.

Once Louis was gone Harry walked over to me a smushed me in a bone crushing hug. "Oi, Harry! Can't...breath!!"

My face was smushed against his chest as he squeezed the life right out of me. At least he didn't jump on me!

"Hazza you'r gonna kill her!" exclaimed Liam as he came to my rescue.

"Oh sorry Cals, you smell REALLY good by the way!" he said my new nick name as he released me & rubbed the back of his neck.

"It's fine Harry! And thank you!" I smiled at him trying to catch my breath.

"Joshie wants a hug!" he exclaimed with his arms wide open.

"Haha okay come here Josh!" I smiled at him with open arms. I don't think I will ever get tired of these boys! He came over and gave me the perfect hug.

Right when Josh let go, Zayn came running from the kitchen with a small piece of note pad paper in his hand. He shoved the small slip of paper into my hands & pushed Niall & I out the door. 

"Bye guys have a nice trip be careful & don't forget anything!!" he warned as he forced us to my car.

"Wait, I didn't get a hug!" cried Liam as he stood in the door way of my house. With the saddest puppy face I had EVER seen in my life.

"Aw Li Li come here! I didn't know you would be that upset!" said Niall as him & Liam ran at each other with wide open arms. Oh brother, the bromances!

"Niall I can't believe you would do this to me! Just leave me for some girl!" Liam gushed into Niall's arms.

"Uhm...hello uh yeah that "some girl" is right here!" I said with my hands on my hips, trying to sound hurt & annoyed!

It must have worked because all at once they ended their embrace & walked over to me with their heads down.

"We're sorry Cali! We were only joking! We didn't mean to hurt you!"

"Aw, Liam so was I! I don't think I could ever be mad at any of you boys!" I said hugging Liam. "You should probably get inside before some crazy fan girl sees you & you get attacked!" I added with a laugh.

"Okay! See you two later, be careful!" he smiled at me as he waved goodbye to us & made his way inside.

Niall walked me over to the passengers side of the car since he wouldn't let me drive, I told the boys I had a couple almost accidents on the way home & he didn't want me driving any more while I was in my boot. He placed my crutches in the back of my car & walked around to his side of the car.

We drove for a while in a comfortable silence, until he broke it. "You know that we won't let any thing happen to you while we are here & after we leave we will make sure he can not hurt you!" I hadn't really though about Micheal as much as I usually would have, but I still did & it was never good.

"What are you talking about?" I asked panic clear in my voice, but I was tyring to act like he didn't bother me. When the truth was that all I could think was 'What if he shows up at my house while the boys are there & I'm not & does some thing to hurt them?' or 'What is he sees me with Niall at the store?' Micheal had screwed my mind up so bad, I couldn't do anything without thinking 'Would Micheal approve of this?' I couldn't go anywhere, including my own home, with out thinking about him & all of the times he had abused me for no reason.

I was torn from my thoughts by a soft hand being placed on my knee. I looked up into the eyes of the most beutiful irish boy in the world. He gave me a reassuring smile, flashing his braces that he definatly didn't need! His teeth were perfect before them. Then he turned back to the road.

If I haven't mentioned yet, I am a fan of One Direction. I've been there since the X-Factor. I'm not obsesive, but I do support them!

"Cals, we're here!" his voice was so soft & sweet.

"Okay," I felt really bad about the next question, "Do you think that you could... get my crutches for me?! I would hop back & get them, but my balance isn't that great, even though I'm a dancer. I know my balance should be better, but I have never really mastered it &-"

Before I could finsh my rant Niall had retreived my crutches & was standing in front of me snickering.

"What's so funny?" I asked looking around with confusion on my face, thinking I had missed something.

"You! You are just to aborible & it's so easy to tell when you are frusterated or nervouse!" he continued laughing at me with his cute little laugh. I felt my face start to turn a deep deep shade of red & all I wanted to do was go crawl under a rock.

He helped me up out of the car & onto my crutches. We walked inside & he grabbed a cart.

"Okay, we need milk, bread, eggs, bacon, hamburger meat, chicken, peanut butter, flower, sugar, pancake mix, pop corn, soda pop, buter, carrots, & everything on Zayn's list! I will proably think of more as we go, but let's start with this stuff." we started walking when I thought of some otherthings. "Ooh we should get some bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, & some strawberries..."

~Niall's POV~

She is to pretty for words to even describe! I know she is talking & I should be listening, but she is just so pretty. Don't get me wrong I listen, I really do & I am a pretty good listener to, but she is just so beautiful. 

"...And whatever you think you guys will need or want!" Oh crap what did she just say?!

"Uhm okay." Yeah good answer there Niall!

"Niall, I hate to ask this, but would you grab that jar of peanut butter, I'm kinda short & can't reach it." she asked as she blushed & looked down.

I smile at her, she is so cute when she does that! "Sure love, & don't be afraid to aske me or any of the other boys for help!"

She giggled & reached for a jar of nutella on a higher shelf. She was having trouble retrieving it. I placed my larger hand on her tiny hand. And for that moment in time everything was perfect. Her clear ocean blue eyes looking up into mine made it feel as if the world around us had stopped. 

"Get outa my way! Go have you love fest some where else!" growled some old man from behind me as he hit me in the calf with his cane.

"Go go go!" I motioned Cali forward, fearing the old man was going to do damage to my calf muscles, by repeatedly hitting my lower leg with his cane.


About an hour later we were still laughing about the old man, & other things.

"I think we have every thing, but let me check." she surveryed that cart very carfully, then her face lit up with excitment.

"We have everything, but I want us to have fun tonight, so I'm going to do something I wouldn't usually do! Follow me!" she hopped off as she motioned for me to follow her, like I was gonna leave her side. There are some crazies out there that would take advantage of a pretty girl that can't do anything to protect herself. We walked untill we reached the candy isle.

She turned to me with a smile & said, "Pick uhm...2 bags!"

I grabbed a a bag of skittles & a bag of Herseys candies & she was off again.

She turned to me in her sweet voice & asked "Niall do you know what time it is?"

"Uhm...," I looked at my phone, "about 5:30."

A look of shock appeared on her pretty little face. "Oh my goodness, we need to get home so I can make dinner!"

After the candy we made our way to the section with the pop. We got about five 2 leters, then headed to the movies section. I think I may finally be catching on to what she is doing.

"You pick 3 movies, & I'll pick 3!" she smiled & went to look for her movies.

As I was looking at movies all I could think about was her flawless face. Her cute dimpled smile. Her gorgeous blue eyes, that I always seemed to get lost in when she looked at me. Her long blond hair, that I wanted to run my finger through. Her perfectly shaped lips that look as soft as clouds. Her perfectly curved body, & her amount of muscle that was just right. I was so lost in thought I hadn't noticed that she had come over to me, or what movie I was even looking at.

"Do you really think that looks like a good movie?" she asked with a little worry in her beautiful eyes.

"What do you mean?" really looking at the movie in my hands for the first time, I saw The House at the End of the Street. Oh gosh, I like a good scary movie, but I don't even want to see that one. 

"Uhm, no...just ya know, I was just reading the back, to uhm see what it' s about!!" I lied as she giggled. I really need to pay attention to what I am doing when I space out.

"You' 've been reading the back for the last 2 minutes!" she giggled. 

"Well..." I reached up to scratch the back of my neck as the blood rushed to my cheeks.

"Do Footloose, Dirty Dancing, & The Hunger Games sound okay? Do you think the others will be okay with them?" she asked me nervously bitting her lip. 

"If those are the ones you want to watch get them, the boys won't care one bit!" I said then gave  her a reassuring smile. 

She is such a sweet heart. She can be quite cheeky though! I silently laugh at what she had done earlier today. 

Turning back to the movies, I asked "How about Finding Nemo, Toy Story, & The Last Song?" 

A smile spread across her face as she started to laugh at me. 

"What' so funny?" I asked laughing at her cute laugh. 

"Nothing, it' s just that the first two are a little childish & the last one is a love story! Niall you are to cute!" She laughed & poked my nose. Then she realized what she had said,  blushed & threw her hands over her mouth.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her, as I placed the movies in the cart & walked closer to her.

"Oh am  I now?" I asked as she looked down embarrassed at herself. I placed my index finger under her chin so she had to look up at my face.

"Cali, you are beautiful! And I know for a fact I am  the sexiest leprechaun you will ever meet!" she smiled at the last part, her face still red.

We stood there & held each others gaze for a minute until we hear, "Dog- gon whipper snappers. Kids these days don't know how to keep it in the bedroom!!" it was the same old man from earlier. 

"We are terribly sorry sir, we won't let it happen again!" Cali apologized, her sweet voice filling my heart ears. "Yes sir, it will not happen again!" I agreed. 

"Oh great, you aren't even from here! Are you two legal?" he asked grumpily. He was serious to! Wow!! 

Cali gasped Then turned on her crutches & hoped away. As soon as I caught up to her I burst into a fit of laughter. "Well Cals, I do believe we have made a new friend!" 



Hey guys, 

Yay I updated!!!!! This chapter took so long to type, it's kinda long!!! I wanted to thank you guys so much!! I have over 900 readers!!!! So exciting!! And I hate to ask this, but would you guys like, comment & fave?! It would mean so much to me!!!!! And hey if you feel like it, maybe suggest it to your friends!!!!!! Thanks again guys!! 

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