Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


9. Meeting Josh

~Cali's POV~

Uh! Why am I so tired? Oh my gosh, why do I feel like people are stabbing me in the head? And..oh oh god! I'm feel like I'm gonna hurl!! Not good!!

"Ooh!" I let a small moan escape my lips as I started to become consiouse.

"Is she waking up?" I heard a frantic Liam practically yell at Harry.

"Well, yeah I guess. She looks like she is in a lot of pain, & she might get sick! I think maybe you should pull over, like NOW!!!!"

Louis pulled the car off the side of the road, while Harry & Niall practically threw me at Zayn. As Zayn threw the door open I started to dry heave! Wonder why that was, oh yeah I had nothing in my stomach. We were all supposed to go out to eat after I got home. Now I was on my way to the hospital, again! 

"Guys I don't think anything is gonna come out of her little belly, she hasn't eaten anything." said Niall. 

They pulled me back in the car & I was once again laid across Niall, Harry, & Zayn's laps with a cold pack on my head. 

"What happened? Where are we going? And who are you?" I asked pointing at the boy I have never seen in my life sitting in the middle of the front seats. 

"Well, once we heard you & what's-his-face get in your house we got in the little room & heard yelling & then-" 

"Never mind, I remember! But where are we going?" I cut Niall off, I didn't want to think about Micheal right now! 

"We are on our way to the hospital to get you checked for a concision!" stated Louis. 

"No, no! Please we can't go there!! Please! We can't go there!!!" I shot up & started begging, with tears flowing down my face! Why can't I ever get away from him!? 

Louis pulled the car over in a Wal-Mart parking lot to see what was wrong. We were so close I could see the hospital. 

"What's wrong? Oh and my name is Josh by the way!" said the strange boy I had never seen in my life. 

"Micheal!" was all I could say. 

"Shhh, It will be okay we won't let him hurt you!" cooed Harry, even though he had no idea what was wrong. These boys were to sweet! 

"No please, let's just go back to my place. I know I have a head injury I will take care of it! I have had to read the information papers about these things, because I dance!" 

"Are you sure?" they all asked in unison again. Kinda creepy! 

"Yes, I am positive." I replied. And with that we turned around & were on the way back to my house. 

I'm going to have to tell them about Micheal at some time. 

~Josh's POV~ 

Good golly, now I know what the Niall was taking about! She is fit, I just hope she is okay. I don't even know her & I am worried about her. I guess I'm just a nice person! Wow that made me sound really full of myself.

"So, I'm Josh. I know I already said that, but it wasn't very formal. " 

"Hi Josh, I'm Cali. Nice to meet you!" she stuck her hand out to me to shake. I took hers in mine, was amazed at how soft & warm her tiny hands were. Wow, she was just perfect. I didn't think anyone could be that perfect! 

~Niall's POV~ 

Why? Why does Josh have to be attracted to her too! EEERRRR! I can deal with him later! Oh that sounded really harsh! I'm not going to hurt him, I would never hurt my Joshie! I'll just have to talk to him. The bigger problem is what has that guy done, I think she said his name was Micheal. I wonder if that was the guy at the hospital, & the one that brought her home. The one that did this to her. 

I have to stop, my blood is starting to boil! I swear next time I see him, if he touches her, I will kill him! I just want to know why he wants to hurt her. If he didn't want to hurt her, thenwhy did we find her unconscious on the living room couch. 

~Harry's POV~ 

Who the hell is Micheal? Was he the reason she didn't want to go to the hospital? Did he do this to her? I swear if I ever see that son of a bitch I'll kill him for doing this to her! Why would any sane person want to hurt this girl? She is so sweet & caring & not to mention beautiful! Everything about her is amazingly perfect! No one could possible be that perfect. Well maybe an angel. That's it she is an earth angel! And angels are so innocent a beautiful! 

That explains everything, except why he would want to hurt her!? 

~Zayn's POV~

I have a feeling all of the boys are thinking the same thing, & that would be who is the jack ass that did this to her!? If I start thinking about it, I'm gonna get mad & start thinking of all the ways to kill him if he ever lays another finger on her. Solution to that problem, finding my reflection in the window & looking at my self the whole way back to her house! Simple fix! 

~Louis's POV~ 

I have to talk to her once we get back. Oh gosh! I just about ran us into a ditch! I should probably be thinking about driving. I hear them all yelling things at me, but I'm not paying attention. Drive Lou, you are driving. But there is something wrong, & I need to help her. Oh crap another ditch! Alright all I'm focusing on now is getting her home safe, I don't want to hurt her to. 

~Liam's POV~

I just can't comprehend why anyone would want to hurt her! I mean I would never lay a finger on her with the intentions of hurting her! I'm sure she has never hurt him, Micheal, I think is what she said. People make me so mad some times. 

The entire car ride back to Cali's house was dead silent & I have a feeling everyone was thinking the same thing. I know Lou was thinking, he almost ran us off the road about 6 times! Okay maybe that was a tad bit of an exaggeration, but he did it more than once! 



Hello My Lovelies, 

Once again, I am soooooo very very very VERY sorry it took so long! My teachers decided they were going to make everything do tomorrow, so I have been EXTREMELY busy all week. Plus dance practice & my coach scheduled an extra practice! Uhg, busy busy, but the weekend is almost here! :D 

Anyway enough about me, who do you guys want Cali to fall for? Comment who you want & I will try to work it in the next couple chapters! 

Love you all & thank you sooooo much for reading,


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