Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


13. He's Back


~Liam's POV~

I was livid to say the least! I had looked this doctor up on the internet before we went to make sure that he was good at what he does, but I never though he could be a pervert! Hitting on teenage girls! 

"Liam, are you okay?" Cali had placed one of her small hands on my larger arm. She was staring at my hands on the steering wheel. I looked down to see that my knuckles were white I was squeezing the wheel so hard. Oops! 

"Yeah, I'm fine!" I spoke through my teeth. Oops that wasn't supposed to come out like that either. 

She inched back as if not to anger me anymore. I felt so bad about scaring her, so I pulled the car over so we could talk. 

"What are you doing?" 

I took both of her small hands in my larger ones & looked her in the eyes. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! Please forgive me?" 

She smiled her sweet smile, flashing her perfect white teeth. "Oh please Liam, you are as scary as a new born puppie!" she said then wrapped her arms around me for a tight hug, & we were off again. 

The rest of the car ride was full of laughing, music, & small talk to get to know each other better. We pulled into her house & almost every light was on! What the hecK?! 

"C'mon they are up to some thing!" and with that she was out of the car & up to the door. 


~Cali's POV~ 

I unlocked & opened the door to find an empty hall way & kitchen. Odd. I walked to my bedroom & everything was the way it was when I left this morning. I contunued to make my way around the house, as far as I knew Liam still wasn't in the house. I walked into my soon to be dance studio & unlike the other rooms the light was off. 

I flipped the switch & before I could turn around I had six bodies tackle me to the ground. 

"YAY!! SHE'S OUT OF THE BOOOOOOOOT!!!!!"  I heard NIall screem. I was unable to actually see anyone or anything because the boys were all on top of me squeezing me to death! 

"Boys...boys...can't...brea-th!!!!!! Guys!" 

"Oh bloody hell! Get off her guys we're gonna hurt her again!" yelled Louis as her abruptly began to pul the heavy bodies off of my much smaller one. 

Harry lowered his hand & helped me up off of the ground. I brushed off the imaginary dirt & turned my back to them as I marched out of the room. 

"Cali Cali wait! We didn't meant to hurt you or make you mad we promis! We are so sorry!! We won't do it again!!!" Zayn yelled as he ran after me. Catching up he spun me around in time for me to see the other boys running behind Zayn to try & catch me. They all looked like they had killed someone. 

I couldn't fight my smile anymore. "You really thought I was mad at you boys? I don't think that could EVER happen!" Zayn released me wrist & we all proceded to walk into the kitchen. 

"So, uhm, we need to talk to you about something." Liam said looking down. 

"Okay what is it?" I asked curiouse as to what they needed. 

"Well we were asked to, uhm well, go to a um interveiw a few towns away from here. Would you mind if we went?" by this time all of the boys heads were down, & Liam was the only one making eye contact. 

"Realy!? You boys do know that you are grown men, & make your own decisions! I'm just letting you stay here while you are on vaction!" I giggled a little at the fact that they felt the need to ask me if they were alowed to go. 

"We kind of wanted you to go with us, because we don't want to leave you alone with that creep running around!" Niall stated, head still down. 

"I'll be fine! How long will you be gone?" 

"Around a week or so. They only want us for one interveiw, but managment wants us to give you a little breathing room. They think that you need a break from 'babysitting' six crazy lads." Harry said, his face turning red at the last part. 

"Aw, I love having you boys around! There is never a dull moment & it's fun! I honestly have no idea what I'll do when you boys go back to England! If anything you guys should want to get away from me-" before I could finish I was cut off by Josh. 

"Why would you think that?" he asked almost out raged! 

I shyed back a tad & spoke with a sfot wavering voice, "Because I'm so clubmsy, I thought you guys would be tired of helping me with everything." 

"Aw never in a thousand years! Don't ever think that! You are so much fun to be around Cali, we have gotten so close to you!" Louis said as he came over & gave me a tight hug. Once Louis let me go Josh came over with his head held low. 

"I'm sorry I snapped at you." I grabbed him in a tight embrace. 

"Aw Joshie I wuv yooh!!!" 

"I hate to stop this, but we should probebly go pack boys! We leave tomorrow!" Liam said as he gave me a sad look. 

"Don' worry about me, I 'll be fine. Go have fun & I'll be right here when you get back!" the boys all ran up stairs to pack. 

I looked at the time. Wow 9:00 p.m. already. I should probebly start getting ready to go to bed. I think I'm gonna go ahead & start classes again tomorrow, yeah that sounds like a good idea. I got a glass of water & my phone & made my way up to my bedroom. I grabbed a pair of yellow & orange hot shorts, a hot pink sports bra, & my fluffy PINK Victoria's Secret towl. I made my way to the bathroom to find Harry, Louis, & Liam all fighting over who 's shampoo was who's. 

"Hey, um guys, can you possible take your little argument into the hall so I can take a shower?" they lauged & exited the bathroom, but once I had closed the door I could hear them going at it again. Oh gosh,I'll deal with them later. 

I placed my pjs neetly on the counter, turned the water on to warm up & stripped. I threw my dirty clothes into the hamper & slipped into my nice warm shower. 

I'm glad the boys are going away for a few days, not because I want them gone, but I think they probably need a little guy time together! It'll bee good for them! As for Micheal, I'm not very worried about him. I've put up with his bullshit long enough I can handle him. 

By the time I was done with my thoughts the bathroom smelled of tropical fruits & a beachy breeze, & that is an amazing smell if I do say so myslef!

I climbed out of the shower drying off then grabbing my clothes & dressing myself. By the time I was finished the three had finished their dispute, & had joined the others in my room. 

"Hey guys!"  I said as I layed my wet towel over my bed's foot bored, & made my way over to my make up table. 

"Are you possitive you will be fine here on your own?" Liam asked me. 

"Of courese! Don't worry your pretty little heads, have fun while you are there! I'm going to start classes again tomorrow, & then I'm going to go look for a job.  I will have plenty to keep me busy." I stated as I pulled my long wet hair into a messy bun on top of my head. 

"Oh, we should probably leave you alone so you can go to bed then," said Liam. 

They all gave me hug & left, except for Josh, "Josh c'mon, she needs to go to sleep!" 

"But I haven't got to sleep in here with her & I want to talk to her!" he whined. 

"Fine, but don't have her up to late okay?" 

"Yay okay!" Josh yelled as he jumped onto my bed making me giggle. 

"So...can I ask yo something?" he asked. 

"Of course, what is it?" 

"Well, do you still consider yourself his girlfriend?" he hissed. 

"Micheal? No, but he won't except the fact that I don't want him anymore." 

"Then if I was to I don't know, ask you to go out with me... would you say yes?" 

"Aw I would love to! You are the sweetest thing in the world!" I said as I kissed his cheek. 

"Good so the day we get back we will have our date!" 

"Okay. I'm gonna go to sleep! I'll see you in the morning, good nigh Joshie!" I said as we snuggled down into the blankets. 

"Nighty night Cals!" 


The next morning I was rudly awakened by five boys jumping on my bed singing. 

"I'M UP! NOW GO AWAY!!!!" I yelled as I layed back down & snuggled back into my nice warm bed. Josh was already uwake & down stairs.

"Nope nope nope! You have to get up & get dressed!" said Niall as he tugged on my arm. 

"Uhg fine." I climbed out of bed with my hair a mess & my left over make up smeared every  where. "There eastas bien para tu?" 

"Well then, some one is a sassy morning person!" he stated placing his hands on his hips & popping one out, making me giggle. 

"What time are you guys going to leave?" I asked while yawning, & walking to my make up table. 

"Well, it is 6:30 in the morning right now, so we will probably leave in a half an hour or so." 

"Oh good, that's what time I have to leave!" 

"Cool, I'll leave you to get ready!" he smiled & walked out. 

I finished getting ready, in my sweat pants & sports bra with a pull over to top it all off. No make up because that simply is not a good idea when going to dance class! I grabbed my bag containing my shoes & headed down stairs to find the boys with all of their bags placed by the door ready to leave. 

"We are gonna miss you love!" said Louis as he came over to hug me. 

"You guys are only going to be gone for like two weeks!" I stated as I giggled & hugged him. 

"Two weeks to long." said Harry as he came over to give me a tight hug. 

The rest of the boys followed suit, with Josh grabbing my bum as he embraced my small frame. We walked out, Paul was waiting for the boys & I waved to them as they drove off. I climbed in my car & my day started. 


I got home at around 8:30 that night. I had to make up every class I had missed, then made my way to Starbucks to get a job application. I dropped my bag & flopped on the couch turning on the telly as I did so. After a while of channel surfing I got bored & decided I would make dinner them watch a movie. 

As I stood up to go to the kitchen my door bell rang. As I opened the door I saw Micheal standing there with a smile on his face. 

"Hey babe! I see you are home alone again." he said. 

"Have you been watching me?" I asked slightly scared.

"Well of courese! You are mine!" 

"No I'm not!" I tried closing the door, but he forced it open & forced his way in at the samw time. 

I was no longer scared I was terrified. What was he gonna do? 

"So we can do this the easy way & you can simply come with me, or we can do it the hard way. Take your pick." he said with his evil smile still on his face. 

"I'll never go anywhere with you! I'm not your girlfriend!" I stated with my arms crossed. 

"Fine, have it your way." he grabbed my arms & spun me around so my back was to him & both of my hands were in his one large one. Then next thing I new was that there was a damp cloth being placed over my mouth & nose. I fought hard to stay away but the more I struggled the less energy I had. Until finaly eveything when black. 



Hey guys, 

So here is yet another update!  I hope you like it! Always know that your feedback is ALWAYS welcome! I hope you guys can bear with me a short while longer! I if I can get all of my school work caught up then I will start updating more! 

Thank you again for reading!


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