Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


12. Doctor's Visit


*2 Weeks Later* 

~Cali's POV~

Things have been absolutely amazing! The boys & I have all grown very very close. 


Sincemy almost accident, while driving in the boot, the boys won't let me drive on my own. They are afraid that I will get in a fatal one, so they insist on driving me EVERYWHERE!  So today because I have a doctor's appointment for my ankle, Liam is driving me. I think I have finally figured out how they decide who is going to drive me. 

Liam is the one that drives me when there are responsible things to be done

Harry & Louis usually fight over who is going to go with me if it has something to do with fun. 

Niall is always the one to go pick up food with me. 

And Zayn, he drives me to the store. 


"Ready love?" I was snapped out of my thoughts by Liam who was standing in my doorway watching me attempt to put my contacts in. I was completely ready, in my blue jeans & t-shirt. 

"Uhg, yeah hang on." I put my lenses down & placed my glasses on my nose. 

"Okay I'll go get your jacket ready." he turned & left my door way. 

I finished then managed to make my way down the stairs with out falling on my face, which for me is a huge accomplishment! The bottom half of my house was absolutely deserted. No one but Liam was there, but it makes sense. It's 6:30 in the morning.

Liam helped me into my jacket & we made our way out my front door. Our plan was to eat breakfast together, go to the doctor, then go back home & have a fun night with the rest of the boys.  

As we walked to my car he rushed in front of me, to open the door. "You look very pretty today love!" he stated with a smirk on his face. 

I blushed & climbed in, fighting a small battle with my bulky boot, closed the door & we were off. Nothing fancy, just a simple breakfast at McDonald's, but we were going to get a chance to talk & that's all that mattered. 

The car ride there was silent, but not an awkward silence a comfortable one. Liam pulled the car into a parking space, walked over to my door before I could open it, & helped me out. We got our food & sat at a table near the back with hopes that no one would notice Liam. 

"So have you heard anything know?" he asked unsure of himself. 

"No, thank God. But I know him & he won't stop. I've tried to break it off for the past year with him & he won't let me. He may be quiet now, but that won't last long. He'll come back, & that scares me!" 

"Well as long as we are here he won't lay a finger on you!" he said & gave me a reasuring smile. 

We continued our small talk until we finish, & by that time we had just enough time to make it to the doctor's on time. 

"So when do you go back to school? Do you know yet?" 

"No, I'm hoping he says I can go back soon! I really miss dancing!" 

"I'm sure you'll be able to start againg soon! We can't wait to watch you!" he smiled at me then turned back to the road. 

"Trust me you DO NOT want to spend your whole day at a dance compitition where there is a high chance of you guys getting mobbed by crazed fans & dancers, that could easily go spider monkey on your faces!" I exclaimed with a straight face. He laughed, which made me laugh, & pulled into the parking lot. We checked in & waited in the waiting area for about 20 minuets. 

"Cali?" the nurse called. 

"That would be me!" I said as Liam helped steady me. 

We were led back to an empty room, "The doctor will be in in just a moment." 

We sat & chatted about piontless things for maybe 5 minuets before a handsom man in baby blue scrubs with dark hair, looking to be in about his early 20's walked in carring a patient file. 

"Okay, are you Cali Henderson?" 


"Hi I'm Dr. Harison, & I'll be your ortho doctor. So what do we have here?" 

"Well about two or three weeks ago i was at dance & I landed out of a leap on the side of my ankle. I went to the hospital & they said I had minor strain on my liggaments. They put me in a boot & refured me to you!" I explained. 

"Okay, can you take the boot off so I can have a look?" he asked. I did as asked & set the large object on the floor next the paper covered bed I was sitting on. 

"Okay, now can I have you lay back on the bed?" I once again did as asked. 

He lifted my jean leg up & manipulated my ankle in different directions. There were only a few ways he would move it causing me to wince in pain. When he was done he fixed my jeans & informed me I could sit up. 

"Well I think the healing is going very well. I am going to sent you for some physical therapy, but I think that if you want & you think you can do it I will let you dance. For only one hour each day. But the second you feel pain, stop. Keep icing & make sure you keep it elevated, & you should be good to go! When you go out to pay for today's visit I want you to schedual another appointment for when you are done with therapy." 

"Thank you so much." I smiled & shook his hand as he held the door open for me & Liam. 

As I was walking out the door I felt something sliding in my back pocket. I quickly turned to see Dr. Harison's hand slipping out of my  pocket. With a smirk & a wink he walked away, leaving my skin crawling.

We made our way to reception, payed schedualed another appointment for three weekd from now, & left. I must have had a discusted look on my face, because when we reached the car Liam asked me what was wrong. I explained & with every word his face contorted in anger.

This is going to be a long ride home!!


Hey guys,

So I saw that I have lost readers! :( Sad face! I'm really really sorry! I'm having a hard time updating & keeping up with me school work. I hope you guys understabd & with help me get readers back! I'm hoping with in the next month things will starrt slowing down, dance season will be kinda over, & I'm hoping my teachers will loosen up on homework! 

Just to let you guys know this is the un-edited version on this chapter, I just really wanted to get it updated for you guys, so if you find any mistakes feel free to comment! 

Thank you guys, 

Oh & if you could comment who you think Cali should fall for I would L. O.V.E. it! Thanks! :) 

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