Sleepover With 1D

Cali probably has the worst boyfriend ever, he's abusive & just flat out mean. What happens when she is forced by her boyfriend, Micheal, to move to the US from England & 1D has some problems of their own & need a place to stay!? Will Micheal get mad, will one or all of the boys fall for her?


10. Damn Good at Revenge

"Soooo, since we don't know each other all that well, I say we play................ TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" exclaimed Louis as we all laughed at him. 

"I'll be right back, I'm going to go put on more comfy clothes." I turned on my crutches & hopped away. I finally figured out a semi-easy way to get up the stairs, without help & without killing myself in the process! That is a HUGE accomplishment.  

I removed my boot so that I could  put on my high school dance team warm up, just because I loved the colors, & it is unbelievably warm. I had a sneaking suspicion that my hair looked as if someone had run an egg beater through it, & I just so happened to be very right! It was almost completely out of the bun I had put it in this morning. 

I took it down so I could start brushing through the huge tangles that had formed in my hair. I got through one side, that was now flowing down my shoulder in dirty blonde waves. As I started to work on the other side I heard a loud THUD then a CRASH. I grabbed my crutches & hopped down the stairs as fast as I could with out falling on my face. 

As I rounded the corner & hopped into the living room, ready to throw my hair brush at any intruder, I was greeted by all 6 of the boys rolling around in my living room floor & a bag of carrots laying on the floor on the other side of the room. 

"Guys!....GUYS!" I yelled. That got their attention. 

They jumped off of each other & out of the floor to face me.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked wide eyed. Their hair was standing straight up, their shirts were wrinkled & if they had been tucked in before they weren't now. 

Instead of a response they all started snickering.  Why? 

"What's wrong?" I asked getting slightly annoyed. 

Harry started to approach me. I backed up a bit but he came closer. He placed his hand on one side of my head & said, "Why don't you go look in the mirror!" Then he lost it, & started laughing with the rest of the boys. 

I hopped to the down stairs bathroom as fast as I could. When I got there I flipped on the light to the horror in front of me. I'm surprised they didn't run away in fear. After the noise I had forgotten what I was doing & had neglected to finish brushing my hair. I could see them all standing behind me laughing their butts off. They must have forgotten that I am pretty damn good at revenge! 

I took out 6 hand towels from under the sink. They were still laughing. I turned the tap on waiting for the water to get as cold as I could get it. They were still laughing. Once the water was almost ice cold I put the stopper down in the sink. They were still laughing. I soaked each towel in the water for about 5 seconds each. They were still laughing. I put them all in the sink & turned off the water, then placed my crutches against the wall. I leaned back supporting myself on the sink counter. I pick up a hand towel & threw it at the laughing boys. It hit Harry in the face. BULLS EYE!!! 

"HEY! What was that for!?" he asked wiping the water off his face. I ignored him & threw another. 

That one nailed Josh in...well we can just say it was a little painful for him. While he was in the floor Louis turned & started laughing at him. I took the opportunity & hit Louis in the middle of his back. He dramatically fell to the floor. I picked up on more hand towel & chucked it at Zayn & his perfect quiff. 

"AAH! MY HAIR!" he yelled as he fell to the floor. Liam & Niall were the only ones who hadn't been pelted yet by ice cold hand towels. I grabbed the last two as Liam hid behind Niall. Right as I threw a towel Niall moved & it hit Liam in the face. 

I raised my arm to throw the last one at Niall, but I was laughing to hard & fell over. I hadn't put the boot back on & I fell on my bad ankle. 

"OW! Shit!" I exclaimed as I stood myself back up.

Niall rushed over to me to make sure I was okay, then he took charge.

"Liam you take her crutches to her room, Harry would you please get her boot for her. Louis get some ice please, Zayn & Josh get her some pillows. I will make sure she gets on the couch!" they all stared at him for a minuet in disbelief. I did the same thing though. 

"Guys..!" Niall walked out & everyone else followed to do what they had been told to do. He walked with me in his arms up the stairs & to my room so I could finish brushing my hair out. Harry & Liam were busy in my room putting up the crutches & retrieving my boot. When I was done Niall carried me down stairs to the living room where the rest of the boys were sitting in a circle on t he floor laughing & talking. 

Niall sat me on the couch & propped my foot up on the pillows. He picked up the ice that Louis had gotten & gently placed it on my swollen ankle, then went to sit down in the circle. 

"So like I said earlier, I think we should play truth or dare!" Louis reasoned. 

"Okay. I'm asking first!" said Liam, I was actually surprised that he was so excited! 
"Cali, truth or dare?" 

"Uhm, truth." 

Liam pulled the Up All Night album up from the floor next to him. "Are you a One Direction fan?" 

I felt the color drain from my face & my jaw fall open. "Uhm..." I was having problems composing myself & getting an answer out. "I guess you could say I am, but I'm not one of those crazy obsessed fans. I think you all have really good voices, & Josh can really play the drums. And I'm not gonna lie it 's not hard to look at your guys!" I started to ramble. I had to stop myself. 

"Okay! We get it !!!" Zayn blurted & they all started laughing. 

"My turn! Louis truth or dare!" I challenged. 

"Hmm, that's a tough one. Just kidding DARE!" he yelled the last part as a shot up off the floor with his index finger raised. 

"Okay, I dare you down my drive way in your boxer shorts yelling superman!!" I stated with a devious smile. 

As she started stripping he was silently cursing under his breath, "I swear if I get mobbed by fans it is on you!!" While everyone else was laughing Louis took off running out the door, & we could hear him yelling. 

He ran back in completely out of breath. "OH GOD! They saw me." 

Right then we heard pounding & screaming on my front door. 

"Oh well let's just try & ignore them!" Harry said still laughing. 

"Let's keep going. Cali truth or dare!" asked Louis. 

"Uhg me again!? I guess truth." 

"What is the story behind this Micheal guy?" Louis spoke his name like it was venom he wanted out of his mouth. 

"Oh well, it is a really long story & I don't think you guys would like to hear it." I calmly stated. 

"No, we may not want to hear it, but I think we need to hear it!" Josh spoke. I was surprised he seemed like he cared, but I just met him. He knows nothing about me! 

I told them my story, & by the end we were all sitting in my living room crying. 

"That is terrible! I honestly don't know how guys can treat a girl like that! It makes me sick." Niall had a nauseated  look on his face. I felt like I had unloaded on them all. 

"I'm sorry, I don't even really know you guys!" I felt awful. Niall stood up & came to sit by me. He wrapped me in his arms as I buried my face into his chest. 

"None of us will ever let him hurt you again! We promise, right boys!?" 

"Right!" they all answered, almost at the same time. 

"You all are to sweet!" right then my stomach growled. "Well I guess I'm hungry. Is anyone else?" 

All of their hands shot up at the same time. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Okay. Uhm why don't we go get something. I don't have much here that we could cook with. We can sneak out the back way then go through the back door to the garage. I think I can drive, but I want you all to hide in the floor of my car until we get a little way down the road. Is that okay? Or I can go get us food & bring it back, so you guys don't run the risk of getting mobbed!" I think that is good! We'll do that." I asked Niall if he would help me get up the stairs so I could get my crutches. 

"I don't think this is a good idea!" Niall stressed.

"I will be fine, I promise."

There sure was a lot of promising going on today. Soon after I was down the stairs & out the door. I pulled out of the garage & almost ran over on of the girls. OOPS! The chased after my car for a while, then stopped. I pulled into a McDonald's & called Niall. Really sometimes I am such a blonde I don't know how I live on my own, I forgotten to see what the boys wanted! 



Again I am so so so so sorry! It has honestly been one of the busiest weeks of my life! Happy late Thanksgiving! :) I really hope I don't loose readers because I haven't updated in so long. My birthday was this week & I had a performance the night after, then Thanksgiving, then we had a party!!! And in all of that I managed to hurt my ankle! Sooooo as you can tell it was one of those weeks where you get no rest time! I hope you like the chapter, honestly I am having issues figuring out how I want this to go, but I am always thinking of new ideas. I know near the end it got kinda boring, sorry! :/ 

Love you guys, 


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