Look At Me With All Of Your Love And Tell Me You Love Me

This is about one direction falling in love with unique girls but they have to do stuff in order to achieve what is there.


2. Will You? For Me?

Andreea's POV
Oh my god. That was amazing. Oh no! I forgot. My friends were derping around but then I screamed,
"Wait!" Everyone's attention was on me. I said,
"Zayn you don't have a girlfriend do you?"
"No, I don't." I gave Zayn, Jacqueline's number . Zayn was just watching before because we didnt bump into him. He said,
"Thank you," and smiled. Then they walked away and we went into our reserved seats.
Janice's POV
Andreea is so nice for giving Jacqulines number to him like that. But I am so happy. I took pictures with Liam Payne and I just posted them on twitter and facebook. When the announcer said,
"Please welcome One Direction to the stage," we all screamed to the top of our lounges. They came out onto the stage and immidetaly saw us. They smiled and said,
"He Yanelis,Andreea,Janice, and Amber," Zayn said. Hi, is what we wanted to say but no. Girls just screamed when they heard Zayn's voice. A girl threw her cellphone to the back of Yanelis' head, trying to make it go on stage. Yanelis fell on the floor. When doesn't she fall on the floor? Louis came off of stage and helped her ip. A whole bunch of girls screamed. Then, Louis said,
"I heard you're in a band called One Dream."
"Yeah," Yanelis said rubbing the back of her head. Were are you going with this? I thought. "Will you be singing a song today? For me?" Yanelis looked at Louis with the most derpiest face I ever seen. Don't do it Yanelis. Don't say yes.
"Okay," Yanelis said. Damn.
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