Look At Me With All Of Your Love And Tell Me You Love Me

This is about one direction falling in love with unique girls but they have to do stuff in order to achieve what is there.


1. What Just Happened?

Amber's POV
It was a warm autumn day, and I was walking to a One Direction concert, until I got a text message from Andreea. Hey Amber, don't stop to read this text message. Band rehearsal was just canceled so run to the concert and we'll meet you there: Andreea. Even though we had front row seats, we had to get there early to make sure that One Direction could see us.
"FUCK," I screamed. I ran to the place where the concert was being held and I got there just in time. I also got a text from Yanelis which said: Hey Amber. We all just got here. Meet us in the bathroom NOW. We don't want One Direction to see us looking ugly and sweating do we? I ran to the bathroom and opened the door. Standing there singing "Little Things" was Yanelis. Janice and Andreea were just texting and posting things on Facebook. When Yanelis turned around, she passed me some clothes and pushed into a bathroom stoll. She did that to Andreea and Janice too. Yanelis also changed. Yanelis was being so pushy but I know she was just nervous. She had nice style though because she gave me some ripped shorts and an I love Niall tank top. We all came out wearing shorts and I love Louis,Niall,Liam, or Harry on our shirts. We all walked out of the bathroom looking smoking hot. We bumped into four tall guys.
Yanelis' POV
I look up and I see that we bumped into four guys. Three brunettes and one blond. It was Niall,Louis,Liam,Harry and their glasses got knocked down.
"I'm so sorry," I said picking it up. Louis' hand touched mine as I was picking it up. I blushed and he said,
"No its okay." Harry and Andreea were quite quiet so I looked over at them. They were staring at each others eyes. I glanced over at Liam and Janice and they were talking on the floor. I peeked at Niall and Amber but they were kissing. I looked back at Louis. He smiled and said,
"Do you want my phone number?"
"Yeah, sure," I said. Louis wrote down his phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to me.
"What's your name?" he asked me.
"Yanelis. Yanelis Cruceta."
"Okay will I see you out in the crowd?"
"Yeah definitely."
"Okay bye."
"Bye." My god I sounded SO stupid. But I don't care. I got his phone number. I looked at my friends as they said goodbye to them.
"What the fuck just happened?"
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