Have Faith

Skye is sick of humans. Polluting the planet, making creatures extinct and breeding like mice. If only they'd all disappear. But unluckily for them, she can easily arrange that.
(This means no offence to Christians and religious persons. These are not my views/opinions.)


2. Chapter 2

I decide I want some food.

I don't have normal human needs, but it's probably because I'm not human. I don't need to eat, drink or go to the toilet, I can live in any temperature. But I can taste food, which is just as good. I'll eat for the sake of it, just so I can feel the different flavours soaking into my mouth, savour all the different textures.

I slip out of the shadows, blending in perfectly with the steady flow of people. I walk down the road, casually searching for shops, before I spot a small bakery. Its lights are bright, an inviting smell wafting out of its open doors. Delicious. I go inside, a small bell rings at my arrival. A college-age worker looks up, smiling at me as I wander over to the shelves of pastries. There are no other customers except me. Shame, that makes it so easy.

I sigh, before freezing him. He seemed so nice. I mentally grip around his mind, holding it tight. His subconscious struggles briefly, pushing against my control, before relaxing and giving up. That's a relief. Some people keep fighting against my control, pushing at me. Not that I can't handle it, but it's quite irritating, like an itch you really want to scratch, I can't fully concentrate.

He freezes in mid-position, reaching for some tongs. He is stock-still, not moving, only staring at me. His eyes are horrified, as they stare straight ahead. For the moment he'll see what I'm doing, wonder what kind of creature I am. Afterwards he'll remember nothing. His mind will simply block it out, unable to cope with the reality of it. 

I stroll over to the glass counter, walking behind it so that I can reach for the food. Still the boy's eyes follow me, silently staring. I reach out for a frosted doughnut, coated in a light layer of multi-coloured sprinkles. I take it, my hand closing around the greasy pastry, before pulling it out. I turn around, walking over to the the door. Just before I reach it, I release my grip from around his mind.

I can hear him a deep breath, sucking in the air, as though he'd just broken the surface after a dive underwater. I always let them go a few seconds before I leave, taking whatever I stole with me. 

"Hey, you! You haven't paid for that!" he shouts after me. I manage a small smile, but keep walking.

Why don't I just create the food out of thin air? For the adrenaline rush. Sure, it's quicker and easier, probably tastier too. But it's ever so dull. Stealing something gives you such a rush, gets you on an amazing high. I completely get why people do it. When you've been around for eternity, a few extra minutes doesn't make that much difference, so why not go the extra mile. I'll experiment sometimes, leaving a few customers unfrozen, seeing if they'll notice. It's so much more fun if someone chases you.

An alarm goes off behind me, red lights flashing, a siren wailing. Seriously? Just for one doughnut? I quicken my pace a little, calmly exiting the shop. I melt back into the crowds, pretending that I have nothing to do with it, while munching my doughnut. I turn back into my alleyway, ready to observe again. Or just contemplate stuff. But someone barges into me from behind, throwing me to the wet ground, landing heavily on top of me.

"You forgot to pay for that," he whispers in my ear. It's that kid again. He's very persistent. I know that I can kill him, right now, and no-one would know. Simply burst a blood vessel in his brain, stop his heart, crush his brain. With as much ease as swatting a fly.

But I restrain myself. It would just add a body to the list of things I have to sort out. "Let me go," I reply evenly, though my teeth are gritted. I have a quick shuffle through his mind while I wait. Goes to the nearby university, has a girlfriend called Lara, works at the bakery to pay for his tuition and-. Crap. He's called the police. For one, tiny doughnut?

"Pay for the doughnut," he says back. I stifle a laugh. He thinks he has the upper hand, that he is in control of the situation, that he could beat me if I fought back. He doesn't know who he's lying on top of: the most powerful being in the world, the person that created him.

"Sorry, but you had your chance." I search around with my mind for something to hit him with. A cat, a bin and an old tin can. That'll have to do. I bring it up, then crash it down on his head. Not the most lethal of weapons, but it did the job. While he yelps, looking round to see who hit him, I pull myself up from underneath him. Sirens start wailing outside the alley, lights flashing on the dark brown walls.

"Crap," I mutter. I start jogging away, while he pulls himself up. The walls are high on either side of me, seeming to close me off, make me feel like I'm trapped. I ignore it and keep jogging, though I can hear the slaps of shoes on the ground behind me. It appears that I have pursuers.

I keep running, right up to the dead end. Blocking off my exit. 

I guess I could fly up. It was stressful and tricky, not to mention it attracted attention, but it was an easy way to get out of a sticky situation. I stand there, mulling over my options. The police wouldn't be here yet, I knew that. I could run at 100mph, they wouldn't be catching up any time soon.

But something is pressed into my back, sending electric shocks running through me. I cry out, my limbs spasming with the force of the taser. An officer's face appears in front of me as I collapse to the floor, still writhing in pain. He shines a torch in my eyes, which I keep blank. I could crush him, blow him up, anything I wanted.

But I've always wanted to see the inside of a police car. And I can get out whenever I want. So I stay limp as he lifts me up, letting my arms sway as he jogs back to the car, placing me gently in the back seat and radioing back to the station. I slowly lift the taser from his back pocket as he talks, bringing it over to my hand. Just in case.

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