Have Faith

Skye is sick of humans. Polluting the planet, making creatures extinct and breeding like mice. If only they'd all disappear. But unluckily for them, she can easily arrange that.
(This means no offence to Christians and religious persons. These are not my views/opinions.)


1. Chapter 1

I lean against the icy stone wall, tendrils of cold still managing to penetrate my thick duffel coat. I'm in a small alleyway between two shops, dark and enclosed, but with a perfect view of the street outside. Busy people walk past, talking in mobiles, rifling through bags, yanking children along. None of them see me, hidden in the shadows. I'm virtually invisible, in my dark anorak, denim jeans and trainers. Just an average person, easy to overlook. Except I'm not.

I could make them all disappear in just the blink of an eye.

There were times when I'd be out on the street, watching them from up close. I'd be wearing tattered clothes, sometimes I'd have a dog with me. I'd sit on the floor, leaning against a shop window, a small bowl out in front of me. A simple beggar. That's what people would see.

Most people would walk past me, ignoring my pleading expression and the hungry look in my eyes. But some would stop, bring out their purse, pull out a few coins. They'd drop them in, give me a small smile, then continue on their way. When those people got home, they'd find that all their bills had been mysteriously paid, possibly a call from their boss, saying they'd been promoted. Those people would spend the rest of the day with a smile on their face.

But others didn't just ignore me. They'd look down at me disdainfully, possibly giving me a dirty look as they walk past. Like I was rubbish, cluttering the pavement, ruining their view. Those people would get a letter later that day, telling them they'd lost their job, or a phone call at work, apologising profusely about the fire that had mysteriously started in their apartment. Those people would suffer for their mistakes.

I've given up on begging now; I've learnt that humans can not be relied upon to be generous. I only watch them now, see what they do, if they are worth it. I'm not fair, I know that. I only taste a sliver of the world at a time, can only see a minute proportion of the trillions of creatures that inhabit it. But I provide karma to all, that's what I like to think.

I've been watching throughout history. I was the young woman in the lilac dress, standing at the edge of the ball, ignoring all requests to dance. The old woman who served the Pharaoh, always hovering in the corner of the great hall, who never seemed to do anything else. The small child at the party, who no-one remembered inviting, but stood at the edge of the gaggle of children, watching them with her intelligent eyes. The girl in the village, who came out of nowhere and always had enough food, only watching as others toiled to fetch water.

I've watched humans for an eternity. After all, I did create them. Sketched out their details, gave them their skin of so many different shades, gifted them with their intelligence. I created this whole world, every single animal in it, every country, every river, every star in the night sky, was created by me. I made it all. 

I am The Creator. I am Allah. I am Brahma. I am Elohay. I am Yawahay.

I am God.

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