One direction

Rose meets Harry. Harry introduces her to the boys. Rose falls in love. With who? You'll see. {Oh, it will have sex in it so be over 13 or 15 or whatever cause i dont want to be banned }


1. Meeting

I didn't know how much one single minute could change my life.

I was a average 18 year old walking on the streets of London with my headphones in, ignoring the world. I didn't know that one person would change my life so fast. 

I was walking until it got dark. I didn't know where I was going, but I kept walking. I walked, and walked and bam I crashed into something hard. I starred at his feet and slowly inspected his body. His long legs, never ending torso, his curls, his shimmering eyes.

"Sorry" I blurred out

He shook his head "It's fine" He said with a smile "I'm Harry" 

I shook his hand "Rose" I said with a warm smile

"Well since I just walked into you maybe I should buy you a drink" Harry smirked

"No, no need" I said

"Well I can't just let a beautiful girl like you walk home alone, it's to dark outside, Rose"

"I'm not exactly going home tho, Harry" I mumbled

"Where are you going?" He said a bit too fast "Uh, not that it's any of my business" He mumbled

"No, it's okay. I was just taking a walk" I chuckled. "Want to join?"

Harry nodded and started humming to U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran.

"Do you like Ed Sheeran?" I asked, amazed.

"Yeah, we're quiet good friends" He chuckled

My eyes widened "Wow" I gasped.

We kept walking until his phone buzzed

"Man, I have to go" He groaned

"That's okay, I had fun" Wait, I can't just say that. It sounds like we were on a date, but I don't have feelings for Harry.

"Do you want to come to my place and hang out?" He asked, nervous

I don't have anything to lose "Sure!"

A car pulled up next to us and Harry got in "You coming?"  


Harrys flat was amazing. It was huge. He told me he shared it with his four other friends. 

There stood two guys by the kitchen talking, another one on the phone saying sweet this to the person on the other line that what I understood was called Eleanor (not that I'm listening to other peoples conversations) and another guy sleeping on the couch. He looked peaceful, like there wasn't one the thing in this world that could bother him.

"Guys..." Harry cleared his throat "This is Rose"

"Liam, wake the fuck up we have a lady in the house!" The one who was talking on the phone yelled. The two others from the kitchen came stumbling in and Liam's (what I assumed was his name) eyes fluttered open.

"Fuck off, Louis" He groaned.

"Guys, this is Rose a girl I met today" Harry said and I stood there next to him awkwardly.

A black haired dude came up to me "Hey, I'm Zayn" He waved

"I'm Niall" A blonde dude yelled.

"You can think my name is Lewis but my name is LOUIS!" The overly hyper guy shouted

"He's not on drugs" Harry whispered for only my eyes to hear. I chuckled a bit

"This is Liam, he's a bit grumpy" Niall introduced us.

"Nice too meet you all" I said with a wave.

Liam seemed to fall asleep once again and Harry dragged me to the couch with the others

"It's Friday, do you know what Friday means?" Zayn asked

"Uh, 7am waking up in the morning..?" I mumbled

"GOTTA BE  FRESH GOTTA GO DOWNSTAIRS" Someone shouted. I couldn't hear who though

"No blondie, it's movie night" Zayn chuckled. I grabbed my hair

"It's actually black" I chuckled to Zayn.

Harry went to fix popcorn and we all watched a lame movie on TV. 

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