Twilight : What Never Happened

This is for the twilight competition. i may add a few new characters


2. tWo

There was tension in the air as Edward drove me to La Push. His shoulders were rigid and his face was composed. I bit at my lower lip and glanced at him sideways. His face was hard, his eyes on the road. I opened my mouth to ask him to slow down but then snapped it close, knowing that it would be pointless. It had started the previous night. After I had said goodnight to Charlie I rushed upstairs to my bedroom. Edward was already there of course on my bed, reading. I looked at the cover of the book, frowning.

     'Othello?' I said quizzically. He looked up and smiled. 'I thought Shakespeare did not make it to your favourite list.'

      'Well, that doesn't really stop him from surpising me,' Edward replied with a shrug.

      'Meaning you like it?' I said, narrowing my eyes, looking surprised.

      'I just said he manages to surprise me at times,'  Edward corrected.

      'Oh, thanks, Edward, that really clears everything up,' I said sarcastically. He laughed.

      'His characters,' he said, shaking his head, 'they are always so full of flaws.'

      'Humans are full of flaws,' I corrected, 'Shakespreare was just trying to show us what we really are. What we should look like when we look at ourselves in the mirrors.'

       He thought about that for a while. Then he smiled again. 'You know I really don't understand your choice of books.'

       'I have already figured that,' I assured him. 'Wuthering Heights received your negetive views too, remember? Oh and I won't forget Romeo and Juliet.'

       'You ought to try other books,' he suggested, 'Perhaps I should pick them the next time.'

       'You could try,' I muttered, 'but I really doubt whether I would read them.' I climbed out of bed, while he resumed reading, and went to arrange my books. The room was smothered in a pleasant chimes of silence only occasionally disturbed by echoes from downstairs where Charlie was watching a football match.

     'Edward?' I said suddenly, recalling something.


     ' said you were going hunting tommorow, right?' I began. He nodded slightly. ' I was wondering if you could drop me off to La Push before you go away, you know.' I did not turn to face him or look at his expression. But there was a sudden change in the atmosphere and I could tell that he was very still. I counted to a  ten in my head before he answered. 'Sure.'

     When I woke the following morning, he was gone. Anger flooded through me and washed my insides. I ate my breakfast rather grumpily, my mood sullen and sore. He finally turned up when I was ready and all set to go to La Push. I climbed into his car without saying a word and he wasn't any different

 He stopped as usual at the border.

     ‘Have a nice …err…hunting trip, Edward,’ I said uncertainly before stepping out of his Volvo. I hugged myself as the frigid air lashed at me and raised my eyes to the graying clouds that were gathering around.

     ‘Bella,’. I whirled around to find Edward besides me. He took my hand in one of his cold ones and placed my cell phone in it. His other hand went under my chin. He lifted my face close to his and gently his lip touched mine. The coolness of his touch shot through me like electricity.

In the distance I saw Jacob Black.


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